COVER: The cover is of the Kents pleased at a Superboy experiment
which had give them X-ray allowing them--Martha to cook a roast for
dinner while Jonathan is using it on to light his cigar--while
Superboy is upset become his experiment lost is x-ray vision.
INKER: Stan Kaye

1. COVER STORY: "The Family with The X-Ray Eyes"
PLOTTER: Editor Mort Weisinger
WRITTER: Unknown
ARTISIT: John Sikela

This story is the one that my brother joked about.

It's begans off at the Kents' home as Superboy is trying experiment
with making his x-ray vision to see though lead and needs totally
darkness--but the Kents enter abruptly because Mr. Kent had forget
that his super-son need
totally darkness. It turns out that the Kents are fine--but Kal-El's
mechine is really for the junkyard.

The next day, a lazy Mr. Kent wants to see if the newspaper and
discover that he has x-ray vision and he tells Mrs. Kent who uses to
toast a two slices of bread. Superboy tries to get them to take
antidode--but the Kents tell them
they were be careful with it. Anyway, Superboy flies off to do this
super-boy. This first one is to find a reporter that sneaked aboard
one of three rocket ship--and Superboy discovers he doesn't he
doesn't have his X-ray vision anymore--but our alien teenager come
up with using pieces of a meteor to locate the rocket that has the
reporter. As Kal-El is lifting him, he thinks that the flash from
the failed experiment had transferred his X-ray vision to the Kents--
and he decides to keep the lost of his X-ray vision from the Kents.

Meanwhile as Mrs. Kent doing her shopping, she discover that a train
moving towards a crossword with a unworkable signal--she uses the
heat of the full power of her x-ray vision to make the signal red.
At the same time, Superboy next job is to melt the ice around a
cargo ship with explosives. Superboy come up with a idea--by taking
a few portal holes from a sunken ship--and creates a "gaint lens"
which melts the ice--thought the crew of the cargo ship assumes that
it was Superboy's x-ray.

A problem pops up at Smallville hospital when their X-ray can't
detect glass and if they don't find it--their paitent is going to
die. While doctors are hunting down Superboy, Mr. Kent using his x-
ray vision to melt a tar road to trap some crooks. By this time, the
doctors has located Superboy and tells him what's up--Superboy uses
a his finger to locate the glasses-and tells the doctor is the below
the third rib. Superboy sadly leaves and return home to hear how the
Kents used their X-ray visions. Superboy had accidently left his
private dairy open--and discover that Superboy lost his! Superboy
next jump is to clear a path of snow for ambulance--Superboy uses
his super-breath to suck up some fire from the Kent's cellar and use
it to clear a path.

Mr. Kent thinks of a way to double the power of his and Mrs. Kent's
x-ray vision--and gets the OK! from Superboy. Mrs. Kent wonders
what's going on in her husands mind as Mr. Kent tells that he knows
what's he doing. Superboyd discovered that Dad is using the mechine,
open the door and turn on the light--and the flash of energy
restores the Superboy's x-ray vision--thought the Kents lied--and
say it "failed"--but Superboy  said he doesn't need his X-ray vision
to see thought--and assumed that they guessed what happen to him and
remarks that "they are SUPER!"

2. "Clark Kent, Class Cheat"
Editor & Plotter: Mort Weisinger
Writter: Unknown
Artisit: George Papp

If this I was Uncle Mort, this is the one would have picked to be on
the cover.

This story begans on "Examination Week" at Smallville High School,
Clark "Superboy" Kent and Lana Lang are among the first to talk a

Lana: Gosh, these geography question are tough, Clark!
Clark:  You said it, Lana! I hope I get a passing back.

The writer remarks that Clark might be joking since he has super-
wits--but as the papers are graded the teacher discover that it's
the first time that Clark has failed a test.  Clark fails a lot more
tests and gets his grounded by Mr. Kent--but after this night, Clark
flunks another test and he's send to the principal. Lana assumes
that the principal is going to denote Clark since he flunked so
often, but when the door closses.

Principal: Good work, my boy! You're bravely face the scorn of the
classmate and pretending to be a "dunce" my request! I hope you
parents doesn't mind this deception.
Clark: They don't, sir. They're co-operating in the pretense because
they know it's for a purpose.

I bet this was this is first hoax that Superman ever did! If any one
can find a early Superboy hoax--I'm eat a grilled crow with a slice
of humble pie.

We learn from the principal that certain students are cheating on
the exams--but they don't know or what's the methods. It's turns out
Clark as Superboy offered himself to the "undercover agent". (Holy
James Bond, Batman! -- Dr. Thinker) They expect a racketeer is
selling the items. Clark vows to play dumb until they "smoke the
culprit out!"

