Strange Tales #166: "Nothing Can Halt... Voltorg!"

Strange Tales #166
"Nothing Can Halt... Voltorg!"
March, 1968

Triggers Off This
Triple-Threat Thriller!!



Plotted & Inked By: DAN ADKINS

Voice Creations By: ARTIE SIMEK

The science-lord known as Yandroth has activated his ultimate weapon --
Voltorg!  Seeing the atomic electrodes in either hand, the Master of the
Mystic Arts must use a powerful spell to protect himself.

The incantation causes the automaton's scanner circuits to malfunction.
KRASH!  No longer heeding its master's commands, Voltorg uses its
powerful electrodes to destroy Yandroth's machinery.  KRAAKKL!

With the radioactive fire spreading quickly, only his amulet protects
Doctor Strange from the deadly radiation.  With its circuits cleared once
more, the science-lord orders the automaton to the attack once more.
ZZZZZT!  The Master of the Mystic Arts is barely able to dodge the next
deadly bolt.  KRZZASSSP!  While Doctor Strange is struck by a stray
atomic bolt, the science-lord takes his leave of his former laboratory.

KLANG!  An invisible shield has protected the mage from the attack,
leaving him stunned.  ZAP!  Doctor Strange rolls free before another bolt
misses him by mere inches.  Since Voltorg requires some time between
attacks, the science-lord has chosen this exact moment to escape.  When
he turns from his fleeing foe, the Master of the Mystic Arts finds
himself staring into an atomic electrode.

The next moment finds the automaton attempting to slay several Doctor
Stranges, while the real one is thankful for the respite his illusions
have provided him.  He is now free to pursue Yandroth, but the
science-lord has activated his time-warp to give him an added edge for
escape.  With the runaway automaton on a rampage, the Master of the
Mystic Arts should perish in the explosion, and Yandroth will be able to
claim his bride.

Victoria Bentley is to become his queen-consort, whether she agrees or
not.  Doctor Strange has caught up to them, having overcome the
time-warp, but the science-lord fires off a blast from his Q-Ray pistol.

FZZING!  The Master of the Mystic Arts is able to deflect the aim of his
foe, but Yandroth turns to flee, with the Earth girl in his arms.
Voltorg has been trailing his master's enemy, and Doctor Strange sees the
atomic lightning crackling with anticipation.  ZZAPP!  The cloak of
levitation enables the mage to avoid the deadly electricity.

Knowing that the automaton has but one point of vulnerability, the Master
of the Mystic Arts concentrates his power upon its video-ceptors.  Now
without sight, Voltorg rears back, with its face a mass of molten metal.

With its circuits completely out of control, the automaton's arms flail
about in all directions.  SPLOKK!  After crashing through a wall, the
science-lord's ultimate weapon falls apart with a KLANNG!

The alien scientist has placed himself and his prisoner in teleportubes,
for instant transmission to another world.  Racing into the teleportation
room, Doctor Strange seeks out the control panel, then sets the
coordinates for Earth.  Yandroth's personal countdown reaches its end.

Both he and Victoria have disappeared, with the mage resetting the
controls in order to follow them.  His molecular pattern will be
transmitted to the same location as the science-lord and the girl.  Once
the countdown has been completed, the beam of light comprising the form
of Doctor Strange flashes through space and time to -- Stonehenge.  It
was at this very spot where the Ancient One had met his end.  Seeing the
face of the aged mentor appearing before him, the Master of the Mystic
Arts can only wonder if he can truly believe his senses.

On the cover of Strange Tales #166, Doctor Strange conjures up some lime
jello to protect himself from the electric drumsticks of Voltorg.

As far as robots go, the automaton resembles a walking thermos.

Not only must the Master of the Mystic Arts face the threat of Voltorg,
he must also avoid the sinister Simekian sound effects throughout the

In chasing after the science-lord, Doctor Strange tells him that flight
is useless.  I wonder why Doc didn't fly after his foe?  Was he running
low on mystic energy?

When Yandroth activated his time-warp, was it the threat of an imminent
explosion which made him flee, and was this why he didn't chose to take
advantage of his foe in a weak moment?

It's a final dramatic drum roll for Voltorg, who had been billed as
"Voltorr" in the previous issue.

Either way, the automaton banged the drum slowly, and the beat went on
for Doctor Strange.

With pictures of the planets on the control panel, the mage is able to
set his own destination for Earth.

The Ancient One had been imprisoned in Stonehenge by the monstrous Zom,
but the aged mystic had gotten much better since then.

Steve Chung
"Nothing Can Halt... Review!"