Strange Tales #167: "Armageddon!"

Strange Tales #167
April, 1968

STAN LEE: Editor
JIM STERANKO: Writer/Illustrator
SAM ROSEN: Letterer

Jimmy Woo is still alive, having escaped from the Yellow Claw's plan for
vengeance.  Now he cradles the body of the oriental mastermind's niece,
and weeps at her passing. Although the Claw and Nick Fury might have been
able to save Suwan's life, neither was willing to surrender their
advantage to the other. 

The Yellow Claw's underwater complex rocks as the lobster borer vehicle
makes contact, and unleashes hordes of SHIELD's Suicide Squad in waves. 

Caught off-guard by the unlikely entry, the Claw's men are no match for
the SHIELD agents, such as the ever-smiling Clay Quartermain.

Dugan uses hand-to-hand against his armed opponents on an upper platform,
while the Gaffer keeps the Contessa covered from enemy fire.  Gabe Jones
struggles with two oncoming opponents, while the Yellow Claw employs his
unearthly powers once more, and Jimmy Woo only has eyes for the still
form of Suwan.

The villain's mental powers enable him to avoid a shot from Nick Fury.
When Val tells him how they found his dye marker, the SHIELD director
tells her how he managed to place a tracking device on the Yellow Claw.
Using his pseudo-elliptoid wrist tracer, Fury is able to follow his
trail.  SKKRAK!  The oriental mastermind has just employed his infinity
sphere to enter nucleo-phoretic drive.  He has begun to pass into the
space-time continuum, with Nick Fury nursing a sore shoulder from the
sudden break-in.

Having seen some of the Claw's devices, the SHIELD director heads back
for the experimental warp-vest.  The prototype is activated, with Nick
hoping that he can lock onto the Claw's coordinates, and the sea of
infinity sending him beyond all barriers.

After an unknown span of time, the trip has reached its end, and the
combatants are about to meet for the final time.  The Yellow Claw beams,
as he is about to activate the citadel's nuclear detonator, and rid
himself of SHIELD.  The button is pressed, but it is his turn to be
surprised when Nick Fury appears behind him.  The Claw is convinced that
SHIELD is no more, then notices the warp-vest being carried by the
director.  In this hyper-dimensional realm, Nick Fury does not speak,
leaving the oriental mastermind to wonder if the travel has undone him.
In the last seconds remaining for them both, the Yellow Claw unleashes
his psychic storm.  It is then that the SHIELD director tells his foe
that it's all over.  Having donned a special eye patch, Fury closes his
eye, and grits his teeth as the blinding flash of light engulfs them

As the two men continue their battle of wills, the infinity sphere
continues to pass through hyperspace.  Seeing the Yellow Claw faltering
before his own power,  Fury knows that his plan to use a mind
amplification device was successful.  He tells his armored foe how an
explosion-absorber has taken care of the citadel, but left New York
unharmed.  It's time for the Claw to be introduced to the Satan Claw, but
it's Nick Fury who's in for a surprise when he sees what lies beneath the
shattered metal.

In an ancient castle in the heart of Latveria, the Prime Mover records
the victory of Nick Fury over the Yellow Claw.  Although the player had
executed clever moves in the middle of the match, the SHIELD rooks have
taken the Black King's pawns.  With the humanoid chess pieces beaten by
Nick Fury and his Agents of SHIELD, the player is in checkmate, and the
Prime Mover has spoken.

Doctor Doom had grown bored with the months of play, but the idea of
pitting his automatons against SHIELD was amusing, and even such as he
deserves to enjoy such sport.  As he tells the Prime Mover that he is not
a sore loser, Von Doom fumes at the thought of being defeated by SHIELD.
One day, he may take a personal hand in the matter...

On the cover of Strange Tales #167, Nick Fury and his Agents of SHIELD
continue to make the world free for all.

This was the story where it was necessary to spend another twelve cents
and savor the four-page spread of SHIELD vs the Yellow Claw by Jim

Thanks to a prototype warp-vest and a special eye patch, the SHIELD
director is able to see what the Yellow Claw is made of.

For those who read the story when it first appeared, were any of you
disappointed to learn that this wasn't the real Yellow Claw, but a
lifelike robot created by Doctor Doom?

Having Nick uses one of his foe's weapons to take down another enemy was
a nice touch.

It would be nice to own a chess set with the figures of SHIELD and the
Yellow Claw minions, as done by Jim Steranko.

Steve Chung