This is the review of the Supergirl Archives Vol. 1. This may be
done in parts. If I can remember Frank Miller did a poor picture of
Kara Zor-El as
Linda Danvers & Supergirl for the first volume. On the back, was a
collection of covers from the stories from the original issues that
featured Supergirl. The foreword was written by Daina Schutz, who is
a senior editor of Dark Horse Comics. Her section at Dark Horse
is "Marverick" line of creator-owned comic books. Good luck for her
and her comic book line. Let's get down to the super-turkey--pardon
the super-puns---on the super-table.

First up is a teaser version from:

1. SUPERMAN #121 - "The Three Magic Wishes"
Aug. 1958
Writer: Otto Binder.
Penciller: Dick Sprang
Inker: Stan Kaye
Reprinted in "Superman: Man of Tomorrow Archives Vol. #1"
Note: A few web sites claimed that "The Three Wishes" is
an "imaginary novel", but according to story itself--all three parts
really happen to the regular characters--Superman & Jimmy Olsen.

Part #1 -- "The Girl of Steel"

While Superman is helping flood vitcums, the "Flying Newsroom" of
the "Daily Planet" is near by. Lois tells Jimmy to take aerial
picture of the flood area, while she parachute down to get a "first-
hand story" of the flood. Unlucky for Lois, her parachute can't
open. Quicker then a speeding bullet,
Superman catchs Lois again--and makes a remark that she "loves" to
arm's as his "wife". Superman suprizes remarks the
following: "Uh..Sorry, Lois! But you know the answer to that! My
life is a constant round of super-action and dnager! Only a Super-
Girl could keep up with me!"

Jimmy feels sorry for his alien pal. I thinks that if he had a magic
wish, that he wishes for a "Super-girl" to appear and join Superman,
but that's just "fairy tales"

Later--Otto doesn't tell if it's a day, a week, or a month later,
Superman is digging out an archologist in a trapped cave. The
archologist is fine--he was studying the Indian Relics when the
landslide trapped him. He aslo ask the follow question: "How can I
reward you Superman?" Superman's answer is to tell him to give Jimmy
a souvenir after " return you to the city."

Suprizing, the archologist's soveenir for Jimmy is a ancient totem
that has the follow inscription: Once every century, magic totem
grants three wishes, when rubbed under the full moon!" Jimmy Olsen
laughs as he saids he going
to try it tonight--which is a full moon might. When Jimmy is alone,
he jokely makes his wishs of a "Supergirl with super-powers equal to
Superman's, would appear and become his companion." Jimmy aheads for
dream, unware the gem is giving out a stange light. On the last
panel on page 3 of this story, the Totem Pole's makes his only line
in the story: "Harken! The last three wishes were granted a full
century ago! Thus it is time again! You are the first wish, Super-
girl! Go and join Superman on the morrow!"

