Tales To Astonish #15: "I Am The Invisible!"

Tales To Astonish #15
"I Am The Invisible!"
January, 1961

Script: STAN LEE (?)

Yes, he, and he alone, was... The Invisible!!  But there's more to his
story than meets the eye...

Professor Karlos Konak seeks the secret of invisibility, and with it, he
hopes to become rule of the entire world.  After suffering another
failure in his laboratory, an assistant mentions that only Zuka, the
witch, can render herself invisible.  Reminding the villager that he was
hired to clean test tubes, Konak reluctantly listens as the man tells his
story.  Zuka had been driven out by the villagers and now resides on
Black Thunder Mountain.  The professor remembers the strange stories
about Zuka, and wants the villager to take him to her.  The assistant is
in fear of the witch's magic, but his fear of Karlos Konak is even
greater.  Time passes, with the professor arriving at the foot of Black
Thunder Mountain, and the frightened villager taking his hurried leave.

Entering the hovel, Konak sees an elderly woman working by candlelight.
Zuka knows the secret of invisibility, but it is not for the likes of
him.  Having come far for the discovery, the professor is not about to
leave, and threatens to level Zuka's humble abode with fire.  Even so,
she insists that no one would want to suffer such a dreadful fate.  The
witch shows Konak the two lenses which when spaced properly, they will
cause an ray of invisibility.  By reversing the lens, the subject regains
visibility.  Despite Zuka's warnings, Professor Karlos Konak takes the
lenses, and dreams of the day when he will become king.

Back at his laboratory, the professor has created a crude projector.  The
ray is tested on a caged cat, which vanishes, but is still heard even
though it is unseen.  Everything which comes in contact with the ray
becomes invisible.  When the lenses are reversed, the objects reappear
accordingly.  The moment has come for Karlos Konak to step into the ray,
and scoff  at Zuka's warning.

The professor is now almost completely invisible.  Another moment, and...
Karlos Konak discovers his fateful mistake.  He hadn't expected anything
like this, and admits to being a blind fool.  How will he be able to
regain visibility once more?  How will he be able to reverse the special
lenses?  Konak hadn't realized one thing.  The one thing that Zuka had
tried to tell him --  While he is invisible to the eyes of others -- so
are they invisible to him.

This story was reprinted in Chamber Of Darkness #8 (December, 1970).

On the splash page, Zuka  gestures, and Karlos Konak sees that his legs
have begun to vanish into thin air.

Invisibility is one of the powers realized by the Fantastic Four.

Alliterative names are popular in the Marvel Universe, such as Bruce
Banner and Peter Parker.  Interestingly, it is Stan Lee who favors
alliterative names, while his brother, Larry Lieber chooses
non-alliterative names.

Where science has failed him, Karlos Konak goes off in search of magic.

The witch is far from malevolent and actually tries to warn the professor
about the danger of the lenses.

Devoted to magic, Zuka knows all too well about human nature.

Doctor Strange is the Master of the Mystic Arts.

A classic Ditko panel is realized when we see Karl Konak walking down the
mountain, and laughing as three raindrops fall onto the brim of his hat.

As a child would use cardboard and two mirrors to construct a periscope,
so does the professor use some wood, and the special lenses to create his

When exposed to the invisibility ray, the world of Professor Karl Konak
becomes an endless sea of white.

He is now the undisputed king of all he surveys.

Steve Chung
"I Am The Review!"