Superman #47: "The Toyman's Castle!"

Superman #47
"The Toyman's Castle!"
July - August, 1947

Story: Unknown
Art: Unknown

It was child's play for the Terrible Toyman to use one of his toys to
fool the law and to escape from prison.  Even the Man of Tomorrow finds
himself baffled at the villain's new crimes and must save the girl
reporter from the threat of -- "The Toyman's Castle!"

At the state prison, the inmates are being given their work assignments,
with the Toyman being the next one in line.  When he learns that he will
be spending some time in solitary confinement, the prisoner asks to prove
himself, and start up a toy shop.  Winslow gets his shot when the warden
hears that he plans to create a crime-prevention game.  A guard looks in
on the Toyman and sees that it's a cops-and-robbers game.  Schott shows
the guard that although the hoods are planning to rob a bank, the police
have anticipated their crime by guarding the back door.

Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent and his fellow reporter, Lois Lane are
doing a story on prison-made goods.  Both watch as Kid Kale, one of
Toyman's friends buys the new game.  At the hideout, Kale shows the gang
that the game is designed to show them what went wrong with the crime,
so that they don't make the same mistake.  Since the toy crooks used the
door for their escape, but were caught, the real hoods will use an
armored cable car to escape via the skylight.  The following day finds a
stick-up artist crashing through the skylight of a Metropolis jewelry
shop.  They do not see the store owner's foot pressing the button on a
silent alarm.

Hearing the sound of approaching police sirens, the lookout in the cable
car pulls on a lever, and his cronies are pulled through the skylight.
The arriving police fire on the cable car, but the bullets can't get
through.  At the offices of the Daily Planet, Clark learns of the crime
with his super-hearing and telescopic-vision.  The hoods are startled
when they see Superman arrive on the scene, and the Man of Tomorrow uses
his fist to send the cable car back to the top of the building.

CRASH!  Inside the hideout, he finds the Toyman's latest toy, and figures
out its true purpose.  The following day finds the warden meeting with
Winslow Schott in the garden.  The Man of Tomorrow has told them about
his latest toy, but Toyman is eager to show them his walking convict
doll.  Since the doll cannot stand being imprisoned -

It explodes on contact with the prison walls.  Donning the warden's hat
and coat, Winslow Schott makes his getaway.  At the Daily Planet, Clark
writes about the Toyman's escape, while Lois covers Mrs. Thwart's party
in the evening.  At the home of Mrs. Thwart, the inventor of a
fortunetelling machine demonstrates his invention.  When he signs his
name, a new message appears, and the society matron is eager to see it.

"Beware of he who flies through the air!"  When she asks if this has
anything to do with Superman, the Toyman hopes not, and sees that his
devices sometimes work too well.  The mechanical swami is a hit with the
attending guests, who line up to sign their names.  When Lois has her
turn, her fortune reads, "Seemingly harmless toys are often fatal."  She
phones Clark and tells him about the unusual fortunetelling machine which
takes people's signatures.

At the end of the party, the Toyman plans to pick up the roll of paper
from his device, and forge some checks for some easy money.  The lights
on a passing car betrays him to Lois Lane.  Since the Man of Tomorrow
will do anything to save his friend, Schott puts the bag on her.  Back at
the Daily Planet, the mild-mannered reporter grabs his hat and hurries to
the Thwart Mansion.  He arrives in time to see the Toyman entering
through a window.

As he reaches for the roll, Superman reaches for him.  Before he is taken
to prison, the Toyman asks if they can pay a visit to his castle.  Eager
to see what his foe has been up to, the Man of Tomorrow obliges him.
Inside the castle, the Toyman rides his cogwheel train to the upstairs,
while Superman flies close behind him.

Inside a room, Winslow Schott heads off to meet the princess, and the Man
of Tomorrow sees that it's Lois Lane.  A hundred threads and threats
surround her, including spikes from above, and armed guards on either
side.  Seeing her in danger, Superman asks if he can give her a present
so that she can pass the time.

As he heads for the workshop, the Toyman shows the Man of Tomorrow the
remote-control detonator, which can blow up the entire castle.  Superman
returns with a box for Lois, but Schott wants to see it first.  When he
opens it, a jack-in-the-box Superman punches the Toyman in the jaw.
Moving at super-speed, he reaches Lois's side.

The blades, weights, darts, bullets, and other threats are no match for
the Man of Tomorrow.  The Toyman recovers and is about to use the
detonator.  Superman had been intent on beating Schott at his own game,
and used a toy to bring about his defeat.  Now back in prison, Clark and
Lois see the Toyman's new job is to work on the rock pile.  When the girl
reporter shudders at the thought of the terrible toy-trap, Clark remarks
that he could have made a jack-in-the-box, too.  Lois smiles and thinks
that if it were like him, it would be afraid to leave the box.

This story was reprinted in DC Special #14 (September - October, 1971).

The Toyman's home is his castle, but only the Man of Tomorrow could
breach its walls.

The armored cable car was a good idea, but one punch from Superman sends
the hoods through the roof.

The girl reporter is a hard worker with a busy schedule, but the Toyman
made her hit the sack early.

Toys are the subject for Winslow Schott's train of thought, but his plans
were derailed by Superman.

For a jack-in-the-box, the toy packs a mean punch.

Lois's life was hanging by several threads, but the Man of Tomorrow was
like the brave little tailor, and cut off their many threats.

Steve Chung
"The Toyman's Review!"