This Supergirl seems to a blonde hair women in a blue Superman
shirt, yellow belt, red skirt, and pair of red boots. The next day,
Superman is on his usual patrol of Metroplis when he spots a
airplane that cone out of control. Suddenly, Supergirl's super-speed
knocks Superman backwards--shocking Superman, who states Otto's
famous trademark: "Omigosh!" He puzzles
what happens as Supergirl catches the falling airplane. Superman asks
if he's dreaming. Supergirl tells that Jimmy wished for her when he
rubbed the magic totem. Superman takes Super-Girl to the "Daily
Planet". On the way, those Super-Girl asks a odd question, is
Superman glad that she here. Superman is shocked--and stated that
she's quickAfter Jimmy's Supergirl, Lois finds out how to can a wish-
-rub the magic gem again-but
she decides against it--because Lois thinks it make Superman happy.
Not totally, because his Super-Girl thanks "double" is "good". Her
super-breath helps blow out a fire but rips off a neighor's
wareshoure roof. Super-Girl's next goof is to add her heat-vision to
help Superman free a teller that gotten lock in a safe--but her
addition causes a explosion that wrecked
the vault's door. Superman decides on splitting--but both accidently
spotten the same super-job--a fall elevator with people on aboard.
After saving the humans, Superman decides on becoming Clark Kent--he
thinks he has last laugh
on Super-Girl--but he had it too soon. Super-Girl uses her x-ray
vision on
Clark to review his supersuit and say "hello" to him. Clark ties to
make a joke out of it--but Lois is on to him. Superman thinks to
himself that "Jimmy means well", but Super-Girl is "turning out a
Super-Nuisance!" Superman brawls on Super-Girl, and takes off for a
patrol for himself. He bring
a water long bring up, but a plane carring "vengeful crooks" appear
and drop Kryptonite on the track. Super-Girl steals the Kryptonite
for Superman, unware that Jimmy wished for make Super-Girl a female
clone of Superman. Not too suprizing, she ends up at Jimmy Olsen's
home--she asks Jimmy to canel is first wish--which he does. Superman
tricks Lois by waiting a fake love letter signed by Clark Kent,
which Lois rejects. Later that night, Jimmy thinks about his next

PART II - "The Lost Powers"

In this chapter, the crooks from the end of Part #1 steal Jimmy
Olsen's magic totem and wishes for Superman to remove his powers. To
make sure, the crooks disgused themselves as press reporters. Jimmy
helps Superman tricks the crooks into beliving Superman still have
his super-powers. After catching the crooks and getting back the
Totem Pole, Jimmy canels the second wish.

PART II - "Superman's Return to Krypton!"

Jimmy's last wish is for "Superman to meet is parents on Krypton!",
but accidently Superman is sent to the past of Krypton, when Laura
was a robot worker and Jor-El was Agent X-33 of the Krypton Bureau
Investigations. Jor-El, Laura and Kil-Lor. Superman frees his
parents and the evil Kil-Lor. Kil-Lor and Kal-El has a super-battle--
but Superman uses his smarts to trick Kil-Lor into creating
Kryptonite--killing himself. This is the only time that Sliver Age
Superman offically killed a villian. Not to suprizing,  a mild
expouse to the Kryptonite--maked Jor-El's identity brand reappears.
Jor-El proses to Laura, and Superman is returned to 1958. Superman
gives Jimmy a good lesson--"Wishes don't always turn out the way you

After poster ad that introuding the "Girl Of Steel" in "The
Supergirl From Krypton" in the May issue of Action Comics.

2. "The Supergirl Girl of Krypton"
May 1959
Writer: Otto Binder
Artist: Al Plastino
Note: This is the first appearance of Kara Zor-El.

It's begans off with Clark "Superman" Kent working at the "Daily
Planet" when she spots a rocket ship. Quicky, Superman sheds his
outer clothes to reveal is action costume. Suprizing, the rocket
bets Superman to the Earth. Superman thinks back to time of arrival--
but assumes the passager is dead--but Otto tells us that "Sueprman"
is in for a "Super-Shock"!

