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SUPERBOY #95 - "The Super-Family From Krypton"
WRITTER: Otto Binder?


As you know already is a old joke that only Jor-El and Laura went
with Krypton. I bet you dollars to newspapers, Kal-E might have one
time or another wonder what might have happen if his parents come
with him. 

The cover to issue has a Laura, Jor-El and Kal-El buiding house as
angry Smallville citizen looking on. They is two notes in yellow
from writter:
the top on tells us the story and it's a three-part imaginary novel
us what might happen if Laura, Jor-El and Superbaby went to Earth
The box on bottom has list of guest stars feature in: Lana Lang,
Lori Lemaris, Lex Luthor, Perry White, The Phantom Zone Villains &
a "NEW Clark Kent". I bet you can't figure out a some-what shocking

The chapter listing page for his imaginary novel has picture of Jor-
El saving a plane. Laura saving a female girl and her young boy from
a fire. Superboy
stopping some crooks. It's a bit of shock to read "Kal-El as
Superboy", "Laura as Super-Woman", and "Jor-El as Superman". I let
the Sliver Age scroll
set the stage from what I'm assume to be Superboy writter, Otto

      "Did you ever wonder how different Superboy's life would be
if his
      parents had been able to make the journey though space with
him? If
      a Super-Family has escaped the doomed planet of Krypton and
      together on Earth? Why every tiny detail in the boy of
steel's life
      would have been incredibly altered! Of course, it didn't
happen, but it
      might have, and this is the sensational, some time happy,
      sometimes sad story of THE SUPER-FAMILY FROM KRYPTON!"


This story begans on the doomed planet of Krypton, as Jor-El is
about to put Kal-El into his rocket ship when Laura comes rushing in-
-telling him to wait. She had a "last mintune brainstorm!" has been
working on a Enlarging Ray that
works to large the rocket ship. Taking only a "Kryptonian
televiewer", the
family escape the doom planet of Krypton.

Jor-El: Farewall to Krypton! Our world has ended, Laura! Our
        dearest places were know blow to dust!
Laura: is the end of life..but aslo  the beginning..a new 
      for us, dear.

It's turns out Jor-El land protected to land near Smallville. He
aslo computed that yellow sun and the lower gravity with give the
family Superman. He tells Laura, "We must learn to use them wisely".

When the ship lands, Jor-El and Laura leave to put of a fire that
they rocket
caused. As they discover their super-powers, a familar couple enter
the pictures, Martha and Jonathan Kent discover Kal-El. Jor-El and
Laura shocks
the Kents. Lucky, the Kents's hearts are not as weak as Mrs. Wayne's
heart. Johathan promised Martha to adopt another boy. Jonathan
allows Jor-El to stay
until he gets a place of his own.

Jor-El uses his hand to cut thought the Kent's firewood that makes
remarked "The things you can do sure make my eye pops!" (Holy
Beetlejuice, Batman!) Martha had spotten some reports. One of the
reporters is "Perry White" of the "Daily Planet". Jor-El tells him
that they are peaceful
and friendly, but Perry White doesn't buy it. Back in Metroplis,
tell his boss that he's very sure that the aliens are "up to no
good". Jonathan tells that Jor-El that "people are bound to be a
little  suspicious
of strangers..but this story goes too far! It's going to set folk
against you!"

Jonathan is right on the money, because that afternoon, people of
the Smallville Town Council tell Jor-El "they don't want you".
Jonathan gives Jor-El tells not to worry and gives them a strip of
barren land and a card
to give to a friend called Bill Evans.

