Welcome to a very special Supergirl adventure! All parts here are
what I call "THE FINAL TEST" ARC which makes a big Supergirl dream
to come true! All story  in this part are written by Jerry Siegel
and drawned by Jim Mooney. They is one more cover in this volume--
which I will tell you about when I get there.

Action Comic #278
July 1961
Part 1 of 9

At dawn one morning at Midvale Orphanage, Kara as Linda Lee wakes up-
-she's exitced because today is 'Carnvial Day'--but a strange wind
attack the orphanage durning the night. Using her super-powers, she
fixed everything up--but is she heards foot-steps. It's turns out
it's Krypto with message from Superman! After burning the note with
x-ray vision, changing in her costume, and summon her Linda Lee
robot--she discovers Superman and a small isle near a some high-tech

Kara: Hi, Suprman! What's up?
Superman: I've good news for you, Supergirl! You've done such a
great job as my secret weapon, I've decided you're now ready to
opeare openly! You richly deserve fame and glory on Earth for your
fine feats
Kara: (gaps) Oh, how..wonderful!

Superman told that in the past, his Superman robot had photograh him
and her in super-action. Superman shows off the tape--but before he
can do that, Superman and Krypto must make a trip into another
dimisonal. While they are gone, Kara discovers that a Kryptonite
ring is circling Earth, and she ends up in sea--and her helper is
the his unwater boyfriend, Jerro. Jerro takes her to a old
girlfriend of Superman, Lori Lemaris!

On the surface of Earth, a famous astromors assumes some bad news
about the Kryptonite shocking law-abiding citzens everywhere--but
crooks rejoice!

Jerro leads Kara on tourist that inpurted by Lori. Lori tell Kara
that the Altantis's Observation Squad learn that crooks are running
while! Kara uses her super-vision to watched "Tough Tommy" and his
gang hide from the cops
in a fake whale--but Kara create a long fish pole to move the fake
whale, so the crooks fall out.

Cop #1: I get it! Superman's alive and hiding under the ocean to
escape the Kryptonite ring's radiations!
Cop #2: Thought trapped under the sea, he's using his wits and super-
powers to fight crime! Swell!
Tough Tommy: Bah!

Kara remarks that they mistaken her for Superman. How can they when
she isn't
reveal yet!  Another problem arrives for Kara to solved. Crook are
trying to escape from a coast guard ship, but Kara uses a figure
head frim to scare them into getting themself caught!

Crook: Awp! It's only a figurehead off an ancienty ship! We panicked
like dummies!
C.G.M.: Superman probably tossed it up from the ocean's floor, so
you'd turn back and be captured.

Swifty, the fake news of Superman being underwater has the police
officers of the world firing message missles into the sea. Some of
the country firing the message missles are Canda, the United States
of America, England, & France. Spotting a near-by emergeny,
Supergirl creates a gaint water gun to fire hapoons at escape
convicts' getway--making the crooks remark, "Blast, Superman! Why
don't he mind his own business, down there under the sea?"

Finally the Kryptonite ring leaves Earth, and Kara returns to the
surface isle from the start of the story and Superman and Krypto are
return. Kal-El and Kara flies to the TV station--but when after
giving the good news to the network's program station, Kara doesn't
feel any super! Kal-El checks that Kara isn't Superman. Kara is
returned to  Linda Lee. Kara says "good-bye
to her Linda Lee robot, and changes back into Linda Lee and decides
to get "adopted"

Jerry ask you to guess what took away Linda's power and for
the "astounding answer" to the next issue for the "greatest suprize
in the history of comics!"

Action Comic #279
Aug. 1961
Part 2 of 9

It's turns out Kara's problem is combing from the bottle city in the
form of the Lesla-Lar, who "envy and hate" Kara, because earned
Kandor scientic-proofed genius are nothing compared to the "accliam"
the people of the earth will give Supergirl when she's revealed.

