Thor #160: "And Now... Galactus!"

Thor #160
"And Now... Galactus!"
January, 1969

So Starts A
New Saga By:

(The Man)



The God of Thunder has seen an other-wordly object land on a nearby
rooftop.  As Thor heads for the site, the reader is promised appearances
by The Fantastic Recorder, The Living Planet Ego, the Outer-Space
Colonizers, and many more surprises to come...

Since the object has fallen in a precise course... the Son of Odin
believes that it is far more than a fallen object.  It must be some sort
of starship.  His eyes soon see the space vessel, one which appears
strangely familiar to him.  Despite an empty cabin, Thor senses the
presence of another, and hears the approaching footsteps behind him.  The
ship's owner greets him, with the Thunder God wondering why he's been
singled out.

It is Tana Nile, a colonizer from Rigel.  She has come not on a mission
of conquest, but because there is great danger threatening not only
galaxies, but the universe as well.  Recalling the prowess of the Mighty
Thor. she has come to ask for his aid, and he accepts her plea.  Even so,
Tana Nile is warned by the Son of Odin that this had not be some sort of
deceit.  He will soon learn that the threat is all-too real.

In the Golden Realm of Asgard, the Recorder has been welcomed by the
All-Father, who would learn more about him.  The creation from Rigel has
been designed to think and record.  He requires neither rest nor food...
and is completely devoid of emotion.  Odin regards the living memory
device with his royal gaze.  Lady Sif has come to ask permission to join
Thor on Midgard.  The Recorder has just received a signal from his
homeworld of Rigel for his return.  The All-Father denies Sif's request,
and knows that his son must face it by himself.  Even as the Lady begins
to ask about her beloved's safety, Odin will hear no more.

After bidding farewell to the All-Father, the audience is ended, and the
Recorder is on his way.  Lady Sif wishes to learn the nature of the
danger Thor will be confronting.  The Rigellian creation does not share
the information with her, and takes his leave of Asgard.

How could mere words serve to describe the imminent threat of... the one
called... Galactus!!

In another part of space... the Mighty Thor learns about the
planet-eater... Galactus...  The God of Thunder knows that he is above
good and evil.  As long as Galactus lives... he hungers... and he must
consume... the energies of worlds.  Having heard of him, the Son of Odin
had thought Galactus to be a legend.  If what Tana Nile has told him is
true, Thor now knows the name of his foe.  This particular foe may prove
to be mightier than even the Asgardian.  Further words are not spoken,
for something has just struck their spaceship.  The sounds of pounding
grow ever closer to them.

CRASH!  A bare arm has just broken through into the ship, and Thor
wonders if this be... Galactus?  The colonizer recognizes the intruder as
a Taurian, one who has survived the destruction of his world by the
planet-eater.  He wants the ship, but the Thunder God has threatened to
use his Uru hammer.  Tana Nile sees that the Taurian is maddened, and is
told to seek cover before he attacks.  She knows that Taurus was a planet
with the heaviest gravity in the space sector.  His imposing frame may be
able to withstand any opposition, even that of Mjolnir.

If even the Son of Odin should fail with his show of force, Tana Nile is
ready to employ her own talents..!!  The Taurian now feels the power of a
Rigellian mind blast, but his helmet has protected him, and the colonizer
is now completely defenseless.  Before he can get any closer, the
intruder is sent flailing backwards by a left uppercut from the Mighty
Thor.  Having felt the measure of the alien... the God of Thunder has no
need to pull his punches -- as he might against lesser opponents.

The Taurian's helmet is removed, and as Tana Nile prepares to unleash
another mind blast, the alien seeks mercy from them.  With the
destruction of his planet... his race now gone, he does not know what
madness had possessed him.  The Son of Odin takes pity on the survivor,
just as their ship reaches the desolation zone.  The colonizer activates
the viewer and they see debris... which were once pieces of long-dead

From the sheer sight of such destruction... many spaceships abandon their
former homes for the vastness of outer space.  The Mighty Thor cannot
believe that one was responsible for all of this.  He vows in the
All-Father's name to seek out Galactus, and make him pay... in full!

The object of Thor's search has just parted the great hull, and thrusted
out the visi-sphere into space.  Galactus would learn more about the
space around him.

He has traveled through here before... for nothing remains... save
lifeless husks which once were thriving worlds.  He senses thought
waves... subtle in nature, but keen in intelligence.  He would learn
more!  What Galactus learns... he will consume!!  Only in the great
unknown do threats exist!

