The third story is the one show on the clover. It's show the Kents
being hunting by a very strange ghost of Jor-El, which normal syuit
color is reversed. Aslo they is a small tale of Superboy in this
one, but when you open up the comic book to the first story of his's called...

1. "Claire Kent, Alias Super-Sister"

This story can be found on line at the TransGender Graphics and
Fiction at "" has it as the first story
under it's "Superman/Superwoman" story. This story begans as Clark
Kent is changing into Superboy in front of Mrs. Kent. He lands off
his mom's "feminine intuition!" While patrol for storm clouds,
Superboy spots a spaceship. Superboy startled the space woman flying
the spaceship. Using his super-hard body, Superboy turns a rock
field into sand. 

Superboy is discovers the alien name is Shar-La! Superboy insults
her again,
and Shara-La decides on teaching him a lesson. By the first panel of
page 3,
Superboy is a female! Superboy returns to Shar-La's landing sight
but she
had left Earth. The girl version of Superboy almost gives Martha and
Johanthan a heart attack! After telling what happen, Martha goes out
to by "dress" for the new "Claire Kent". The new female is yank
into "cooking" by Lana Lang, but the male-mind female doesn't want
to do it. While listing to "dreaming records" with Lana, our female
tomboy gets a weird message. Making
a hurried excuse, the lad..or..lass of steal is mind is all mix up.
For moment, the amusement is fine--but suddenly the wind blew the
Arrow Girl. The female-ized Superboy smashes a new hole in the
target, which allows the Arrow Girl to reach the net safely--but
she's neverous about revealing the "embrassing change" to the
Smallville citzens. Lucky, one of the citzens,
come up with a excuse. Superboy decides to call his female
side, "Super-Sister", pretending that she and Superboy switched
planets. The same
man insults Super-Sister by saying "you're just a girl!"  Super-
wants to know the weird mind message she gotten. At home, Mrs. Kent
tells it's "feminine intution", and reveals it's a six sense that
warns "many women of dangers in advance!" Kal Jor-El is pleased--and
states "the laugh is on Shar-La!", instead of punishing him--it give
him a new power--and it's working again. It's a SOS that reveals that
old Lana Lang is up to her own tricks again! Super-Sister has plan
Ms. Sercet Identity Hunter. In class, Lana tries to cut Claire's
fingernails, but at that moment, Lana spots  Super-Sister flying
past! It's turns out, Claire is one step ahead of the game by
coverting her Superboy. Again, Superboy gets another SOS--this time
for Wallibu Island! Super-Sister
saves a life of a tribe girl who tooks her father's death hood.
Super-Sister takes the death hood from the girl--and drives into the
lava. Super-Sister
swims in the lava as a normal human would do in a pool or lake of
water. Super-Sister laughs about "Shar-La!"

But on the way back to Smallville, Super-Sister meets up with coast
towing a disabled freighter. Super-Sister learns that disabled
freighter struck a iceburg. The guards barely rescued them. It's
turns out that
"super-intuition" that Shar-La give only works for girl--not man!
The next
job is at under water show, where Super-Sister gives a shark--that
about to attack a female skindiver-- a super-shake up via it's tail.
Mr. Stone gets bad news when the skindivers quiets--but Super-Sister
on putting on show! After the show, Superboy is stunned to see Shar-
is back. Superboy asks when did Shar-La change me back from a girl.
turns out that Shar-La has been playing with Superboy's mind. Back
at home, Clark Kent overheards that Mrs. Kent wishes for a daughter.
Superboy thinks
to him that Ms. Kent did have a daughter--but only in his mental
vision, as
for Superboy, he's glad that he's back to home.

Many people have a belive that a story that Red Kryptonite
transformed Superboy or Superman into a Supergirl/Superwoman. I told
web master of the website I mention early that this story was
reprinted Shar-La's ring was accidently colored "red".

In "Superboy" comic in Adventure, Martha gets a super-daughter in
the form of Kara Zor-El when she plots to send a week in the path to
hide her sercet identity--in an attempt to prove that she can hide
her indentity.

Speaking of Kara Zor-El, in one of her story uses her super "female
intution" to solve a mystery about a red haired Supergirl.

2. "The Origin of Superboy's Costume"