Meanwhile at Midvale Ophranage, the Danvers arrives to pick a child--
and they picked Linda Lee--making her Linda Danvers. After a go-away
party give by the Midvale Ophrangage, Linda says good-bye to her
robot. When she gets home, she discovers that Mrs. Danvers has
brought some new dresses for Linda--but she gets a problem note from
Mr. Danvers at her hand--he's plans to take Linda to a beauty parlor
change her hair style--but the next morning, Linda shows up
with a new hair-style--the winner of the hair-voting--and it's looks
like Mort Weisinger missed guess the reader's choice! Linda's hair
sytle from this point onward is a "Campus Cuddle-Bun"--the reason
Linda did this--is to prevent a beautician from discover Kara's
regular blonde hair! She's give a "darling" from her foster mom and
a "super" remark which makes Linda winced.

That night Superman shows up and create a place so Kara can hide her
Supergirl costume--and tells Kara that he will try to figure out a
way to get her super-powers back. Kara tries--but she's can't.
Streaky is worried--about his powers--but the X-Kryptonite is still
at the yarn-ball at the celler of Midvale Orphanage.  That night,
Lesla kidnaps  Kara from her bedroom, and steals the Linda's wing
and her Earth clothing--she's even brainwashed Kara to make her
think that she's Lesla Lar herslef!

[Author Note: When Lesla on the surface I'm call her Kasla, and when
the brainwashed Kara is in Kandor, I'm call her Lera. When they are
in their correct places, I call them by their true names -- Dr.

After being transported to Earth, Kasla tries out her super-powers
by lifting a drawers. The next morning, she remarks that "my
deeption is working! Little do they suspect that they 'daughter' is
really Lesla Lar of Kandor!" Meanwhile, Lera reports for her Kandor
job at a Kandorian goverment lab in which she tells a boss that a
tyrano-shar capture is completed. The machine is give a try-out to
great success! Durning her lunch hour, she turn Kandor Hall of
Heroes--which has statues of Superman and Jor-El--and the Hall of
Villain--which show how the evil Brainic shrink Kandor! She visit
the Hall of Sleepers. When Lera returns to her "so-called" work
place, she is shock to get Kryptonian Police officers discover a
crime going on---and sees someone working on a "Z-Bomb" get sent to
the "Phantom Zone" for 20 years. Back on Earth, Kasla spies on Mr.
Danvers and plots to steals his rocket experiments to use in her
evil way. That evening, Kasla digs underground to a famous Superman
foe's jail call--the one contaning the evil genius Lex Luthor! After
pulling out and blowing up a fake plastic version of Lex. Kasla
takes Luthor--and proofs a super-crime for Lex--before returning him
to jail--but Kalsa has problem--Lara is about to spill the beans!
Kalsa beams the Lara back to Earth, switch clothing with her--and
then disappears back to Kandor.

Kara wonders happen--but assumes it's just a dream--but Lesla is
plotting again to take over as Linda Lee Danvers again!

Action Comic #280
Sept. 1961
Part 3 of 9

In Midvale, Linda "Kara 'Supergirl' Zor-El"  Danvers is  annoyed at
being a regular human--and wishes that she still had her super-
powers. At school, she gets a suprize that the teacher has arranged
for the "English class" to "Daily Planet" in Metroplis--where
Linda's super-cousin, Superman, works
as meek Clark Kent. Clark gets Linda away--and tells her that he's
going attempt on final try tonight.

We get a reminder that Lesla is behind Kara's wores with a
Kryptonite-tinged ray! Once again, Lesla and Kara switch places--and
Lesla's brain-command helement changes Kara mind into Lesla's mind
appears on Earth.

Kelsa takes Supergirl costume out the hidden location--and makes
another visit to Lex Luthor's cell--and tell him to how to build a
Kryptonite ray--and lies that so no one expects that Kelsa and Lex
are partners in comes. Meanwhile, Lara awakes and reports to an
Kandorian goverment lab, where Kandorian genius brains write down
their thoughts. After Lara's four-hour day is completed, she enters
a Kandorian movie to watch a "REALLY MOVIE" which a Kandorian can
see, smell, taste and feel what's showing on the screen. It's turn
that the movie is the origin of Superman and Supergirl as know by
the Kandorians! The movie screens are as followed:

1. Krypton before going bye-bye!
2. Jor-El and Laura watching Kal-El's rocket shhhip.
3. Argo City escaping Krypton's explosion.
4. [Anti-] Kryptonite effecting the Kryptonains
5. Jor-El covering the Argo City's ground with a lead sheet.
6. Kal-El landing on Earth and being discovering by the Kents.
7. Kara Zor-El's birth.

