On the cover of this issue, Kara makes her first appearance with
Superboy--not counting "the Legion of Superheroes" of which both and
her teenaged cousin of part of them. The Kryptonian teenagers are
playing darts with
Superboy being a dart board--thought one again Uncle Curt Swan. This
issue is totally full of good stories--the dessert of the entire
mind meal!


I allow the introducing page's scroll near a picture show aliens
watching Superboy steals from their "Fortess of Riches" to summary:

      "In Smallville on Earth, SUPERBOY has always been know as
      a defender of law and order and bitter enemy of crimedom!
      But on another world far off in space one day, he is known
      as quite the opposite! Yes, you won't belive your eyes when
      you see the boy hero of Earth become the outlaw of ZOORIA!
      you never guess the strange twist of destiny transforms the
      OF STEAL into the "THE Theif of Steal!"

While on a camping trip with the Kents, their mighty son,
Clark "Superboy" Kent gets hit by rockful avalanche. The son broke
out the rocks and tells
his parents that the rock only ripped his Clark Kent sweater. While
Superboy his heat of his x-ray to clear the path of the landside,
two aliens are watching him, Zog and Jix. The aliens takes the Kents
and when Superboy
is done, they threat to kill the Kents if Superboy doesn't loot a
for them. Superboy shocking argees with them, but the alien crooks
are worried--but one of them remember of his powers. The alien give
them the command to use their shinny side of their ship as a mirror
to super-hypnotize yourself into aiding the vile aliens. "Refuse
and doom your parents" one of the aliens remembers. Mr. Kent
recalls the reason for Superboy's sercet identity--to prevent
being hostage for criminals! Superboy attempts to locate
space police--but find nothing--and argees with the crook. He
put himself super-hypntonic trance to go to Zooria and smash
it's law! Just to on the safe side, the crooked aliens lunch
a missle eye to follow him and show of  Superboy's move
to Zog and Jix.

On Zooria, Superboy smashes a robot and steals a safe
dropping it      on remote island. The Kent are displeased--but
Zog and Jix are pleased. Superboy's next job is knock
out gaint four-eye andriod--the writer states a andriod
is  a chemical-made man--and swipes sets a gaint jewel.
While on the island, Zoorian rocket ships spots him. They
quick attempt to load the riches into rocket--but not as
fast as Superboy's super-speed--but Superboy gets a nasty
suprize--Zoorian rocket ship are made from Green Kryptonite--
great weakness. After getting to safe distant away, Superboy plays
"bowling" with a boulder and knocks the rocket as if it their
was Earth-type "bowling pins." That's allows Superboy to steal
the riches from the Fortess--and drives his third load of
treasure to the remote island. Next, Superboy flies to
to Zoorian World Congress building to "over throw the
rulers!" He turns the Congress building into a jail--and
in the real Zoorian jail--he freeds the prision. Jix and
Zog are pleased--and take off for Zooria! When Superboy
returns, the Kent discovered the Superboy freed
the real rulers of Zooria--which was recently overthrow
by world-wide criminal upraising! Mr. Kent is suprized
by this twist! While he telescoping for space police ships,
he discovered crooked Zoorians took-overed--the Kent
are worried that Zoorians will tell other Zoorian
crooks in jail--but Superboy claim reveals that
young crooks like Zog and Jix are brain-washing
to be honest citzens! Later, Clark Kent and his
mom are watching his father attempting to hypnotize
himself into never doubting Superman again!


As Jimmy Olsen would said--"Jeepers!" The introdude
picture has Lana and follow female girls are giving
Clark "Superboy" Kent a super-size headache! They
assume that avoidance of company is a "inferority
complex!", unware the Clark Kent is the mighty
boy of steel.

This very weird story begans off with Mrs. Kent is visting
Dr. Wiles, school pyschologist wondering why Clark avoids after-
school actives and almost all social life. Dr. Wile plans to use
Clark's friends
in attempt to cure Clark's "shyness". At Kent's home, Clark and his
talk about days events. The next day, Dr. Wiles has a chat with Lana
and some of Clark's classmate. The first problem, Clark must deal
the football team's coach, who is cut a dummy rope super-thin--and
plans to put Clark on the football team after he smashes it. Lucky,
Superboy uses
his super-ventrio-quism to force Krypto smash the dummy into a
million pieces-giving Clark off the hook.

