Chamber Of Darkness #8: "The Beast That Walks Like A Man!"

Chamber Of Darkness #8
"The Beast That Walks Like A Man!"
December, 1970

Script: STAN LEE

Two men with flashlights though that they heard a noise -- but they see
nothing out in the silent swamp.  They do not see "The Beast That Walks
Like A Man!"  The great war between Mars and Jupiter is now in its fifth
year.  Martian intelligence has learned that there is an Earth scientist
who has devised a new secret weapon.  It is reportedly more powerful than
atomic or hydrogen bombs.  With such a weapon, Mars would triumph over
Jupiter.  Ogor is to travel to Earth, where he will kidnap the scientist,
and bring him to Mars.  The secret weapon will soon belong to the

The Martian craft soars towards Earth, where intelligence has recorded
the exact location of the scientist.  Two days later, the craft lands
along a deep, dank swamp...  His landing unnoticed, Ogor plans to strike
as soon as possible.  The Martian soldier lumbers through the muck and
mire, when he comes to the edge of the swamp.  Ogor eyes the scientist's
home, then realizes if the Earthman is armed, it would be best to wait
until he leaves the house.  An alligator comes slowly towards the
Martian, but Ogor leaps upon it.  The battle lasts for a few seconds,
with the noise overheard by the occupants of the nearby house.  The
Martian soldier has won, then sneaks into the shadows, where the two men
fail to find him.

The rest of the night is spent in the swamp, with the next day spent in
hopes of capturing the scientist.  When the sun goes down, Ogor sees many
visitors clad in different costumes for a masquerade party.  If he
attends the party, they will think that Ogor is wearing a Martian
costume.  The others see the formidable newcomer in their midst and
believe that he will surely win first prize.  The Martian soldier stands
still for a moment, then spies the scientist nearby.  Moving slowly, Ogor
eases towards his quarry, then grabs onto the unsuspecting Earthman.  The
Martian races for the exit, with his burden under one hairy arm.

The elderly scientist shields himself from the broken window glass, as
his captor breaks through, and races for the swamp.  The other party
goers prepare to go after the abductor.  Deep in the heart of the swamp,
the scientist learns the true identity of his captor, and his people's
intentions for his new invention.  When they come in contact with the
spaceship, the Earth scientist suddenly frees himself from Ogor's grasp.
The Martian soldier is confident that the Earthling will be no match for
him in terms of strength.  Ogor is surprised when the Earthman lunges at
him, and delivers a blow with the force of a pile-driver.  The party
guests have reached the swamp, and have been following the trail.

The battle lasts for mere minutes, with the Martian soldier facing a
cunning and powerful opponent.  The fight ends with one swift blow.  The
scientist has defeated his captor.  He could turn and flee to safety, but
does not.  Grabbing onto the unconscious Ogor, he boards the Martian
craft... to the amazement of the others.  Once inside, John Cummings
locks the door, and the low metallic hum of the engines can be heard
throughout the swamp.  They will never know how John came into possession
of the spaceship.  When the Martian soldier regains consciousness, he
finds himself in chains, and can scarcely believe his defeat at the hands
of an Earthman.  They are to travel to a planet which has wanted to have
a live Martian for some time.  This had been a trap to capture a
Martian... with the agent pretending to be John Cummings, the inventor of
a secret weapon.  He is not an Earthman.  He is Zeno -- the master spy
from Jupiter.

The Grand Comics Database does not know if this story has been reprinted
from an earlier book.

Ogor the Martian soldier is feline in appearance, with pink fur, and a
powerful build.  He wears a brown shag vest, pants, and boots.

He easily towers over the inhabitants of Earth.

Zeno -- master spy of Jupiter is reptilian in appearance, with green
scales, and wearing a purple vest with trunks.

Steve Chung
"The Review That Walks Like A Man!"