[Some of these lines look funny as small letters. The real issues
they look better because CAPTIAL LATTERS! I'm just shrinking them
because CAPTIAL LETTERS annoys most internet surfers. - Dr. Thinker]

It has some adventures--because he decide on super-boy job and
writes "Don't Know" on his paper. It's turns out Superboy had
overheard the general science teacher telling the princpal that he
needs more mineral specimans for his exam. He collects some mineral
and give to the general science teacher. As soon, Clark fails on
purpose to name his own minerals. Later, he gets corner by Johnny
Carson and gets a cheating glasses from him--who tells Clark to use
him in Clark's math test. Durning the math test, Clark  discover
that glasses
has  special filler that lumious equations painted on the window
become visible when you look thought them--but some equations are
missing so that the cheater won't get more then a passing grade and
arouse suspicion! Clark decides to go a 100% on this exam. It works--
and Clark's ruse unmasked the person behind the cheaters' supplier
as "Humbug" Hilton, a notorious con-man. Clark's super-memory
recogizes him from police poster. Mr. Hilton claims that it was
just "dumb luck" that Clark got 100%. Johnny gives double the usual
amount to Mr. Hilton. Clark decides to teach a lesson to the
cheaters. Mr. Hilton gang had finished setting up. First class up is
Zoology class, where serval boy cheaters uses special pens--but
Superboy uses his x-ray to short circut things. Next up for the
cheaters is history, where up Superboy uses his super-ventriliquism
to give the fifth president instead of the first to a cheater. Third
is chemisty for the other boy cheating is trying to get Mr. Hilton's
crooked flag waver--but get a eye full of Superboy's clothing
costume. Using his super-powes, Superboy gives the cheaters the
wrong answers for the entire exams. The cheaters are upset and try
to get money back from Mr. Hilton, but Superboy appears to get
Hilton and says that he will tell the principal and the police.  The
principals tells the cheaters that when you cheat you cheating
yourselfs out of valuble knowledge you will need later in life--to
make his point crystral clear--he makes the cheat wear dunce cap--
and revelas to the cheat that Clark was playing the dunce to trap
the guilty party. Later, as Clark Kent is retaking the exam, he's
thinking the follow:

"My super-memory and super-speed would allow me to finish all these
exam in brief moments! But I'll have to pretend that it takes me all
afternoon to answer the questions or I'll 'cheat' myself out of my
sercet identity!"

Oh, what a weird and wonderful world that Sliver Age's DC universe
must have been! I was born too late!

3. "The World Thought Superboy's Eyes"
Editor & Plotter: Mort Weisinger
Writter: Otto Binder
Artisit: George Papp

This story begans off at Lana Lang's house as her father, Prof. Lang
is giving her a camera that can develop the film itself--and is told
to open the back of camera after one mintune. She decides to take
picture of full bloomed flowers--but Lana sees the snapshot she's
gets a puzzle of bird-eye flew of Smallville--but she notes a cape--
and assumes it's Superboy's cape. Lana thinks it's a freak accident.
Superboy is on his way to vist Johnny Otis at the [Smallville]
Hospital again. It's turns out Lana snap another picture with the
camera, and gets a picture of banagaed power. Lana thinks Superboy 
oftens vist the hopstial to cheer up patients. Superboy has super-
boy to see thought a vault. The picture Lana gets his a picture of
gears of steal vault. Superboy ready to ahead home for lunch and
pleased that no one Superboy lives the Kent sas Clark Kent. But
Clark's identity in his danger, because Lana is still using the
freak camera. The next two pictures she takes are the pictures of
her next-door neighbors, the Kents, and picture of hands polishing
Clark's glasses. Now, Lana is sure that Clark Kent is SUPERBOY!

But now, Superboy discovers what's happening--and notes that two
pictures exposes his double-identity. This morning, Prof. Lang asked
Superboy to  a picture of a new comet discovered--and that comet
maked the film to take picture of what every Clark sees that moment--
so he quicky gets out the Kent house. Lana hides the comet-effected
camera under a parakeet's cage cloth--then "she's going to pretend
that she's out of earshot!" Using his super-breath, she makes Prof.
Lang spot the camera. The sciencist has a idea to get picture NO ONE
has see before. Here's list of all the science's picture.

1. The heart of a voilent explosion!
2. The famous sunked ship, the Titanic, under water
3. The very center of Earth core's.

By now Superboy has discover a way to cover up his sercet identity
from Lana's big nose-no often to Lana Lang fans. He gets challege by
by a biologist to stump him and he donate $1,000 to charity.
Superboy does stump him with the following picture:

4. Miscrobes and algae in pound water--as seen by Superboy's
microscope vision.

Lana is pleased that she's gets the camera back--unware that
Superboy is up to something. He going to use his super-speed to get
hospital so when Lana snaps the picture it will be the same time as
Johnny Otis's bandage are
removed at 5 P.M. But when examines the picture after the last snap,
she discovers that bandaged boy is Clark Kent! As Superboy planned,
Lana makes another reason for the two earlier photos (The Kents and
the sight of Clark's glasses)--Superboy was picking them up while
Clark was undering a treatment for face rush or burn. Superboy
reveals that he tricked her by wearning his own glasses and move his
hands as if he was putting them on Johnny. Later, as Clark and Lana

Lana: Sorry, I didn't see you at the hospital, Clark! But then, with
you face all bandaged up, I really wouldn't have seen you! Ha, Ha!
Clark: (thought) If only knew her joke is true!

Flying off,
Dr. Thinker