The next problem is cooked up by his neighbor, Lana Lang! Lana and
her girl will "spin the bottle" with Clark "Superboy" Kent. If it
the bottle points to a girl, Clark must kiss her-but all ofng Lana
Lang's twelwe tries to spin a bottle to point to the girl--end up
with point to Clark Kent. Lana thinks fate is against them, but they
didn't know that Clark used his super-breath till it pointed to him.
(Sharp thinking, Kal-El!)

Following day, Clark has to deal with another problem, when his class
decide to vote for the most popular boy in Smallville. Superboy
that "shyness" is mistaken for "inferiority complex!" When the
returns to count the votes--the ballots read "Superboy!"--much to the
teacher and the class. Girl assumes that they sub-consciously told
the truth--become Superboy IS the most popular boy in Smallville.
How did Superboy change the class vote from Clark Kent to Superboy?
He use a paper-clip to mass-super-hypnosis the entire class into
voting for Superboy.

After that day, Mrs. Standish, the Smallville princpal is trying cure
Clark of his shyness by using a fake bomb made from a "blowing ball"
and a candle.  Clark decides to have a little fun with Ms. Standish,
first by shaking off his glasses and then throwing the fake bomb the
other way. One of the students decide on getting Superboy's help.
Clark's thought replied is
sums up his feeling at this: "A nice fix! Now I'm have to help

That night, Superboy  refers a high-school hockey game between
Smallville High & Grender High in which uses his teeth to get a
flying hockey puck. After the game, the students ask if Superboy can
drop off a fake super-suit at Clark house. The next morning, Dr.
Wiles watches as Clark Kent is
wearning a superboy outfit--unware it's Clark Kent's real Superboy
super-suit. Clark shocks the coach with his play of football! Clark
aslo insults
the the coach--by telling him that coach they is nothing to teach
the coach
can teach Clark. Following days, Clark drives his classmate crazy by
about himself--Clark is lying about becoming president--since was
born on Kpytron. The next he tries Lana Lang and her girlfriends
crazy at dance to the awe of Mr. Standish and Dr. Wiles. The next
day, Clark Kent shows
runs for G.O. President--the writer doesn't tell what G.O stand for--
I'm assuming Student President, thought--on his own ticket--"A Kiss
for Every
Girl Who Votes For Clark Kent!" Lana Lang is shocked--and remarks
that it
was a mistake to give Clark a costume because he become "vain as
[male] peacock." Another classmate remarked that he's fed up with
Clark's boasting
and wants to "the old shy and timid Clark Kent back again!"

Suprizing, Clark flies up! Did he expose his super-identity. No,
a student assumes that it is Superboy! Superboy reveals that Clark
was hidding behind a tree! Superboy lies that he's been impersoning
for days to show what might happen if Clark's personality was
changed. The Kryptonian stated, "I belive that a person have the
right to live this
own life without interference!" The classmate argees and circle
Clark Kent, as Superboy flies off, he thinks to himself that his
doesn't know that it was a "Clark Kent" robot. The next moring, Dr.
decides on writting to Clark's mom to accept you as you are. In his
mind, Clark thinks to himself that everbody prefers the shyest boy
to the boldest
and most of all to me!


"We all had our dreams" -- Those words starts the introducing story
scroll next to a picture Superboy trying to find Supergirl--unware
that she's flying behind a lead meteor and laughing at him.
Superboy's greatest desire is to have a super-play mate to have fun
with! The scroll ask if: "Is Superboy doomedis his hope doomed never
to come true?" It's answer: "!"

We began off as Kal-El and Kara are in their super-costume in the
deep in the heart of the "frigid antarctica" are making a colossal
snowman. Kara sights
ask "why Superman isn't smiling." Superman tells her that he
couldn't play
with other kids with out exposing his sercet identity and how he
for a human playmate who was super, like Superboy.

Later after, Superman and Supergirl goes different aways. Supergirl
that she isn't going to feel sorry for Superboy and herself. Using
super-speed, she heads for the time when Superman was a Superboy.