[Author Note: By the looks  of things, Kara got her hair from her
mother -- Dr. Thinker. ]

8. Kara being lead inside by Zor-El.
9. Kara's mom making the Supergirl costume while Zor-El is scanning
for a while to send Kara.
10. Kara's rocket leaving Argo City
11. Kara resucing Superman from a Kryptonite meteor shower.
12. Kara sadness at losing her super-powers

Kesla feels sorry for Kara--unknowing that she is the real "Kara Zor-
Back on Earth, Lara meets Superman at the hollow tree where the
Linda Lee robot is hidden.

Sups: I'm sorry, Linda, dear--but I have bad news! I can't find a
way to restore your super-powers!
Lara: (speaking) I-I had a feeling you'd fail- [SFX:choke]
(thinking) I'll act heartbroken like the real Linda would!
Sups: I wish I could have had happier news for you, Linda...
Lara: Superman, I've been thinking about my loss of super-powers and
I've  an idea!--Release lift that ore rock--crush it--melt the ore
grains with your x-ray it with your super-breath--then
thand the substance to me! -- I know you think I'm being ridiculous,
but please humor me!
Sups: Very well...
Lara: If my theory works, this should restore my powers!
Sups: (thinking) What utter non [-]sense! It couldn't possibly have
such an effect!

But Kal-El is stunned, when Lara lifts a tree, burned the same tree
with her heat vision--and flies around. When Kal-El tells him to
come down, Lara obeys.

Sups: How did you do it?
Lara: (speaking) Simple! I figured that the gas released by the
fusion of the chemicals in the rock could reactivate the super-
energy of my body cells! I was right! (thinking) Ha! He doesn't know
that I've possessed Super-powers ever since I came from Kandor!

Now, a earthqauke. Lara using her telescoving discover that two
group of tou1rist in different sections of Metropolis's canyon are
being mencaeded by great hunks of torn loose by an earthquake.
Quicky, Lara takes the Hollow tree's spare Supergirl uniform and
decides to show Superman up! Superman bashes the rocks out of one of
the tourist locations--while a super-speedy Lara creates a strange
momument--and seeds out of the way before she can be see. Watching
on the Earth Monitor, the Kandorians--including Kelsa are happy for
the fake Supergirl recovering her stolen super-powers. On a sercet
isle, Superman recalls that he was going to reveal Supergirl when he
lost her powers--now he's ready to reveal her...Lara is happy that
she's going to be reveal--but aslo her plot is going great--Lara
plans to to allow Superman to be killed by Lex Luthor, then she's
going to accidently kill Luthor--then the Earth will become Lara's
play thing--to conquer or drestory!

Action Comic #281
Oct. 1961
Part 4 of 9

Lara (in reality Lesla-Lar) has place a mind-controled Kesla (in
relaity, Kara 'Supergirl' Zor-El) in her place in Kandor, and his
plotting to kill Superman with the help of Lex Luthor, then kill
Lex, and conquer the universe! Lara plans hit a snag when the super-
dog, Krypto, arrives! Lara notes that Krypto and wonder if "he
supects"--Krypto is able to put 2 to 2 together and get 4 with the
help of--his super-smell discover that Lara's perfume is different
from Kelsa's perfume! He discovers Kelsa on the set of a Kandrion
Supergirl movie. Flashing back, we see how a Kandorian director gets
Kelsa into a Supergirl for his movie called "Atomo Invades Earth".
When Kelsa's wire is snaped, Krypto beams Kara out and Lesla back in-
-much to Lesla's dismay.

