Superman #400: "The Man Who Could Fly!"

Superman #400
"The Man Who Could Fly!"
October, 1984

Pin-Up By Will Eisner

The Spirit had a tough time of it on the docks.  He had seen the
mild-mannered reporter being threatened by two gun-toting thugs and knew
that Kent had found more than he had bargained for.

Before the two hoods could do more than shove the hapless Clark into a
nearby phone booth, the Central City hero made his move.

With the Spirit in their sights, all thoughts of the Daily Planet
reporter cowering inside his glass shelter were gone from the duo.  Each
grinned as they began to pull the trigger on their guns.

SWOOSSSHHH...  A fast-moving blur of blue-and-red surrounded the pair,
who were then tossed into the waiting fists of the Spirit.

With precious fight left in either hood, one was sent through the glass
phone booth, while the other gulped more than his fair share of ocean
from the pier.

The brief scuffle on the docks had torn his coat, but the Spirit was not
bothered by this, and he began to straighten his tie.

Clark Kent was nowhere to be found and it was thought that he taken the
opportunity to phone in his story from a safer location.

A smile began to form on his face.

Whether it had been a nasty blow from the fight or whether he could
believe his own eyes...

Denny Colt had looked up towards the sky...

And saw that a man could fly!

In Memory Of Will Eisner


Steve Chung
"The Man Who Could Review!"