7. "The Three Magic Wishes"
Oct. 1959
Writer: Otto Binder
Artist: Jim Mooney

While Linda is reading to the fairy steal tale of "Cinderalla" to
the other oprhans at Midville Orphanage, she is halted in her
reading when a boy in
a golden mask that turns out to Tom Baxter, who deosn't belive in
fairy tales. Linda thinks to herself that "youngers half-belive in
fairy tales, Tom's ridicule is like telling them toon soon that they
is no Santa Cluas."--but our disgused alien from Krypton has plan to
teach Tom a lesson. No wonder she's Superman cousin! :-)

She plots to make a fairy tale to come true right in front of Tom.
She uses adhesive tapes to get thistle-down to create gossamer gown.
A kite that looked like moth wing become the wings of Kara's fake
fairy godmother. Next, Kara uses her heat of the x-ray vision on a
discrarden kitchen pan to create a crown and then she gets a large-
size sparkle she was for the July 4 from her room at the orphanage.
She flies into the window that Tom come in at the start of the
story. Tom belives some is playing a joke on him. Tom speaks Otto's
trademark: "Omigosh!" but still think he's being make a fool out of
it. He decides on "three wishes". Tom's first wish is to make
something from the fairy tale about Snow White is a magic mirror by
turning a window into a magic mirror--and make Peggy look pretty in
the magic mirror. Kara remarks that Tom has picked the plainist
girl. Waving her fake wand, the bright dazzles the kids--so they
won't know that she flew up to Peggy's room and
got a picture of Peggy's mom who is pretty--I'm assuming Peggy's
freckles come from her father. She handles it up on a tree near the
window and uses
her super-strengh to create maginifying glass. Only seconds later,
once the fake fairy cans the light show--Peggy speaks the Snow
White's wicked queen lines--and pleased to see what she thinks it
herself in the future. The fake fairy asks if Tom belives if fairy
magic. Outside, where the orphans have a managerie of their pets.
Tom's next wish is stolen from Cinderalla's story where he
changelles the super-fairy to changing Johnny's rabbit into a horse.
After restarting the light show, unravel the rabbit cage to allow
the rbitt hop away--and then she super-lassos the horse at the
riding stable and super-pull the horse to the Midvale Orphanage. By
the time that children are see children. A girl oprhan remarks that
they rabbit is gone--"cage and all." After waving her wand again--
she super-breaths the horse back--and uses a carrot bring the rabbit
back--and then she waves the cage around again.

Tom isn't sure yet, so he asks for a wish that can't break. One
again, Kara
waves the fake wand--but we skip how for now--as Kara is show
wrapping Tom in
the magic string. Tom is stunned when he can't break it--and it's
the size of hair. In her mind, Kara reveal that it is hair--her own
hair! Kara's hair is "invulerable hair"--but she can cut it with her
own super-fingernails. If SA happen now--unstead of the late
1950s/early 1960, Kara  would have yank a few strings--but I'm
getting off the super-track. Tom reveals that she been joking--alien
playing the fairy tells him that joking is a lie and Tom must to
punish in "fairytale fashion." Picking up a yeast dough from the
orphanage kitchen. When the hands bright flight fades, the orphans
discover that Tom's nose is growing as if he was the puppet,
Pinocchio! The reason for this is that Supergirl is using her heat
of x-ray vision to bake the yeast.

Use the wand, she super-hyponitze the other orphans. In the trace,
Supergirl leads them to the inside where she removes the false nose
and magic string from Tommy and give them a super-wisper command
that it would see like a dream to them. The fake fairy returns to
her Linda Lee identity. When a girl orphan ask Tom if he wants to
hear Linda reading the story of "Pinocchio." Tom answer some other
time, while in her mind Kara thinks that tommy won't being spoiling
the fairy-tale readings again.

8. "Supergirl's Farewell To Earth"
Nov. 1959
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisit: Jimmy Mooney
Note: First appearance of Krypto in a Supergirl story.