Superman tries to use the Lelsa's away--but not no success. At the
Danvers home, Kara changes back to Linda--but Kal-El gets a super-
idea--and takes Kara into the past--the year 1692--we discover that
Kara has super-powers. She flies around, play lepfroggin over some
moutians, and make a totem pole with her bare hands.

Kal-El: I'm glad you're having fun here in the past, Supergirl!
Enjoy your returned powers! I've got to return to our own time-era
to take care some unfinished business!! I'll contact you when you
materlaize in 1961 at this exact spot!

Supergirl spots a sign that reads: "WITCHES KEEP OUT!" Kara mention
studying and talking in her class about the "Golden Witch" which
terroized this section of country. Kara tries to locate the "Golden
Witch", but finds
a town's under a trouble. Supergirl digs a deep pit at the town's
center, brings a moutain glacier and ues her heat-vision to make
water for the town people to trick.

Kara's second job is to repair some of the houses in the town at
super-speed. Her three job is getting food for the village--fruit
from a tropical island
and fish from the seas. Her fourth job is get coal and put them on
fire so
the people can last thought his winter. Her last job is to create
Quinine for
the doctor's patients! She gives up her search for the "Golden
Witch" and returns to the 1961--in which she still has no super-
powers! Kara wants to help Superman in the present--but Superman
replies "That's not in the cards--but keeps hoping!"

After stifling her heart-break, as Linda begans her homework--and
discover that herself is the "Golden Witch"! The toqn people that
she helped mistaked her super-powers for witchcraft. The golden part
of the name come from Kara's natural blonde hair Meanwhile, another
blonde from Kandor, Lesla is planning once against to steal Kara's


Recalled the hair voting, now Editor Mort Weisinger hows off how the
votes went. The original pigtails wig isn't counted--but the result
of the rest of hair-voting is here:

5. "Cotempo Cut" -- 913 votes. Poor Uncle Mort.
4. "Kitten Cut" -- 1,201 votes.
3. "Lori Lemaris Special" -- 2,808 votes
2. "Pony Tail Sophisticate" - 5,442 votes

And the WINNER:

1. "Campus Cuddle-Bun" -- 10,112 votes

Mort Weisigner had give us small and weird P.S.: "Linda Lee will
wear the most popular hair styles, instead of her usual pigtails, in
the future issues. All hair styles by ARTIST JIM MOONEY. -- Ed."

Action Comic #282
Nov. 1961
Part 5 of 9

In Kandor, Lesla is waiting for Linda to sleep, so Lesla can steals
her life--so she can killed both Superman and Lex Luthor--and
congured the Earth--but Lesla want to dreamland before Linda. The
next morning, Lesla vows to "try again tonight."

Durning one of her strolls, Linda is meet by Superman who had built
a duplice of a Legion of Superhero's Time Machine. Superman can't
fly Linda into the future--since he's busy in the present--but he
did leave a extra Supergirl costume for her in the Time Machine.

After changing, Kara decides to go "serveral thousand years into the
future." We have a short panel--havig Lesla being angry very--since
her machines can see only past and the present--and not the future.

In the future, Kara success lifts the time machine. She has super-
powers in the future. After putting down the time machine, she
discovers a mysterious monster attacking the humans, she creates a
great net from vines--saving the humans from Angark from the planet
Mars. They was a war between the Earthlings and Martians--but she
collects the rest of Angarks. She also discovers that most of Earth
animals had change because of Martians' horrible Evolution-bombs! At
the zoo, she's meets up with a a member of the "Clan of Censors!"
and a member of the "The Unconquerables" named Gizmak-Ral It's seem
that the "The All-Seeing Eye" and his pals had tooked control of the
world while the Earth army was still sore from disoraganized from
the battle with the Martians. She helps by putting the Clan's
flamethrowers on ICE with her super-breath--and breaks in the
C.O.C's weapon house and steals them--returning to the "The

U.M: No we can fight for our freedom!
Kara: That won't be neccassary! The "Clan of Censors"  will
become "The Clan of Cowards!"

