G.I. Combat #59: "Have Bazooka -- Will Travel!"

G.I. Combat #59
"Have Bazooka -- Will Travel!"
April, 1958

Story: Unknown
Art: Russ Heath

The Bazooka Man has arrived, but the machine gunners don't need a
bazooka, and are doing just fine.  KPOW!  Two soldiers firing from cover
are doing fine, as well.  VOOOMP!  The Bazooka Man sees that things are
going well for the mortar crew.  Things can change when you "Have Bazooka
-- Will Travel!"

Al the Bazooka Man goes off in search of a war -- but he is not having
much luck.  The others figure that the bazooka will be getting mighty
rusty by the time he's ready to use it.  One soldier yells out to Al if
he could shoot off an apple from his head.  Another soldier asks he could
shoot down some duck for dinner.  KWHAMMA!  KLANKETY KLANK  The bazooka
was his constant traveling companion -- and both soon come across a tank
in trouble.  An Eighty-Eight had nailed the tank crew, and they have no
way to return fire.  Al and his bazooka have arrived just in time...  The
tank will now have some much-needed firepower.  Have Bazooka -- Will
Travel!  WHOOM  As they rattle their way through the brush... on the
trail of the Eighty-Eight, the tank comes under fire again.  The crew
asks Al to open up with the bazooka, but he knows that they're too far

The 88 was dead ahead, against the rocky hillside... BAM!  The tank crew
want to hear the bazooka in action, but Al is not ready to carry the tune
just yet.  CLANK-CLANK!  They want him to open up his X-Mas present for
the Eighty-Eight, but this particular package needs to be sent special
delivery...  CLANK - CLANK - CLANK -  Right to their doorstep!  WHROOSH
BLANGG  Right on delivery.

The tank heads off for some much needed repairs, and Al kept walking
until he met up with one of their patrols.  Unfortunately for the Bazooka
Man, the last thing they need is a noisemaker on the trip.  RATTA TATTA
More work comes up for Al when he hears some enemy MG fire.  After
heading towards the source of the MG fire, he sees that one of their
recon planes and its pilot in directly in the MG's fire.  VIIP!  VIIP!
VIIP!  Al tells the pilot to get his buggie moving, and the airman is
game.  RRRRR!  The Bazooka Man is to be the recon plane's wing gun.
VIIP!  VIIP!  BWEEE!  They're getting closer... RATATAT!  RATAT!

RATATATAT!  POW!  With the prop gone, they're about as close as they're
ever going to get.  Al's in good with his bazooka!  WHROOSH  KAWHAMMM
After the pilot has been picked up -- the Bazooka Man is back walking in
the woods, and greets another patrol who have no use for a noisemaker
giving their position away.  He keeps on walking... where an amphibious
transport is supposed to head downstream with some explosives for an
engineering outfit.  The banks are filled with enemy riflemen.  (Holy
Chuck Connors, Batman!)  Fortunately for them, they'll soon have bazooka
-- will travel!

KPOW!  KPOW!  POW!  POW!  As they travel downstream, the transport crew
wonders how a single bazooka will be able to handle snipers.  Al assures
them that the bazooka will kick up some dust.  WHOOSH  Rifles and helmets
are soon flying in the air from the impromptu dust storm.  The "duck" has
arrived with its cargo for the engineers...  When they ask Al what he'll
be doing from here, the Bazooka Man says that he'll keep on traveling
down the road -- with his bazooka!

The Grand Comics Database does not have this issue listed, so I can't
identify the writer, but the artist is definitely Russ Heath.

Richard Boone as Paladin was on "Have Gun -- Will Travel!"  I wonder how
a show entitled "Have Bazooka -- Will Travel!" would have fared on prime
time television back then?

As a child, I would take a vacuum cleaner tube, place it on one shoulder,
and pretend that I was using a bazooka.

My first chance to play with a "tank" was on the Atari 2600, and the
Combat Tank cartridge.  Things were really pinging and ponging back then.

In this April, 1958 story, Al the Bazooka Man is shown smoking a
cigarette for three panels on page 2.

When trying to knock on the door of an Eighty-Eight, a bazooka is a
heckuva knocker.

The recon plane pilot resembles the late actor, Tyrone Power.

Thanks to Al, the pilot has got a wing gun, and a prayer against the
enemy MG.

Steve Chung
"Have Bazooka -- Will Review!"