Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 35

The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 35
February 1957 (just barely catching the Silver Age)

Story and art: I'm not even going to try to guess

Dean and Jerry are walking downtown when they spot a poster. "Be an artist! 
Draw from models! Enroll in the Arty Art School" it says. Dean thinks its a 
great idea because the poster shows an artist painting a gorgeous model. But 
Jerry is only interested because he wants to wear a beret!

While Dean scopes out the models entering the school, Jerry is off to a hat 
shop. He's upset to find that the beret he wants costs a whole $5, and even
more  upset that $1 of that is duty on the hat, which is imported from France.

Jerry finds Dean still outside the artists school and explains that his 
research has found that he can buy the hat a whole dollar cheaper by going 
directly to the manufacturer, so he's bought ... plane tickets to France! Yep, 
Jerry has spent $500 to save one dollar! Dean almost forces Jerry to return the 
tickets for a refund, until he sees a group of gorgeous models boarding the 
plane to attend a Paris fashion show. "What! Get your money back? Are you crazy?
It's a matter of principal now! You've got to see this thing through!"

On board they meet beautiful fashion designer Mme. La Tour, who hires them 
to watch the girls and to make sure no one steals her fashion designs, 
particularly a fellow called Maurice, who she thinks is out to ruin her.   Dean can't
believe he's being paid to watch beautiful women, but Jerry  is more
concerned with getting to France before the stores close.

Unfortunately, Maurice sees them leaving the plane after they land in  Paris
and begins his plans.

Jerry takes off to find a hat store. He finds a beret he likes and is told 
it costs 500 francs. So off he goes and comes back guessed it...500 
hot dogs. Well, actually he could only come up with 400, so he's thrown in
some  pastrami and pigs' knuckles to make up the difference.

Dean is enjoying his job of watching the models in their dressing room when 
Jerry appears, wearing his new beret. But now he's going to try to find the
rest  of the clothing he needs to make him look like an artist. Dean advises him
to go  to the Left Bank, but Jerry argues that he only goes to the bank to
get money.  He finds an art supply store and wonders if this place will settle
for a couple  of roast beef sandwiches in payment. But around the corner are
Maurice and his  accomplice, the beautiful and sexy Fifi. "No man can resist

Jerry leaves with a smock, paints and a canvas, convinced he's a real  artist
now. Fifi meets him and offers to be a model for him to paint. But he's 
already got an airplane model at home that needs to be painted. After a series  of
jokes involving misinterpretations of French words, Jerry agrees to paint 
Fifi so he can give the painting to Dean. Out come the paint tubes, but of 
course he squeezes too hard and they splatter all over Fifi. She gets angry, 
gives up and heads back to Maurice. He persuades her to try one more time to use 
Jerry to bring back the fashion designs he wants so he can be the King of 

Jerry meets Dean, but he's all covered with paint and Dean makes him take a 
bath in turpentine. While he's in the tub Dean and Mme. La Tour go out to 
dinner, leaving Jerry in charge of guarding the designs. This can only end in 

Fifi shows up in a sexy gown, apologizes for leaving earlier, and offers 
again to model for a painting. While Jerry goes off to put on his artist outfit, 
Fifi grabs the designs and sneaks out. Dean and La Tour return to find the 
designs are gone! And so is Jerry!

It seems Jerry saw her from his window leaving in a limousine and grabbed a 
bicycle to chase after her. He's got to catch up with her if he's going to
paint  her picture to give to Dean! Dean and La Tour have no trouble following
him as  he leaves a trail of paint splatters wherever he goes.

Maurice and Fifi arrive at a cable car that will allow them to cross the 
Alps and get away, but Jerry is right behind on his bike! Crash! Fifi invites 
him to ride the nice little trolley with her to see the Alps. She explains to 
Maurice that it would be safer to have him with them than to leave him behind
to  talk to the police. Jerry thinks he's on a trolley car, but can't see the 
tracks, but she explains it's a cable car. Jerry says he doesn't want to send
a  cable...

Dean and La Tour arrive to see the cable car leaving, and Dean grabs a  lever
that reverses the car and will bring it back. Dean and La Tour climb into  a
car that's traveling in the opposite direction so they can meet it and rescue 
Jerry and the plans. Maurice says they must get rid of the plans rather than
be  caught with them, but before he can throw them overboard Jerry grabs them
away!  "You'd better unhand them over, big boy! There are some crooks trying
to get  them and we can't let them do that, you know!" While tugging the plans,
Maurice  lets go and Jerry goes tumbling out the cable car window!

Fortunately his legs catch the edge of the window and he holds on long 
enough for Dean to grab him as his own car passes by. His mind ever on the 
situation, Jerry asks if he can get another beret, since he lost his hanging  upside
down. "No!" says Dean, who has had enough excitement.

Later, the fashion show is over and was a big success, so La Tour asks what 
she can give them to show her thanks. Jerry wants a new beret, but Dean vetoes
that request and they head back home. Jerry still wants a new hat and Dean 
agrees to help him find one, but when Jerry spots a pith helmet Dean pulls him
away, declaring they are not going on an African safari!

This is the first issue of the Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 
I've ever read, and my poor review can't come close to the hilarity I found 
here. Jokes are crammed in everywhere, and if some don't work the next ones do. 
This truly puts the funny in funnybook, and I'm looking forward to reading
more.  I've never seen a Martin and Lewis movie, either, but if they are as funny
as  this comic, I'm going to have to try to track some down.

-- your pal, Hoy