Tales of Suspense #70: "Fight On! For A World Is Watching!"

Tales of Suspense #70
"Fight On!  For A World Is Watching!"
October, 1965

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Put 'Em All Together, They Spell Marvel
...So You Know That It's Gotta Be Great!

It's the Invincible Iron Man vs. the Titanium Man.  'Nuff said?!?

There may have been some people who missed the last rabid review of
Suspense.  If you are that merry soul, we'll bring you up to date.
Behind the Iron Curtain, a titanium suit of armor has been built for
Commissar Bullski, with one reason in mind.  He who dons the armor shall
defeat the American hero known as Iron Man.  Only a large man such as
Bullski would be able to operate in such bulky armor, but to the
Commissar, it's as if he's wearing an overcoat.  (Holy Googol, Batman!)
The isolated, neutral nation of Alberia is the sight where the fight will
be televised, with many tourists present to view the event.  The Countess
Stephanie De La Spirosa has some history with Tony Stark, having been
jilted by him in the past.  BAROOOM!  The previous review ended with
Shell-Head being led into a mine field by his opponent.  His armor will
protect him from this explosion, but Iron Man wouldn't want to go through
another one.

Seeing that the explosion has not finished off his foe, the Titanium Man
bombards him with impulse rays, which will set off more mines in the
area.  Not only is Bullski larger and stronger than Iron Man, but
craftier, too.  Not willing to risk his heart to further shocks, the
armored Avenger uses his boot jets to gain some altitude.  The viewing
audience believe that Iron Man is fleeing the scene in defeat, but then
they see him landing beyond the mine field, and turns to face his
opponent once more.  Shell-Head must be prepared for anything, especially
since the Titanium Man isn't following the rules, and is playing to win.
With the entire world watching the fight, Bullski plans to inflict the
greatest propaganda victory for his communist nation.  Iron Man sees
this, but reminds his opponent that he's still standing.

Facing a foe who is twice his size, and who is packing many concealed
weapons, the armored Avenger plans to dive bomb him.  Unfortunately for
Shell-Head, his left boot jet has been damaged from the exploding mine.
Seeing his predicament, the Titanium Man is able to gain on his prey, and
fires off his radar rings.  Pointing towards his opponent, a series of
rings shoot out, and grow larger with each passing second.  Although he
tries to avoid them, the armored Avenger is soon surrounded by the remote
control rings.  They contract around Iron Man and immobilize him.

As the radar rings force him down to the ground, Shell-Head wishes he
were living the playboy life instead.  Among those in the audience is
Countess De La Spirosa, who is searching for the millionaire
industrialist, and spies Happy Hogan among the spectators.  Pepper Potts
wonders how the Countess could possibly be thinking about Tony Stark at a
time like this.  After he tells the Countess that they've haven't seen
the boss, he asks Pepper just what happened to Mr. Stark.  Both turn
towards the TV screen and watch as the Titanium Man activates his
power-sapper beam.  He hopes that the world is witnessing how he has made
the American Avenger helpless.  Iron Man strives to free himself and
applies full strength to each stress point, no matter what the drain is
on his power supply.

The radar rings give way and expand once more.  With his power pack
needing time to recharge, Shell-Head sprays his opponent with a chemical
bath.  In the hotel lab used by Tony Stark, the Countess fails to find
the millionaire industrialist, and is determined to find a way to make
him come after her.  Seeing a transistor device on a worktable, she knows
that Tony Stark will come after her, and leaves something for him to
remember her by. 

WHIST!  Iron Man continues to stall for time by using the proper
combination of chemicals to make things hot for Commissar Bullski in his
titanium armor.  The armored figure begins rolling around on the ground,
trying to rub off the chemicals in the dirt.  With his strength returning
from the quick recharge, Shell-Head sees that his opponent has been
rolling around for too long, and wonders if the chemicals have had a
fatal effect.  BLANG!  When he gets closer to aid his foe, the armored
Avenger is caught off-guard by a punch from the Titanium Man, and is soon
caught in an unyielding clinch.  With the American hero in his grip,
Bullski is certain that the battle will soon be won.

