COVER: This cover shows the SA's Superman and Supergirl flying--
Supergirl holding a gang of flower as she flies. This mostly like
got cut-out or trace a copy of the cover to Feb. 1962's Action Comic
#285, which revealed SA Supergirl to the world.

The reason that I had the writers and artists for the last volume
and this one is that DC Comic listed their people behind the story
in the "Table of Contents." They is a small picture of Kara removing
her wig and a Earth dress
revealing her action costume.

Our foreword this time is R.C. Harvey, a comic historian/cartoonist
who is the author of several books about comics and cartooing
including "The Art of the Comic Book", an asthetic history of the
medium. Harvey current efforts appear regulary at

The stories goes from Action Comics #269'S "Supergirl's First
Romance!" to
Action Comic #285's  "The Infinite Monsters!"

Action Comic #269
Oct. 1960
Writer: Jerry Seigel
Artist: Jim Mooney

Superman has followed in love with humans, aliens, and even a
mermaid. As you know Superman's mermaid love is Lori Lemaris, which
Kal-El meet while the Lori was disgused as a wheelchair-bounded girl
checking on how the surface world. Now, it's Kara Zor-El's turn.

This begans off outside on early one morning at Midvale Orphanage,
where Kara is disgused as Linda Lee spots Mary Jane failing from a
swing set, she super-speeds and catches Mary Jane--but not without a
eyewitness who just come out of the orphanage storm cellar. In
Kara's thought she must protect her indentity herself--because Kal-
El is on a space mission. The boy name is
Freddy Blake and ask Linda if she is pretending to be a normal girl
can do super-deeds in a sercet indentity. Linda answer that she was
under-great stress--but it doesn't work. Linda remarks that Freddy
isn't following and recalls Lana Lang who always thought Clark Kent
was Superboy.

That same morning, Miss Hart asks if Linda would like to come along
and fish with the rest of the orphans--but Linda wants to finish a
book she's reading. Several hours later, Linda looks though the
window and discover that it's storming. She check up her friends--
and discover that ship that Miss Heart and the other orphans are on
is sinking! Quicky changing her Supergirl identity, Kara speeds to
the location, but since she can't reveal herself because her promise
to Kal-El-she locates a coast guard boat. Kara jams the coast gaurd
boat's propeller with her bare hands and pulls it to the sinking
finish boat--in allows the the coast gaurd to recuase Miss Hart and
the other orphans, then as she unjamming the proller, she gets a
metal message from the Altantis mermaid, Lori, asking for Supergirl
to save them from terrible fate. AWhen she reaches, she meets Lori,
her husband Ronal, and Altantean sciencist and Jerro. The problem is
that a underwater crypt containing ancient weapons has been knocked
over by a whale-and those weapons are cauisng havoc. Jerro leads
Supergirl to the location of the wepaons. Supergirl uses her x-ray
to melt a freeze ray, her super-strengh and speed to dismalte a hypo
robot, her super-toesses to get rid of a proto-plasmic monster--
which end up in the sun. Then she uses her super-fist to down the
crypt into tiny fragments. As they turn to the other--Supergirl is
shocked at what she sees: trained fish seplling out "Hooray For
Supergirl!" Lori asks if she would stay for a pageant in your honor!
She argees--not to for long. Jerro decides to show her around until
the pageant is being around. The first stop is a memorial to Nar
Lemaris, the person who come up with the idea to turn his Altantis
into mermaids. Next up, is a marine farm where all the food that
Altantis need is grow. We get to see a Altantis city, and one of the
vechine is a water-jet propelled sleds. The Altantis even created a
metal sun that gives need illusion and heat--thought it's not hot as
the solar sun. Jerro and Kara see the Altantean Protective Squad
which prevent fierce sea creatures from attack Altantis--both with
sound and force--but only as a last resort.  The final stop is
Altantean measum--in which item had been recovered from sunken
shipwrecks. She also seets a picture of how Altantis sunk in the
first place--and then she get a suprize--one of the exhabits of the
underwater measum is statues of famous people--including Kal-El
himself--and next to her is a statue of herself! Jerro tells that
Kara may not be know on the surface--but she's famous in Altantis.
Later at the pagant, Jerro wins a sea-shell chariot-and Supergirl
gives Jerro--the trophy and a kiss. Something is on her mind when
Jerro joins Supergirl to watch the next event. She leaves--and
reveal that she forgot everybodyin Atlantis had telephic mind-
reading powers. As she flies howard, her Linda wig accidently falls
out. When Kara returns to Midville and becomes Linda Lee. She
creates the returning Ms. Hart and her friends--but Linda notes that
Freddy Blake has a suspicious look on his face again--and discover
that Linda's hair is wet. She uses her fingers to make a loud noise--
then she super-shake her hear head until every drop of moisture
flies off her wig--which helps her to pull the wool over Freddy's
eye-but night she's has Jerro on her mine. Jerry tells us that she's
in love--and ony the future will reveal.

Action Comic #270
Nov. 1960
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Jim Mooney

Ealry one morning at Midville Ophran, Linda is talking to another
orphan, Frank Cullen who is caddying for Vince Gordon. Supergirl's
super-intution tells her to tag after Frank. So she's calls on her
Linda Lee robot to replace her while she away. She uses her super-
breath to make Frank's golf ball land hole-in-one in three times to
role. Returning back to the orphan, the robot returns to her tree--
as Supergirl becomes Linda Lee again-and sees Superman on the
television! We learn tha Superman is on another space mission Kara
makes a wish that she had load of important rescuses to perform like
her cousin, Kal-El.