Jerr states, "her remark proves prophetic!" All-See Eying
remakrs "Return Good for Evil" which come from the bible--
the "Greatest of the all books". She sees a hidden mesuem of heroes--
which has a strange remark posted below
her bust. "More powerful then Even Superman!", Kara assumes that
they got their history scrambled. After helping opening a libraries,
Kara turns to her own time period--and discover that she's doesn't
have super-powers. Deciding to permently become Linda Lee, unware
that Lesla is watching and gloating about this!

She meets Dick Wislon--er--"Dick Malverne" on the beach when her
parents take her there. It's turns out Dick got "adopted, too!"--
becoming the third of Superman's boyfriends. That night, Kara
decides to get rid of her Supergirl costume-but before throwing it
away--Kara deicdes to put it on the one last time--but when she
feels super-powerful--and discover a deep impression in the stone.
Her super-powers are back--and she even suprize Superman by getting
rid of a peice of Kryptonite--which has no ill effects for her--even
now she's a Kryptonian--which puzzles the super-cousins--even
Lesla who is finally arrested by the Kandorian police. In his jail
cell, Luthor is upset that Supergirl is visiting him--but Editor
Mort remind us that "Luthor doesn't realize he has been dealing with
a false Supergirl." Back at the super-cosuins, Kal is wondering if
he becomes Kara's assistant--while Kara is understands "the
inscription I saw in the future".

But how did this come about? Well, a certain annoying villian gives
trouble with a captial M: Superman's 5th dimisonal imp, Mr.
Myxzpltk! Myxie has a "scheme" to "humilate Superman by making a
mere slip of a girl mighter then he." By a twist of fate, Myxie
discovered Kara wearning her Supergirl--and give her Superman-powers
and the invulberable to Kryptonite--then he jeted before he learned
that he given power to the real Supergirl.

Action Comic #283
Dec. 1961
Part 6 of 9

Jerry remind that Mxyzpltk, Superman's imp foe from the fifth
dimisonal, and give mighter Superman-like powers--unware that Mxyie
had give them to Linda "Kara 'Supergirl' Zor-El" Lee Danvers--who
had her powers stolen by a ray invented by Lesla Lar. Presidently,
Fred and Enda Danvers discover their daughter, Linda, looks very
happy. The reason is that Linda is more "super then Superman". As
Linda helps Enda will her cleaning the house, she remarks
that "madding to wipe dishes slowly" and that "she can dry them in
an instant with my heat-vision" and how "dull to feather-dust at a
snail's pest-(sighs)-if I hadn't promise Superman to keep my
Supergirl indentity a secret, I'd puff away with the my super-breath"

She has a imagine's how her rival to her parents might go, Enda
notes that Linda been "daydreaming" and ask Linda what she's
thinking, Linda replied, "That I was super-powers!" Dick calls to
sse if Linda can go skating with him--and Enda gives Linda the "OK!"
While skating with Dick. While skating, Dick has remark that really
suprizes Linda. Dick remarks that he "must have rocks in my head,
when we lived in the orphanage to suspect you were a Suepergirl!
You're as normal as blueberry pie and twice as sweet!" When Linda
gets home, the Danvers must "fly to Europe at once" because of "an
inhertance", Kara decides to visit Superman in his fortess--but
Superman is going to visit the Legion opf Superheroes. Kara gets
idea to get rid of some six red Kryptonite--unware that Myxie didn't
think that when he was thinking of Kryptonite.

The first three effects from the Six Kryptonite are as followed:

1. Growing super-fat. Linda fakes being a hot-air balloon and uses
her super-breath to blow just on Dick's binoculars.
2. Becoming a wolf girl. She helps Conway Tremaine, a horror movie
film writer come up with a new twist on a old gene-the wolf-man
3. Being shrink. She saves the life of Mr. Malverne by going into
his body.

Later, Kara wondwers what the last three effects are going to be?

[Author Note -- When his nine-part story is replace in a gaint
issue. The six Kryptonite gets half: into three--and effects 1 & 3
are told  -- Dr. Thinker)

Action Comic #284
Jan. 1962
Part 7 of 9

The rest of the Kryptonite effects Supergirl are as followed:

4. A second head.
5. The hallucinations of having "Fatal Vision"
6. Turning Supergirl into a Super-Mermaid! She saves the younger
sister of Lori Lemaris,Lenora, from the "Valley from the Hands",
where stunked gaints lives.

