Mystic #7: "Beware The Bees!"

Mystic #7
"Beware The Bees!"
March, 1952

Script: Unknown
Art: Unknown

Money is used for things we need and love, but for Casper Green, he loves
the feel of it.  The miser did not want to share his cache with those in

While other people rested, Casper Green worked, and added to his money
pile.  He would take whatever sort of work... as long as it brought him
more money.  Casper would make even more green by making loans with
interest, then taking the payments on time.  In the case of Mrs. Hare, he
took away her car for being one payment behind on the loan.  Casper is
unwilling to wait a week for the payment, and demands to collect her
collateral.  Mrs. Hares admits that Mr. Green does the transactions in a
legal manner, but there are some laws which loom larger than those of
man.  In order to sell her greeting cards door-to-door, Mrs. hare needs
her car, but Casper Green is only interested in the money.  Now in
possession of a car, Mr. Green decides to head out into the country, and
search for a summer job.  A newspaper ad for an assistant for a scientist
with his experiments catches his eye.  Casper drives for Clearwater Rd,
Ellendale to meet with Walter Blane.  It turns out that Blane is a bee
keeper and is doing some interesting work with them.  When asked if he
likes bees, Mr. Green wipes the sweat from his forehead, and thinks about
the hundred dollars a week.

Casper Green soon finds himself surrounded by thousands of bees.  The
sounds of their droning and the threat of their deadly stings are a
constant reminder for him, as is the hundred dollars a week pay.  Green
wonders what the scientist could be doing inside the shack, while he
performs the task of tending to the bees.  It is on another day that
Casper Green stumbles in the hive-yard, frightening the bees, and
suffering their attack.  Seeing that his little friends have been upset
by his new assistant, Walter Blane feels that Casper may not be cut out
for this sort of work, and has to let him go.  As Mr. Green insists that
he be allowed to stay, the scientist relents, and tells the assistant not
to bother the bees again.  Staring at Blane, Casper asks if the scientist
has a method of keeping from getting stung.  He had been using a
experimental serum which hasn't been perfected yet, but is unsure how it
would affect someone other than himself.

Not wanting to lose out on his weekly paycheck, Mr. Green steals some of
the serum that night, and drinks a few drops.  He then enters the
hive-yard without any covering, and sees that the bees are treating him
as one of their own.  Casper Green will be able to make his fortune
without fear of being stung.  The following morning finds a woman's voice
calling out to him from outside his window.  Mrs. Hare has tracked him
down and is standing next to her car.  She is about to give Casper a
piece of her mind, when he steps onto the porch, and she starts to
scream.  The greeting card salesperson will not be needing a car if she
can keep running as fast as she is right now.  Mr. Green decides to wash
up before entering the hive-yard, and sees himself in the mirror.  In
order to become a friend to the bees, Casper Green had to become one of
them, and in so doing, he has indeed come out ahead.

This story was reprinted in Chamber Of Chills #12 (September, 1974).

There aren't any creator credits to the story, nor are there any in the
Grand Comics Database.

The art reminds me of Jack Cole, particularly in the facial features and
expressions of Casper Green.

Casper wasn't a friendly host, but preferred the color of money.

Walter Blane resembles Dr. Sivana in appearance.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford starred in "The Sting."

Among the Silver Age foes of the Justice League was the Queen Bee.

Mrs. Hare lives up to her name and is no tortoise when it comes to
getting away from Mr. Green.

Casper Green is now bee-side himself and must learn how to properly
bee-have when working in the hive-yard.

Steve Chung
"Review The Bees!"