At the outer perimeter of the galaxy... there is a presence... firing
sheer force in hopes of killing Galactus.  He has never before seen so
insolent an action... so pathetic a deed!  He may not know who would be
his destroyer, but the would-be slayer will be brought under.  None may
attack Galactus with impunity!  He does not wish harm to any life-forms!
He only consumes that he may live!  As those who exist... he must have
food... and not be deprived!  Is it his fault for the price of his
hunger?  The large... and the small... must consume what they must...
Only for Galactus -- a planet may satisfy his hunger!  Even a being such
as he may be impressed by what lies ahead.

Although he had sought to remain hidden... he has been found by the
planet-eater... at last!  Ego The Living Planet has reappeared!

Even as they meet... Thor and Tana Nile have arrived on Rigel, where they
learn about the shield which kept the planet hidden from Galactus.  With
the passage of time, the shield has been weakened.  The Colonizers of
Rigel cannot wait to be found... and consumed!  Even though they had met
first as enemies, the Rigellians seek common ground with the Thunder God.
For if Galactus should consume Rigel... fair Asgard will meet its end
soon.  Even so, the Son of Odin need not battle alone.  He will have a
companion... one who is worthy to be at his side.  The Recorder knows
that Galactus commands power beyond belief, but they shall not shirk
their duty.  Both he and Thor shake hands, for the Thunder God can think
of no better friend.  Although he claims to possess none of the human
emotions... the Recorder finds his micro-circuits warmed by the words of
friendship.  The Rigellian wonders about the creation... it is a machine
and machines cannot feel... but... Even the Colonizers of Rigel do wonder
sometimes about the Living Recorder.  He senses that Galactus awaits

Thor and the Recorder are to travel in a ship designed to home in on
Galactus.  Tana Niles offers her prayers to the Son of Odin, who vows to
use his godly might in the task which lies ahead.  The spaceship heads
for the Black Galaxy -- where Ego the Living Planet is in orbit, and the
Thunder God sees many ships leaving through space.  If such as they
should fail, then those who flee will not survive for long.

The Recorder sees that one of the ships has altered its course and is
following them, but Thor insists on staying on course.  Inside the
survivor ship... the crew senses that the spaceship may lead them to
sanctuary on another world.  Those who were among the first of Galactus'
victims have been wandering through space in hopes of having their
revenge.  Although they may wander throughout all time... they will never
desert their quest.

The spaceship they have been watching is heading for an unknown world.
The leader of the wanderers asks that they vote on following it, with the
fateful vote being "Aye!"  As the many pieces of the galactic puzzle fall
into place... Ego bids that Galactus turn back, for he is the one who has
the will and the power within the Black Galaxy.  The planet-eater is
unimpressed by the Living Planet's words, and strikes out with the flames
from a thousand suns.

Even so, Ego surrounds himself with a protection of solid cold, which
negates the fiery blast.  Ego... who carries the attack power of an
entire world!!  Such sheer power is enough to shatter the barren
planetoids surrounding him, just as the Rigellian spaceship finds itself
caught within the shocking stress.  The ship soon shatters within the
airless void, with two figures thrown into harsh space... and to float...
aimlessly in a silent vacuum...

On the cover of Thor #160, the God of Thunder whirls enchanted Mjolnir,
and the threat of Galactus looms ever closer...

Tana Nile is wearing a pink uniform, while the male colonizers wear
green-colored ones.

The Recorder is a favorite of mine, having first read him during Len Wein
and Walt Simonson's run on Thor in 1977.

Even though he is a creation from another world, the All-Father treats
his son's ally with respect.

There are several splash pages in the issue, with many opportunities for
readers to savor the art by Jack "King" Kirby.

The Taurian is a hardy character, and is those such as he were consumed
by the planet-eater, then what are the chances for Thor and the Recorder?

The sight of the many spaceships abandoning their homeworlds reminds me
of the TV series, "Battlestar Galactica."

When you're mighty Galactus, you don't use a monitor... you use a

The scary thing about Galactus, other than his choice of headgear, is
that you don't see his eyes.

Within his own ship, the Big G. has rolled up his sleeves, and is ready
to confront his unseen foe.

For a hidden Living Planet, Ego looks like he could use a shave.

After shaking hands with the Mighty Thor, the Recorder skillfully avoids
his creators on the matter of his own emotions.

In 1982, the Living Recorder would team up with another immortal in his
own miniseries... "Hercules, Prince of Power."

In her own way, Tana Nile shows her affection for the Son of Odin, and
wishes him well on his fateful journey.

The Wanderers turned up during Mark Waid's and Mike Wieringo's run on
Fantastic Four.

Thor, Galactus, and Ego the Living Planet appeared on the 1990's
Fantastic Four animated series during its second season.

John Rhys-Davies, Tony Jay, and Kay E. Kuter provided the voices for the
respective characters.

Steve Chung
"And Now... Review!"