On a windy day, near Midvale Orphanage, Linda Lee takes a stroll
thought the woods, when a gust of wind blows a dead tree over.
Behind concealement, Lidna swiftly removes a false wing and outer
clothing to become Kara "Supergirl" Zor-El, she  bored underground
to get inside the dead tree and move it so it doesn't hit the kids.
After the kids leave, she bust out the dead three--and thinks about
the past--and why she's not the orphanage--to learn about the more
about the Earth ways before he reveals Supergirl to the world. He
also will tell Supergirl his sercet identity--which Kara doesn't
know yet.

Before Kara can return to her own sercet identity, she spots
Superman's dog, Krypto. "Impluisvely", Supergirl calls Krypto.
Krypto is suprize to see her--so Kara assume that Superman didn't
tell Krypto about her. She decide on having flying race thought a
mountian with the Krypto, but when they merged on the other side, an
angry Superman is appears in front of them. Kara tries
to get off the hook by telling Superman that dogs can't talk, but
Superman telsl that he can follow Supergirl back to the orphage and
accidently expose your identity. Her punishment is exiled to a
asteriod for one year. Kara makes the best of her exile--even know
she thinks that punishment is too serve. She sercely helps but of a
Earth forrest fire out from space using giant icicles from her
asteriod. Kara is bored--but in a few days,Kryto shows up with note
from Superman--telling her to return to Earth as Linda Lee for one
day then resume the exile because of Kryptonite dust. After changing
change, she discover that people are hunting Linda Lee down. She
rubs dirt on her face and walks threw a mud pannel, when she reaches
the front of the orpahnage, Mr. Dixon remarks that she must have
been lost in the Dismal Swamp. She pretends to dazed, so she doesn't
answer Mr. Dixon. Later, after tidying herself up, she answer
questions to reporters--but one of the reporters stay--still
suspicious. The reporter is wearning glasses and blue shirt. Three
guess to who is this and the first two don't count! The reporter
tries to look at her arm to see wolves or mosquitoes bites, Kara
tries to stop it--but it's looks like she's trapped when the
reporter is unknown girl of steel and ask if she deny it. Kara takes
off her clothing and reveals that the reporter that he's correct.
He's shocked that Supergirl is trying to cover it up--because he's
Clark "Supeman" Kent, but before Clark can leave--Kara springs a
suprize--she know something about Clark--he's SUPERMAN--that's why
she  made no attempt to cover up! Now Clark is shocked and asked how
did she know it--when Clark attempted to look at her skin, she
attempt to use her
heat of her x-ray vision to fog up Clark's glasses but when nothing
happen to them-she know that they were super-lens and only Superman
could create such lens. It's turns out Superman sent Krypto to
Midville to tempted Kara. It didn't matter that Kara revealed her
existance to Superman's dog. Kara ask why Superman exiled herself.
Superman answers is "Only to keep you away from the Earth for week,
so Linda Lee would be reported missing." Is it for her "public
debut"? Superman long replied can summarized in one word: NO! It
turn out that Superman was planning on telling Kara his sercet
identity--got she found out herself--makign Superman feel embrassed
or as Superman himself--"Is my face red." or should that be. "My
face is red."

In a gaint reprint, the last panel on the last page has Superman's
face colored "red."

9. "The Cave-Girl Of Steel"
Dec. 1959
Writer: Otto Binder
Artist: Jimmy Oslen

In this story, a bored Supergirl time-travels back to
the "prehistoric past" to a valley were both caveman and dinosaurs
exist. She does a few Superman-like stunts: saving a cavebaby from a
pterodactyl, redeo-ing a brontoas, getting some cavemen across the
river, stopping a sea-serpent, and helping the cavemen create fire.
When she done with these stunts, she returns to her quiet humdrum of
her life as Linda Lee. But the next morning, she gets a super-shock
when she and orphans vist the museum. It's turns out that cheif of
the tride created in honor of her visit after she visit--lucky for
Linda, the museum guide belives the picture is "imagagined such a
flying goddess aided them". Kara thinks to her that she knows time
where silence is golden.