Kara's first words to Superman is the follow: "Don't worry,
Superman! I'm alive without a scratch!" Superman is stunned. Kara
tells Superman that she come from Krypton! Kara knows that she
puzzled Superman. Sheer luck, the blast of Krypton ejects a small
city block. Zor-El, a sciencist was one of the survior, but the rock
was turned into Kryptonite. Lucky, Zor-El had a lead sheet. Life
settled own for the Krypton refugees and some years later,
Zor-El took a wife, and a daughter is born to them. Kara Zor-El!
Quickly, Zor-El start to build a rocket, while Kara's mother looks
for the a world
to send Kara to. Examing many planets, Kara's mom spots strange
thing--Superman flying. Using space radio, they decode English and
discover Superman! Kara's mom creates a similar costume to
Superman's so that
Superman will know Kara is a Kryptonian girl. Kara enters the rocket
as Argo City become a Kryptonite rock pile.  As this tragic story
Superman tells that he was orphan the same by his father, Jor-El!
reveals that Zor-El was Jor-El's brother! Superman is shocked to
meet his younger cousin! Kara asks if he can stay with her--but
Superman rejects because he had adopted a sercet identity-but she is
fly to Midvale Orphange.
Superman brings her Earth-clothing & a bruttette pig-tailed wig. She
her Linda Lee. Superman remarks "Good as any."--but in mind, he
plays the famous "L.L." game. The female alien in a human disguse is
lead into the orphange by Superman. The headmaster is told that the
girl lost her parents in a big disaster that wiped out her whole
community. Kara almost makes her first mistake by saying to her good
cousin--but she covers it up. In privatle, Supergirl must live
quietly as an "ordinary" girl until she
used to earthly things. Kara tellls Superman that she will keep her
presence on Earth a complete sercet. In her room, she quicky tests
her powers out. Super-strengh to rebend a bed's crooked leg. Kara
uses her super-breath to blow out the dust--and she uses her heat of
x-ray vision to fuse a cracked mirror--and look at the other
ophrans. Dunring the night, Supergirl is on a sercet patrol.
Supergirl wonders what the the future holds for--as she turns
to Midvale Orphanage. Otto has the follow good-bye for us: "If you
want to find out readers, you can! Supergirkl's adventures will
continue regularly
hnereafter in Action Comics along with the doings of her famous
cousin, SUPERMAN! See th enext issue for another thrilling story
about this girl of
steel, a brand-new member of our super-family, along with Superboy
and Superman!"

3. "The Sercet of The Super-Orphan"
June 1959
Writter: Otto Binder
Artisit: Jim Mooney
Note: This is the first time Jim Mooney draw Supergirl.

We start this story off at Midvale Orphanage, where Miss Hart, the
Headmistress gets the orphans--including Linda "Supergirl" Lee. In
the kitchen, Linda Lee discovers that the ice cream was melted, so
Linda uses
her super-breath on her to refreeze the ice cream. Talk about being
super-cold! That was cold pun was it? After a bit of recollections
of Supergirl's orgin is interrupted by Ms. Heart--who claim that
some will adopt our Linda. Linda tricks a plumber into think that
she won't be happy. Linda notices a forlorn figure in a corner? It's
Timmy , another orphan. It's turns out that the only Timmy learn
before his parents kicked the bucket was to milk cows on their farm.
Linda comes up with idea with another farmer couple, the Wilson.
Timmy and the Wilson hit off. The Mr. Dixion, the Headmaster has
some bad news--the Wilson are poor. Timmy cries in his room--but
Kara decides to help
out sercet by removing her Linda outfit, and becoming Supergirl. She
digs everywhere--but comes up empty handed. The next day, Mrs.
Hearts joins a group of orphans--including a sercet Supergirl--to
the local movie house. Suprizing, one of the newsrell shocks Linda--
because it features Superman, her cousin! Superman throws a gaint
javelin to create a gaint peep-hole
to allow "tourists" to Glutch of Petreided dinosaurs with out
a dangerous cliff. Leaving the movie, Lindais excited--not because
of the movie--but of the newsreel--because she just got a idea to
help the Wilson. Later, Supergirl performs hurls the bolder from the
Wislon's farm to Pisa, Italy. In the follow days, Supergirl's peep
hole for people to see the famous Learning Tower of Pisa to making
Wilson get a small fortune that would allow Wilson to apopt a orhan--
but her plan gets boomeranged. Not suprizing, while helping out with
distribute toys donated to the orphanage, Kara finds a magician's
trick set. She has Timmy put up a magic trick show-to the surpize of
Miss Hart.  Some of the trick are given help by Linda's Kryptonian
powers such as: using heat of her x-ray vision to burn a message on
a blackboard, using her strengh to break real chains, and using her
flying abbities to float in the air. After Timmy takes off iwth
Wilsons, Linda decides to smashes the chest as if was by an
accident. She won't get any headlines
for her super-feats like her cousin, superman, but it's still super-
for her to help people sercetly as Supergirl.