After the last effects, Myx's magic wears off-and her weakness to
Green Krypton returns! Finally, Superman decides to reveal Supergirl
and Jerry
remarks is "This is not a hoax! Due to popular demand, in our next
issue, Superman will defintely announce the existane of Supergirl to
the world! won't be an imaginary tale, a dream or a red
Kryptonite hallucination either! This time it will be REAL!"

When the 9-part is fully reprinted. The six and final event is the
and FINAL EVENT. This decide the following part as a connection to

Action Comic #285
Feb. 1962
Part 8 of 9


Superman and Supergirl flying with Kara holding a batch of wrapped
flowers. They is a bang reading: "Weclome Supergirl!" Kara
remarks "Superman...I can't belive it, they're cheering me!
Supeerman remarks, "You deserve it, Supergirl! After all, you are
the world's greatest heroine!" A white box


Finally, Superman had decide to reveal the biggest news since he
become Superboy, the existance of his cousin, Kara "Supergirl" Zor-
El, but first off--they must reveal her sercet to Linda Lee
Danvers's (Linda is Kara's sercet identity) parents. Superman plans
to meet Kara at 9'o clock to reveal her identity to her parents
together. At Danvers home, it's discovers that Fred discover "a
revial" of "a great movie" playing in Metroplis and they take Linda
with them.

On the route to Metroplis, the Danvers drive over a collapsing
bridge, Linda quicky uses her powers of flight and strengh to lift a
car. Kara is now nervous--and thinks "Superman will decide not to
annonce my existene to the world"--but Superman arrives and "it's
all right!". It's out Superman finished his patrol earlier then
expected--and flying to the Danvers home,
when Superman spotted Linda's super-recuse with his telescopic
vision. Linda finally reveals her "Supergirl" identity to the
Danvers--and they as well as a recent readers to the Superman comc
book family get clue in to Kara's origin. After that's done, Kara
digs a tuunnel so that no will expect that Linda Lee Danvers is
really Supergirl. Kal-El has a moment of sad--recalling the Kents.

At Superman's fortess, Superman finally reveals Supergirl--much to
the suprizes of the human--some pleased--and other not so happy--
the crooks. Superman shows a tape showing her original and some of
sercet effects. After the telecast, Superman and Supergirl fly around
with vey happy coments. At the Danvers home, as Fred and Enda
parents entertain company.

Adult friend: Supergirl's wonderful!
Enda Danvers: (thinking) We're so proud! We'd like to shout to the
whole world that Supergirl everyone admires is our baughter...but we
mustn't! We've promised to tell no one and we'kll keep our
word...thought it isn't easy!
Fred Danvers: (thinking) I could bust with pride! If our friends
knew that Supergirl is our Linda, they'd faint!

Kara visits the President at the White House and gets a standing
ovation from the members of "United Nations", and gets a
goldencertificate that allows Kara to visit any U.N country without
a need for a passport and empowers her to make arrests. At
Superman's fortess, Kara's golden passport is put up against Kal-
El's similar one. Kandor has a suprize--rocket which sky-writer a
message to Kara: "Congratulations, Supergirl!" A star-map with
flashing lights--which wants to see what's going on. On Nyorp, where
evey living creature has duplication powers had become Kara clones
only for a few mintunes. On the Miringa, the flame-people of that
planet are dancing around a statue of Supergirl they built. Lori
stops the space scanning, and they hand to Altantis to see a statue
of the Supergirl as a mermaid. Superman is going to the 50 dimisonal
and Kara is enjoying herself. Changing back into Linda, she joins
Dick for a joyriding.

Dick: You seem bored!
Kara: No. (thinking) Just disappointed because nothing happen lately
that reguires Supergirl's aid!

Action Comic #285
Feb. 1962
Part 9 of 9

Prof. Hartz is trying to communicate with other worlds--but his
equipment Prof. Hartz is using creates a rip out of the ship showing
only the lands of a gaint creature. Prof. Hartz wires a battle fleet
on a war game maneuer to try to attack the creature--but with out
success. The President calls the Pengaton in attempt to get Superman-
-but the Pengaton has been information that Superman in the future
on a space mission--but they called that Supergirl had been

At the Pengton

J.C.O.S. #1: Unfountantely SUPERMAN can't be reached! Earlier today,
he informated us he'd be traveling intoo the tuture on a space
mssion! However there's still SUPERGIRL!
J.C.O.S. #2: SUPERGIRL? HA maere girl handle a major crisis like
J.C.O.S. #1: Why not? She as allow SUPERMAN'S tremendous super-
Radio Commucation Expect: We'll braoscast an appeal to her over all
radio and tv networks, at once!

At out-side a maze in Midvale assument park, Linda Lee Danvers a.k.
Kara "Supergirl" Zor-El, is with Dick Malverne, but she gets the
message about the place. Quicky, she drifts away from Dick in the
maze, changes into Supergirl and swifty re-anrranged and sealed
svereal of the maze's escape-exits-and she's assumed that Dick will
think "Linda slipped out and left him here as a prank!" 

Meanwhile, the Infinite Monster has reached land. Kara thinks this
is a chance to proof that Superman she deserved to have her
existence annonced to the world! She recalled a visit to Lonar, a
great beast awakening after centuries of slumber tunneled up into
Lonar's great city. Shejuggled color gem hypnotically putting the
creature back to slepp and caged him. By now, our strange feet is
about to squash Midvale Orphange where Supergirl used to live.
Supergirl tries to give the monster a flying tackle--but she's
bounces off--She assumes it's a similar force-field like the one
that Brainic has.

Orphan #1: Gee Willikers! Didja see THAT? She failed to STOP it!
Orphan #2: Holy mackerel! Maybe SUPERGIRL isn't all she's cracked up
to be

She tries another same trick again--but fails--she tries to to get
hold of the feet--but she get stomped on. Good thing, Kara is
invurbable or she would be squashed Kryptonian. In a helicopter, two
police talk about Supergirl

Police Officer #1: (moaning) Now tragic that SUPERMAN, hisself isn't
here at a time like this! was he unwise to entrust SUPERGIRL with
the fate of the world?
Police Officer #2: Earth is doomed!

Not quite, Supergirl had over-heard them--and decides to send a
message to the future--the 30th century---to certain member of the
Legion of Superhero--Brainic 5. Brainic 5, the send the ray in a
time globe--but that globe get stomped on by the feet. Kara
recreates Brainic 5's ray out of scrap metal at super-speed with
help from her photographic memory. The ray turns out to be shrink
ray--similar to the one that shrink Kandor.  She places the Infinite
Monster in a bottle next to the bottl city of Kandor. Then she
remebers the note from Brainic, which remarks that he doesn't have a
grow-ray for Kandor.

In the 30th century, the Legion of Superheroes remove a lead plate
off the base of the Supergirl's statue. It's turns the reason was
covered up was
to prevent Supergirl from knowning when she was going to revealed--
it would have spoiled Superman's plan to suprize. Back in 1962,
Supergirl checks
that rip in rthe sky sonnecting the two unvierse is been healed. She
a 21-gun stalute and the spoldiers are saluting her. Kara becomes a
honor guess at a White House party--one of the delegations is of
children from Midvale Oprhange where she lived as Linda Lee. At the
Fortess, Kara drops off a ton of stuff, which a shocks a returned
Kal-El! After getting clue in on what went on in the past, Superman
makes another accoument that Superman and Supergirl are going to a
team. After this Supergirl swiftly builds a "Supergirl" wing to his
Fortess of Solitude. Finally, Supergirl ues the tunnel into return
to the Danvers, and changes back into Linda Lee Danvers.

Linda: (thinking) I'm so happy! I'm no longer just SUPERMAN'S
emergency weapon! Now I'm his partner! Goly, things'll be very
different from now on!


Flying off,
Dr. Thinker