10. "Mighty Maid!"
Jan. 1960
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisit: Al Plastino

Clark is about to take his annual vaction from the "Daily Planet",
but before he can leave, Perry has sent Lois to the torando-belt--
because of Lois's "insisted". As usual, Lois's about to see do
a "Dorothy" in a torando. She's inside when two hands crasps around
her. She assumes Superman, but then is when Superman arrives. The
strange brown-hair womman is dress in a brown uniform and green
cape. The women had fixed Lois's car and tells Superman that she is
Mighty Miad. She is come from another dimisonal and throws her at
Superman--and to Lois's suprize Superman is lapping it up. Sick in
the heart, Lois heads the nearest telephone. Perry is cheerful and
replies that Daily Planet can have boast of newspaper  if a romance
develops betwen Superman and Mighty Maid.

Superman shows her world-but Mighty Maid is more into Superman then
the Earth. The turn stops for a moment to keep the Sphinx--but after
the toursists scatter to the safety, the Sphinx fells on Mighty
Maid. Is she's dead--no she's invulnerable like Superman! A tourist
remarks that Superman is going to kiss Mighty Maid--but laughing
Maid Maid dashes off and ends up but Man Of Steel overtakes her
above milkwauke and kisses her--allows Jimmy getting a picture of
her and Superman's kissing--and he's hopping for a promotion for
himself. Suprizing, Perry assumes that Superman is going to proposes
to Mighty Maid and he wants Lois Lane to wait the eye-witness scoop
for him. Lois ask if Perry has rocks in the head--and tells him that
Superman would want privacly for that--but Superman arrives to tell
that Lois is won.

Superman & Mighty Maid beach party is sheer torment for Lois. After
he purposes to Mighty Maid, Lois rushes off to the waiting press-
her breaking heart--because Lois wants to be Mrs. Superman. Perry is
pleased at the story--but Lois added. Soon, Superman annouces that
he will head into the Mighty Maid fourth dimisonal. Is Lois a idiot?
The fourth dimison is time--if it was the five, I could sallow it--
ZZRFT may not be the only country in the fifth dimisonal. Anywhy
Lois starts to think it might be a robot Superman created to hoax
someone--but when Lois gets Mighty Mad
gets near by electromagnet--after Lois turns on, Mighty Mad isn't
effected by the eletromagnet. It's turns out into heading into the
fourth dimsional, Superman and Mighty Maid travel to a underwater
cavern. Superman tells Mighty Maid to remarked. Mighty Maid
remarks "And become my real self again? Good!"  Mighty Maid takes of
a  brunette wig, make up, false legs, and padding reveal Kal-El's
cousin, Kara! Lois was part-right--it was hoax--but Kara aks why did
they pull the hoax. Superman reveals that it's all about aliens that
were angry at Kryptonians for shotting their migrating ships. Using
their powerful telescrope they discover that drestrution from
Krypton  from natural causes. They aslo assumes that the infant
heads to Earth. It's turns out that Superman doesn't want to fight
them because they is some reason for their anger. After leaving a
note, explaing why the Kryptonians really attacked because they
thought their planet was under attack. Kara ask how did he know.
Superman tells Supergirl about the Bottle City of Kandor. Kara
attempts to get Superman to reveal her to the world--but Superman
tells her to be patient. Back in Metroplis, Lois is save again--and
Lois asks about the bride. Superman lies that her people age ealier--
and reveal the Mighty Maid is only 15 years old. In Superman's mind,
he reveals that's true--because Supergirl is 15 years old.  In
Lois's mind, she smiles that they still hope for herelf to because
Mrs. Superman.