At the Evan Can Company, Bill is about to show Jor-El how to run a
mechine, but Jor-El states that it's not "neccessary". He cuts the
metal with his finger and well them into cup shape with his heat
vision. For this work,
Bill gives Jor-El a month's wages. Jor-El decides on using it to by
for Kents. (Holy Kal-El, Lois Lane!) Later, the family builds their
hands with Kal-El smashing rocks to build a fireplace. Jor-El quicky
flies to
the Amazon river to get top soil for the barren land to transform
a farm. A week after their arrival on Earth, the farm has become
huge amount
to feed army of cattle and enough left over to give to the Kents.
Martha and Jonathan adopt a blonde hair boy and call him "Clark

Clark and Kal-El become fast friends, but when other children want
to play with Kal-El, their parents reject him. Kal-El wants to warn
Earth clothing, but he learns what happen to Earth closing after
trying to chase a eagle in
them. Laura sings him Kryptonian songs, but Kal-El wants to
hear "Rock-a-bye,
baby". Laura tells him legends of Krypton--The one in this tale is
about Bir-El flying up in iceburg jet to cold off a flame-spitting
monster--but Kal-El want to hear about George Washington and the
cherry tale. We learn that Jonathan is moving to the city and
starting his general store business. Sad effects all three members
of the Jor-El family--two becasue of Krypton, one
because of Kent move.


We had a half-page introduce to this chapter. Showing blone haired
Clark Kent in the hands of the flying Superboy over Smallville, with
Kents looking on very happy.

We start is chapter of this imaginary tale with Kal-El and Kypto
playing. Kal-El takes off for Smallville. In the park, he gets
rejected by a girl and a boy. For a while, Kal-El roams Smallville,
until he  discover a train trick--but he accidently wrecks a train.
Kal-El spys a traffic light and takes what he thinks is a "toy"
home. One citzen of Smallville compares the Super-Family to a
volcano.  The next morning, the Super-Family is suprize to see a
rock through their window. They discover a very bad sign: "LEAVE
states they "hate us" and their "sojourn on Earth is a failure!"

After the angry mob leaves, Jor-El plots to look for another planet
to life on--but then, they heard  a boiler on a boat has exploded.
Faster then a speeding bullet, they arrive and pick up the boat and
get safely to shore
in seconds. Suprizing two of peopl eon the boat are Prof. Lang and a
Lana Lang. Kal-El shows Lana how strong is. As time passed people
from around
the world come to see the amazing "Super-Family". To escape the
crowds, Jor-El builds a real "private house" with "anti-gravity".
Kal-El finally grows up
to a "Superboy" and gets his costume from Jor-El.  Now, recall the
from the chapter listing at the beging--well they are BACK! Showing
now the
Super-Family fighting crime and averting catastrophes!  As Superboy
grows, the family adopts earth customs more and more, even changing
their names, and warning earth clothes. We see Parker and a follow
cop remarked about them:

      Parker: There go Joe, Laura and Cal Ellton...a fine family!
      Police Officer: I'm sure glad they protect Smallville, Cheif
                      makes our job a cinch!

In this imagary tale, Lex Luthor is greater admirer of Superboy then
Lana Lang. We see old red-hair Lex getting autograph of Cal Ellton,
while Cal wishes it was Lana, but remarks that she's been sending
all of her time with her best friends, Clark. We see that life is
more uncomplated for Cal who
tells his teacher that he spotted a fire in a farmer's barn. The
tells him to take it out of wardrobe as usual. We see that Cal has
crash on Lana as burn her intials on a distant asteriods.

When Superboy vists Lex lab on day, he discovers it's on fire! Like
our Pre-Crisis Superboy, he blows the fire-out with his super-breath-
-as usual, a bald Luthor come out and curse the boy of steal. Jor-El
tells Lex to take
it easy, because it was accident. Using Kryptonian science, Jor-El
an "Activator Ray" to restore Lex's hair! Lex also decides to use
his mind
to help humans.

Another day, Superboy saves a man--or for it to turn out to a
scarecrow!! On the way, home they bump into the teenage imp, Mr.
Mxyzptlk! It's turns out Mr. Mxyzpltk slip out of the school but he
claim he will return soon, but imp
has not reckoned with Jor-El's super-science, in which he created a
to block the imp dimension.

Still another day, while Superboy is digging for a irrigation ditch
for some farmers, he discovers a glowing green metor--a.k.a
Kryptonite! The farmer calls in Jor-El, and Jor-El tells them get
rid of the Kryptonite! Jor-El builds a mechine to success drestory
all Kryptonite--green and red in
one BIG stroke!


This chapters open with a half-page introduce with the Superfamily
leaving Earth--but Kal-El wondering how well the new Superboy is
going to replace him.