4. Supergirl's Foster Parents
July 1959
Writter: Otto Binder
Artist: Jim Mooney

This begans off with Linda "Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl From Krypton"
and another female orphan on the playground on Midville Orphnage,
when the female wonders why she's not playing catch with her. Linda
makes the excuse of daydreaming--but in reality she's been using her
telescopic vision to watch a faraway event--the army launching
another space rocket that had a steering problem. Linda changes ino
Supergirl and push the rocket upwards. Returning,
Supergirl resumes her identity as Linda, heading a radio newsreport
that "miracle", Linda winks that the scienctisit will never know
what the mircale happens. The Dales show up much to adopt a girl--
and accidently picks the teenaged alien in disguse. She uses the
heat-vision to burn a roast--but her plan backfires when the Mr
Dales likes burned roast--much to Kara's dismay. Mr. Dales puts on a
sideshow at a cirus--he tells Linda that she's plays Col. Dale and
she plays a strong girl. The Dales are unware that they picked a
sercet girl from Kryptonian, and Linda is unware that the Dales are
some awful tricks of their own--by using Linda as a pawn in attempt
to get
vistors to buy a power tonic-but after the show--Lina uses her
telepscope vision and her super-hearing to discover the 'racket'.
Later, in her bedroom
she watches Dales as they talk to their chemist, a guy named Todd.
After saving airplace, she turns to puzzle out her problems with the
vile racket's bosses, her adopted parents, the Dales. The next day
before a "strong girl" show, the Dales need to be save from a
elephant that stumbled--but spotting
a empty soda pop bottle she comes up with a plan to save herself--by
about the drinking a bottle of "power tonic". Mr. Dale accidently
a bottle of himself--much to Linda's dismay--but she come up with
way to con Mr. Dale into thinking that he has super-powers--by using
the heat of her x-ray vay to trick Mr. Dale. As they speed to the
Todd's lab, Supergirl flies
faster to the chemist--where she tricks them into giving them all of
their money by creating a pupett version of Todd. The Dales has
beent tricked badly by Supergirl and have no clue on how Dales were
tricked. That night, she hunts down the houses of the buyers of the
fake tonic. Finally when Linda Lee reports back to Miss Hart at the
orphanage. Linda tells the Dales lost all of the money-and Miss Hart
rips up the adoptions pages. Meanwhile, Kara sighs about getting
worthful foster parents who are trustworthy.

5. "Supergirl Vists The 21st Century"
August 1959
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisit: Jim Mooney

If this happen in reality, I would have told Kara that she will be
reveal been reveal in 1962--but since back them the Y2K was so far
way. In the story, Superman tests Supergirl's time travel powers.
Supergirl is save by a blonde hair orphan named Tommy but this out-
smarted by Tommy's collection of sciencist gadgets--but she gets to
even herself with Tommy by saving her new
parents--the Tommorrows. Unware that she helped the ace of the
Planteers, "Col. Tommy Tomorrow!" Otto writes a note to see Tommy
Tomorrow in "World Finest".  As you reviewers know, Supergirl's
first apeparance send "Tommy Tommorrow" to "World Finest". I think
this is Otto's sorry note to Tommy.

6. "The Great Supergirl Merge"
Sept. 256
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisit: Jimmy Mooney
Linda gets buzzed by Dick Wilson, a boy orphan who accidently
discovers her Supergirl's sercet existence. Superman uses a robot
Supergirl to help Supergirl out of this jam. I wonder--if this robot
becauses the Linda Lee robot that Supergirl starts to use.

It's getting kind of late. So I'm stop here for now--but in Part 2 I
will try to finish up what I started.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker