Chamber Of Darkness #5: "And Fear Shall Follow!"

Chamber Of Darkness #5
"And Fear Shall Follow!"
June, 1970

STAN LEE: Editor
JACK KIRBY: Writer & Artist

The pilot of a U-2 plane was on a dangerous mission over Red China.
During the fateful flight, the aircraft was caught in the rainstorm, and
the man was unable to regain control.  The story begins with the man back
on solid ground... "And Fear Shall Follow!"

He is revived by the wind and rain, with the sounds of the storm mocking
him.  Getting to his feet, he sees the U-2 now so much junk, but the
pilot came through without a scratch.  In this new country, the crash
survivor sees another standing nearby when the lightning flashes
overhead.  Despite the fact that the shadowy figure has spoken to him in
English, the unarmed pilot must flee, and find sanctuary.  His running
pace soon has him at a nearby town, where the citizens have locked
themselves in for the night.

Before making his way around a corner, the sight of a bayonet freezes the
pilot in his tracks.  A single guard before him and a mysterious pursuer
closing in behind him has the pilot stymied.  The mystery man has caught
up with him, but is unarmed, too.  As he reaches for him, the crash
survivor enters through an open window.  Inside the temple, the pilot can
feel the wall carvings, and makes his way through the winding corridors.
To him, it is as a nightmare which threatens to snare him at any moment.
At the first flash of light, the crash survivor turns, and sees a painted
idol's visage glaring at him with an evil intent.

The next sight which catches his eyes are two heads floating in the dark,
but these are only monks who fail to discover him in their midst.  The
only sound the pilot hears is his own heartbeat, then silence in the
moments before he dares to turn again.  The pursuer has found him once
more, but this gives the pilot the strength to continue on his mad
flight.  He must find a hiding place where he can elude the shadowy
giant.  A chamber with thick stone walls should be able to keep out
anyone, but the mystery man does not see this as an obstacle.  The firm
bolt is set and the pilot can breathe easier, but only for a moment.

He can hear his pursuer's voice on the other side of the chamber door,
with only the walls keeping him safe from potential harm.  The pilot is
willing to wait for however long it takes, but the shadowy figure is the
first one to make his move, and finger tips soon appear through a wall.
Hands and their owner have found their way into the chamber, with the
chase reaching its end, and the journey to come.  Seeing the pilot
cowering before him, the mystery man makes an attempt to explain the
purpose of this meeting.

The crash survivor now knows what must have happened, but refuses to
believe it.  Seen up close, the figure was smaller in size, and not as
threatening in appearance.  He knows that the pilot must accept what has
happened.  When he saw his pursuer pass through the chamber wall, the
pilot knew what this could only have meant.  His newfound friend smiles
and tells him that he is now free to go.  The road which they must travel
awaits, and where they walk, there are no barriers which can hold the
human spirit.

This story was reprinted in Tomb Of Darkness #20 (May, 1976).

A first-rate creative team presents a memorable tale in just six pages.

The story title hangs overhead, as the rain falls on the crash scene, and
the shadowy figure waits in the distance.

John Verpoorten gives Kirby's pencils just the right amount of weight,
especially when we see the pilot striving to keep his footing in the

There is much atmosphere in this tale, as the crash survivor seeks to
flee from an unknown, unseen threat.

Jack Kirby catches just the right moments in the story to keep the
reader's interest, and makes us want to savor the situation before
turning the next page.

By the end of the story, the cloud of confusion has left the pilot's
features, while his shadowy pursuer has become more substantial, and his
mission is made clear to all.

There are two other story reprinted in Tomb Of Darkness #20, and I hope
to have them reviewed in the next couple of days.

Steve Chung
"And Review Shall Follow!"