One day, the Super-Family patrols the family, Superboy is give
the job of handing a hurricane near Greenland. A mind person
gives him a helping hand and Kal-El discovers a large fishing man
to get all the man of the boats. Using his television, he discovers
a mermaid.

After taking the man to shore, he hunts the seven seas for the
mermaid and
finds her on a distant coral reef. He learns her name is Loris
Lemaris!! They
reason for her knowedgle of Superboy come from Altantis version of
televisions. At Jor-El's house, Jor-El comes up with a idea for her--
by recalling old "Xzanos-LL"--one of Krypton's greatest surgeon. He
asks Lori
if she is willing to undergo a change? She approves of it and tells
her parents also approves it. A earth surgeon under the guidance of
and soon, Lori has her legs. The Langs adopt Lori and make Lori Lang-
-the writter reminding us that it's still got the double L.L. 

While on a space mission with Jor-El, they discover a strange ship!
It's turns the strange ship is Brainic!       Jor-El aslo discover
Kandor, the famous
bottle city! Jor-El tells Superboy to keep him insight with his
vision, while he creates weapon to deal with Brainic. Jor-El had
a Kar-Ol magnet on unhabit! Brainic is shocked--but knows about it--
the Super-Family-and he plots to get Kandor...

The vile Brainic is plot are throw out the window, when Superboy's
hands smash throught--and grab him! Brainic gets his own shrink ray
turn on
him. Surpizing, the next target is Superboy--to learn which planets
the city come from. After all--but one of the city--is restore, they
plot to restore Kandor. On a distant planet, the Super-Family
restore Kandor, the planet gets named "Krypton II" and Brainic is
jailed in a tiny jail. Now, they must decide to live either on Earth
or on Krypton II. They head back--unware, that the Phantom Zone
villains had escape! Jax-Ur
and his pal reject to the Smalville Museum, and steal the Super-
rocket ship.

The Phantom Zoners use their stolen element to recreate the explode
of Krypton, turning the Kryptonain rocket into Kryptonite! They trap
Super-Family with their Krypton. The Phantom Zoners are pleased with
they victory--but a new kid with super-powers show up. He's not
by Kryptonite, and stays by the Phantom Zone. After the Phantom
has been returned, we learn the new Superboy is Clark Kent! It's turn
after the Super-Family had decided on live on Krypton II, Jor-El
Clark with a formula that give him permant super-powers! "Ironic,
isn't it,
dear readers that Clark Kent is one more secretly SUPERBOT!" Jor-El
tells Clark to keep his identity a sercet.In Clark mind, he thinks
of wearning glasses made of invulurable Kryptonian materials when he
adopts my role as Superboy, they would protect my identity!

"And strangely enough, in this imaginary story, it is not Clark who
to wear this glasses to protect his sercet identiy, but Superboy!"

REVIEW: Pretty good for imaginary stroy. Like the end of twist.
Don't worry to much about Supergirl--because in the Superboy #97,
this letter appears on
the first page of a two-paged letter page.

      Dear Editor:

            I enjoyed your "Imaginary" novel, the "Super-Family
From                   Krypton", but I found one serious oversight.
If Jor-El has                   drestoryed all Kryptonite in the
universe, this would have                   including that chuck
of Krypton which Argo City was built--
            thus drestorying everyone in the city as well,
            Supergirl's parents (I assume she was not born at
this time.)
            Your author should have remembered this, and
arranged to save
            this city from the doom that overtook it.

            E. Nelson Birdwell, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Could that be a planted letter? Birdwell was the assisant editor to
Uncle Morty.

            Editor's reply:  Your point is well taken. However
lack of
            space prevented us from explaining that while Jor-
El's device
            could drestory all Kryptonite in the universe, it
could not
            effect Kryptonite which have been previous shield by
lead. And,
            as you know, the city of Argo, was shield by lead to
protect it
            resident from the deadly Kryptonite rays.

A another reader letter reveals a boo-boo in a red sun in the last
and the Super-Family having Superpowers. It was planned that the sun
going to be yellow one--according to the editor.