Senator Harrington Byrd sees that things look bleak for Iron Man, and if
the Avenger should fail, he will hold Stark responsible.  The politician
had been convinced that the industrialist was a fraud, and fears the
possibility of losing this event.  THUD!  Even though his armor is
smaller and lighter, Shell-Head is able to withstand his opponent's
attacks.  He wonders how long his heart can stand the strain.  After a
fifteen minute period of fighting, there will be a rest period.  Iron Man
decides to use his untried subminiature device to turn the tide of
battle, then discovers that he had left it at the hotel.  As the armored
Avenger seeks to hold out until the end of the round, the Titanium Man
decides to do the same, and come up with a new strategy.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  Iron Man realizes that his opponent is also stalling
for time, and that the Titanium Man may be experiencing uncertainty
during their fight.  The warning siren sounds and the round ends.  Each
combatant has a ten-minute rest period.  While the Titanium Man heads off
to plan a new attack, the armored Avenger soars past Senator Byrd, Happy,
and Pepper on his way to his lab.  The senator believes that Stark's
bodyguard will leave the battle, Pepper disagrees, and Happy wonders
what's happened to the boss.  At his hotel, Iron Man sees that the device
is gone, then discovers the handkerchief belonging to his former flame.
With only a few minutes left, he dons a new pair of boot jets, and flies
off in search of Happy Hogan.

Finding the former prizefighter, the Armored Avenger asks him to retrieve
the stolen transistor device from the Countess.  Happy assures him that
he will do so, as soon as Iron Man lets go of his shoulders.  At the
garage, Harold "Happy" Hogan uses his pugilistic charms to persuade an
attendant to tell him where the Countess has gone.  Driving in Tony
Stark's sportscar, Hogan has a hunch why the boss hasn't shown up for the
fight.  SCREETCH!  After cutting her off, Happy picks up the Countess,
and drives back to the spectator area.  When he learns from Pepper that
the second round has begun, Happy knows that he must give the device to
Iron Man as soon as possible.  As he races off to Shell-Head's side,
Pepper pleads for him not to endanger his own life, and Happy knows that
whatever should happen next... it will have been worth it.

On the battlefield, the Titanium Man has renewed his assault on Iron Man,
hoping to wear down his foe with a relentless attack.  The armored
Avenger is able to dodge the molecule scrambler ray, but although he is
once again at full strength, the pain in his chest has become almost
unbearable.  With a single charge left in his proton gun, Shell-Head
opens fire... BWATT!  The Titanium Man's armor has been damaged, but it's
not enough.  Both combatants hear a voice crying out, with the armored
Avenger turning towards his friend on the ridge, and Bullski getting
ready to fire his molecule scrambler rays once more.  The American
manages to dodge the deadly burst, but they ricochet, and hit Happy
Hogan.  Stricken by the blast, he hands Iron Man the badly-needed
transistor device.  When the Avenger offers to get him to a doctor, Happy
tells him that he knows that his time is up, and that it was worth it.
The chauffeur now knows that it is he who Pepper loves.

When Iron Man tells his friend to hang on, Happy smiles, and tells his
boss to give the Titanium Man one for him.  Among those watching the
scene on the TV screen is Pepper Potts, who screams in anguish, and
faints from the shock.  As the senator tells the crowd to give her room,
the audience see that the combatants are getting ready to face off
against one another once more.  The Titanium Man is grateful for the
distraction, and is assembling one of his more powerful weapons to deal
with the American hero.  Happy Hogan had known his secret, and despite
his feelings for Pepper, he had aided him in his time of need.  Tony
Stark vows that his friend will not have given his life in vain.  While
he lives, he will continue the fight, and make it most memorable.  The
armored Avenger turns towards the titanic Titanium Man... as fresh rage
flows through him.  Gone is the pain from his damaged heart. Gone is the
threat of danger.  All that matters to Iron Man is the memory of his
friend and the battle to be fought to the bitter end.  Wherever his
friend now resides, the Avenger prays that he knows... that this will be
for him.

Shell-Head almost suffers an explosive finish on the splash page, as he
learns that the Titanium Man has got plenty in mine.

Panels from Tales of Suspense #69 were used in the summary for what had
gone before.

Unfortunately for the Titanium Man, Iron Man is able to fly rings around

After the armored Avenger gives him a chemical bath, Bullski finds
himself on a roll.

If talking were fighting, I would have loved to have seen Senator Byrd
step into the ring, and be forced to eat crow.

Yes, after walking a mile through a mile in Shell-Head's boot-jets, I
think that the politician would develop a much better appreciation for
the armored hero.

When he hears the concern in Pepper's voice, Harold Hogan is finally,
truly happy.

When she sees what happens to Happy Hogan on the battlefield, Pepper
Potts is far from happy.

As the Titanium Man is putting together another deadly weapon, Iron Man
is getting himself together, and is ready for the final round.