11. "The Girl Superbaby!"
Jan. 1960
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisrt: Jimmy Mooney

When Supergirl sercetly saves a native from a pool, she accidently
starts too shrink--or should I turn younger--because she accidently
enter the Fountain of Youth. After a world--her mind goes into baby
mode as she's transform into a irresponsible Tottette of Steel. She
chases a butterflies into the truck of a car, unware that cars is
drived by  jewel theifs dressed like hobos. When the crook finally
start to movie, the Superbabette is gone to sweep. The theif's
hideout in the badland where
their is a rock with a Indain languge telling that invisble spirts
will cause the downfall of anyone who is evil.  When they finally
get to their hideout, strange things--unware that they are caused by
the Superbabette. When the forrest manger seems a "SOS" acccidently
created by the Totette of Steel, they
catched the jewel theifs. It's turns out that one of the crooks
blamed the "invisible Indian spirit" for getting their bad butts
cooked. Meanwhile, speeding
away our Tot starts to get back her super-mind and her correct age.
She assumes that when time, she reached the orphanage, she will be
Supergirl again. She's right, and later, after chaging to Linda Lee
in her room, she heards the radio report about the crooks that
they "insist that a mischeivous indain spirt caused their capture"
and she remarked in hr mind, "Michievous is right! But they'll never
know Superbaby made the old Indian legend come true" while giving us
a Superman-style wink.

12. "Super-Girl's Super-Pet!"
Feb. 1960
Writer: Jerry Sigel
Artisit: Jim Mooney
Note: This the first time, that Jerry Sigel--who is the one of the
two creators of Superman--wrote a Supergirl story.

On evening at Midville Orphage, Linda and the other oprhans are
watching a meteor shower--when Linda spots a Kryptonite meteor.
Changing into Supergirl she discover the Kryptonite has become the
size of marble. Then using a discard lead compart she gets the
Kryptonite, we then reveal she's plotting to discover an Kryptonite
antidode to successfully. In the chemial lab at the orphanage, she
covers everything safe chemical combination that Kara can think off--
but she has no luck on that. While no one's looking, she's tosses
the Kryptonite with a super-toss. Later, as Linda completes a errand
in Midvale--mostly either for Suprman or Ms. Hart. She spots a poor
cat being attack by a vicious dog..  Using her super-breath, the dog
is pull back until he's caught by Midvile's dog catcher. The cat
senses that Linda saves her. Back on the orphanage, we learn that
Superman had donated Superman dolls to the little girl--in
Supergirl's mind she thinks "if  her cosin [,] Superman, knew of the
happiness he's brought to these youngsters, he's been pleased."
Suprizing, the cat had come to see the the girl who saved him-and
Lois asks Ms. Heart to keep it-and she gives the name of "Streaky"
to him because of the white lighting bolt on the side.  Ms. Heart
replied is "You may keep him."  One of the orphan remarks that "cats
are loads of funs"

That night as Linda Lee and the other orphans slumber, Streaky romps
and has a meeting with the Kryptonite that Supergirl tossed early.
Unknown to the Supergirl, she created X-Kryptontie which given
Streaky super-powers. Streaky gives milk by lifting a truck,
knocking apples down on a bully of dog, and giving a very loud super-
moew. This last stunt awakens Kara Zor-El who removes her Linda
outfit that. On farm, Streak knocks a eagle for a loop, witness by
Kara Zor-El. It's turn that his cat is smarter then the all of the
humans on Earth part together--because of that X-Kryptonite or his
own cat scences. Streaky notes that it's Mistress Linda and she's
looks different. Borriwing a roll-up cable, they place in space, but
only for a while because as they fly back to Earth, Streaky loses
his superpowers. In the end, Linda wonder what make Streaky so
powerful, and Streaky dreams of what happens when he become a super-
cat. Jerry asks us: "Readers would you like meek, milkd to turn into
dynamic Super-Cat again? Write, and let us know."  I guess you could
say "Streaky" was the "cat's meow" with the readers. :-)

Flying off,
Dr. Thinker