In the past, Superboy flies thought the stratosphere over Smallville
on his regular patrol. Nothing happening needing Superboy, so he
decide on peeking on Tommy Dale's playroom to how some of Clark
friends are doing. In the playground, the girls are playing hop-
while the boys are leaving to play baseball. As Superboy is thinking
the follow: "Baseball! Game requiring ordinary skill don't thrill
me! If only
I had someone with super-powers to play against me. Suddenly the--I
assume 15 year old--Kal-El is super-shocked by the arrival of

Kal-El: You popped out of the empty air, wearing a costume like
mine, and
        you can fly, too!
Kara Zor-El: I'm your cousin [,] Supergirl, from the future! Glad to
you, Superboy.

Quickly, Supergirl tells Superboy come how she come after the
from Krypton. The writer tells the reader that "see May
1959's 'Action Comic' for the full story of Supergirl's origin"
Kara's tells her strange origin and some bonus facts for those who
only pick readers "Superboy" comics:

"When Krypton blow up, by sheer luck, of the planet was hurled away
with people on it, together with a large bubble air. You father
Zor-El, was one of the survivors, when the fregment tured into [Anti-
]Kryptonite, he had it covered with a lead-sheet metal from his
Years laters, Zor-El  took a life wife, and a daughter was born to
them... Me! But when I grow up into girlhood, meteors smashed holes
into the lead
shield...I was shot free of the my doomed people, in an expermental
barely in time. Reaching Earth,I learned I was Superman's cousin. I
now live
on Earth, in the year 1960, aiding Superman..In the year 1960, I
masquerade as Linda Lee, an orphan in the Midville Orphanage! I
promised Superman to reveal my sercet to no one that I am on Earth,
but since you are Superman
when he was young, I guess it's all right for you to know it."

Kal-El can guessed the reason: "So we can super-romp together!"
Quicky, Superboy gets some materials from home lab then he and his
cousins fly
off to a secluded valley to play super-darts. Not totally suprizing
that panel 1 of page 4 of this story is the similar to the cover,
Superboy being super-dartboard for Supergirl.

Superboy decides on moving to out space--wonder that if anyone saw
her--it would betry the sercet of existance! Supergirl decides on
racing Superboy 
to a planet called "Hebos." Superboy quicky put his super-speed into
throttle--and thinks to himself--"Nice kid, but he's no match for
me!" But
when he arrives on Hebos, he discover a life-size stone statue of
but he gets hunch! He uses his super-hearing to discover a heart
beat! Kal-El isn't fooled by Supergirl--and reveal that she got to
Hebos first and took a dip in molten lava! She reveals that she
didn't stop her heart--to see if
Superboy could find a clue. 

Kal-El: How did I mere girl here ahead of me?
Kara Zor-El: You'll just use to the idea that a Supergirl can be just
as super-duper as Superboy!

After a short talk, they play a catch with a lunar sattilite, space
leap-frog with space meteors. Superboy has trouble trying to find
Supergirl durning their game of "hide-and-go-seek", unware that
Supergirl had hide herself
in fierly sun! They go for the swim in a "completely water-covered
world", and get clawed by giant metal claws drived by mermaid. Using
their super-strengh they escaped the metal monster. On the way home
to Earth,
they discover two spaceship firing death ray at Earth--suprizing.
about human life form, Superboy and Supergirl uses their x-ray to see
that spaceships are run by robots! The two super-powered teenagers
turn the two spaceships so that the death rays or pointed at each

On top of Mt. Everest, Superboy is saying good-bye to Superboy, but
has a horrible thought about "her and Superboy!" She is worried that
if Superboy is suffering from a Kryptonite fever he might accidently
her arrival to the to Earth! She think she's "goofed" and worried
Superman might exile me from Earth permanently. Suprizing, Supergirl
gets a super-brain storm and tells Superboy to go to purple triagle
moutain on the planet Albo, in the foreign galaxy Xurolu, to inhale
the fragrance  of the giant red flower which will make him forget
about the preceding week! As Supergirl flies back to 1960, Superboy
flies to the Ablo and exposes his lungs to it's red flowers.

In the 1960, Supergirl returns to her sercet identity of Linda Lee,
but thinks about one day--going back to see Superboy again!
Meanwhile, back
in the past, Superboy has return to his Clark Kent identity and join
his parents for dinner--while thinking I would he never know  the
joy of having a super-playmate.

The writer, "Wouldn't Superboy be amazed if he knew that his burning
desire actually come true?"