This story is an "Untold Story Of Superboy!" This story begans off at
a grand opening of a new clothing store for boys. The owners had
"Superboy" to help out. Aftering dripping into acid, being set on
and getting chew on my lions, a citzen asks how did he get this
costume--but he tells him--that it will reveal his sercet indentity.
As Superboy changes back into Clark Kent, he recalls how his super-
suit was made. He recalls his
landing as Kal-El, the discover of it by Kents. Pa Kent hides the
ship in the shed. Using the orphanage to hide Kal-El. Shortly, Kal-
El is
adopted--and called Clark Kent. After sometimes, the Kent discovers
Clark has super-powers! When Clark become a super-tot, he was give
his first playsuit but that was ruin when the Kent's bull's horns.
second playsuit was riped by sunk log while he tried to get Mr.
Kent's fish. On the day that a nasty storm wind knocks lose a
lighting rod, Supertot's chest reflects into the Kent's attic. After
tighting the rod, Supertot uses
his super-breath to put out the fire. Mr. Kent discovers that the
from Kal-El's rocket unharmed. Of course, since the blanket come from
Krypton, they about as indestructible as Kal-El is. They unrevel the
blankets, but to cut it--they use Superbaby's heat vision. Once the
tot grow up to be a grade school. When Mr. Kent and Clark had a talk
about his future. Clark needs a costume--a "sort of uniform". Clark
his old playsuit. It's looks kind of funny to have Superboy in his
tights with out the familar S-shield on it. Clark needs "belts"
and "boots" that
can't been make from yarn. Rubber padding from Kal-El's rocket ship
the boots. A yellow strap from the rocket become Superboy's belt.
Using the red yarn, Mrs. Kent creates the cape and the hidden pouch.
Superboy picks
the familr "S-Sheild" to "not only" stand for "Superboy" and
later, "Superman" - it will mean "saving life, stopping crime and
super-aid wherever is need!"  Later, Clark founds out only Kryptonite
radiation were the only thing can get past the unharmable suit. "As
I grow
older, the super-costume will s-t-r-e-t-ch!"

This was reprinted as "The Origin of Superman's Costume" in a giant

Lex Luthor will not like  how Superboy will use his super-breath to
blow out
a fire--because in that fire--Lex will lose his hair!


Who is Mr. Mxyzpltk? Why, he is the zany imp that pranks Superman or
Supergirl under they trick him into saying is name backward which
returns the imp back to the 5th dimisonal for 90 days. This is the
first appearance of the Earth-1's Mr. Mxyzpltk. We began this story
in the past as Fuzastl [Mxy's father] & Tlndsa [Mxy's mom] is
worried about their son, Mr. Mxyzpltk. It's seem that as a teenager,
Mr. Mxyzptlk has the red hair. Giving his pet a second head gets Mxy
a punishment of no supper for him. In his room, Mxy decides to run-
away into our dimisonal! He remember not to say this name backward
or the vibrations of my own voice will return him to the 5th
dimisonal for at least 90 days! The teenage imp discover a flying
boy! Mxy plots to make fun of Superboy. At school the next, Mxyzpltk
ends up setting up to his target, Superboy, who's in his Clark Kent
indentity. Mxy asks if he wants to be "pals". The writer of this
story remarks "Pals? How ironic! Little do the two youth know it,
they are about to embark on  a red-hot, incredible, long-lasting

Clark is told by the teacher to takes some papers to the principal's
office. After Clark leaves, some of the students are  to write
historical facts on
the chalkboard. Two of the students are Lana Lang and Mr. Mxyzpltk.
Clark Kent discover the choas going on--and changes into Superboy.
Mr. Mxyzpltk
claims it's "Superboy", but Superboy gets off this trick by using a
magnifying glass to show the teacher the faint impression of the
correct answers. Superboy assumes Mxy is color-blind when he and Mxy
on stoll together they spot a traffic light. The next day, Superboy
is on patrol--he is battled by the correct answers being changed ont
the chalkboard. He gets new meaning to "the yolk on you" when he
gets attack by a gaint egg. Mr. Mxy has a good laugh--but Superboy
steals it when he  uses his super-puff and heat-vision to make
a giant omelet. Tricking crooks into making a deal. Mxy shows
up with him in Superboy and the crooks in different costumes--
as Mr. Mxyzpltk states as "Samson, Hercules, & Altas". Mxy
leaves the classwords--he spots another Mxy enters. The other
Mxy turns out Superboy with a Mxy-face mask on him. Superboy
recognize the actors as crooks. Mxy is mad that he "goofed again!"
Mxy vists Superboy measum to learn about his target. He creates a
of Jor-El and gives the fake Jor-El the mission to wreck his career
on Earth. Superboy. The last panel on this page is similar to the
cover. Mxy is pleased
when he heards the radio. It's turns out Superboy wasn't fool
because Jor-El's ghost had his red and green color reversed. (And in
Superboy's mind,
recalled the mistaked red for green.) In Mxy mind, he realized
the space-warp have given him temporary color-bindess--but he states
"he's lying!" Superboy forces Mxy to read a word--unknowning
it's "Kltpzyxm!", which sends Mxy back to his own world. How did
know what's up? He tells that he a capsule materized out of air with
this message inside: "Attention, Superboy! Dimenisonal-Binoculars
have enabled me to see my pest of a son annoying you! You can
send Mxyzpltk back to the 5th dimision by tricking into saying
his name backwards. We end up back in the fifth dimsional as
Mr. Mxyzpltk gets "combed" by his father. Mxy vows "it's
war" with Superboy.

In Byrne's Mxy appearances, Superman has figure out Mxy's rules.

In the animated series and related comic, Mxyzptlk has to say his
backwards TWICE!

This was reprinted as "The Origin Of Mxyzptlk!" in a giant issue.

Flying off, Dr. Thinker