Suprizing, Supergirl gets her wish--because Krypto had heat-vision
the top of a near-by moutain. Krypto has been caught by a remote
control space ship that collecting animal for a space zoo. Using a
space missle-she frees Krypto. Then she gets a message from Lori.
The problem is Malo, a crooked Altantis who got hold of Neptune's
magic trident--but Supergirl outsmarts Malo and regains the magic
trident by luring Malo into a squid cave and using a shipwreck to
create dozen of fakes. After giving Malo over ot the Protective
Squad, Kara returns to the orphanage and changes back to Linda Lee.
But later, Linda heards a call from Batman trying to reach Superman!
She is sucked--because she can't open up in front others and she
can't use her robot because a hunter would see it. She inhales the
most of the oxygen in the room, open and shut the door quicky--so
more oxygen doesn't have the time to enter the room. She flies to
the Gotham City home of the wealthy socialite Bruce Wayne and his
young ward, Dick Grayson--a.k.a Batman and Robin--and diggs her way
to the Bat-Cave, Supergirl quicky firms the collapsed walls back
into place with super-pressure. She quicky turn back to the storage
room, and changes back to LInda just as the other begin to revive.

That evening, she gets a super-ventriloquism from Superman telling
her to come to his Fortess of Solitude. When she arrives, Superman
orders her to take off her costume and her boots. Kara changes into
her Linda Lee indentity wonders if Superman is going to order her to
leave Earth--but Kal-El gives her make-up kit with a lip-stick case
that has place for Kara's Supergirl cosutme so when she needs toor
when she remove her costume quickly or remove it to go swimming. She
is still puzzled by Kal-El's face--but Kal-El orders her to change
into back into her costume. It turns out it's Supergirl's 16th
birthday! She gets three pearls from Lori, her husand, and Jerro.
Batman and Robin give Kara a Batgirl costume.  Krypto has brought
her a gaint flower. It's turns out Kara had forget it was her
sixteenth birthday. Superman reveals that he wasn't on a space
mission! He had learn that Kara enjoy solving difficult problems
with her super-wits--we thought we'd toss some really tough oner at
you as a special birthday treat! Superman reveal that he was the one
that built the remote control spaceship and had Krypto prented he
was weaked by that fake Kryptonite. Malo was Superman in a disgused,
thought Neptune's trident is real--but Superman pretend to confused
by the ink and helpess with out the trident! He had the co-opeartion
of Lori and her friends. She was the one that ordered--mentally
order those whales to "bounce' back--and the Bat-Cave cave-in was
arranged by Superman as well. Batman and Robin are of course trusted
with the serce tof your existence of Earth. Kandor has a suprize for
her--a giant sign that reads: Happy Birthday, Supergirl! Superman
has a second gift--a private Supergirl room that has a stuate of her-
-and picture of Argo City, and picture of both her indentities. The
guests sing the "Happy Brithday" song to Supergirl

Action Comics #271
Dec. 1960
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Jim Mooney

One day, at Midvale Orphanage, Linda "Kara 'Supergirl' Zor-El" Lee
spots her  Streaky being chased by a mad dog--and using her super-
breath gives the dog a a bad headache. In cellar, she pets her cat
and wonders why he gain and loses his powers. After we get a bit of
Streaky's origin. Kara is itching for home--but gets a idea-
recalling Superman's sercet home of his own. After order her Linda
Lee robot, she collects some junk and flies off to the Arbain
dessert and builds her own Fortess of Solitude. After cover her
Fortess with sand, she flies off into space and visit a planet that
citens wear telepathy-helemts and get a free Aura-Bracelet. After
visting various world, Supergirl
tours her compelete Fortess. She has a model of the Midvale
Orphanage, the statues of herself as Supergirl and Linda Lee, a
model replica of Argo City, a room honoring Jerro. Meanwhile Streaky
got another nose-full of the hidden X-Kryptonite. Later, Supergirl
gets a shock when Streaky founds her Kara in her Fortess. She a
suprize Streaky with his own playroom. As they are traving
back to Smallville, Streaky loses his powers again. Kara decide to
turn to her Linda Lee identity.

Fate as a suprize in store for Kara, when achaeological expedition
under the control Professor Damon Brant discovers Supergirl's
Fortess when he goes looking for ancient tomb. Mr. Brant come up
with idea to to use hyponotic suggestions to erased it from from her
follow helpers. Back in Metroplis, Prof. Brant tells his wife
that "you and I will adopt Linda Lee without revealing we know she
is SUPERGIRL!" Brant's wife gets the idea to prented to love and
trick Kara into making the Brants into becoming rich. The following
day at Midvale Oprhans, Linda tries to avoid getting adopted by the
Brants by hitting the wrong note on piano and using her x-ray she
spoils some ceral. Brant thinks that they out smarted her. After a
sad good-bye with Mrs. Hart and her handman-gerdener husand, Mr.
Hart. As far as human possible, tge Bets launch their plan to win
over Linda by buying her tons of clothing and talk her to assement
park. One night, Linda asks why her Mr. Brant is unhappy. Her dad
replied: "Expeditions cost fortunes, my dear! No one will sponsor my
new scientific project to excavate som ancient ruins in Africa."
That eveing, Supergirl hands to a coal mine--and brings a box of
dimoands. Mr. Brant is still not happy--that evening Kara collects
and drop of another box--this time with Pearls. She rejects the next
day offer from Brant--who wants to explore outerspace--by telling
him to leave it to the sciencist. Greedily, Mr. Brant reveals to
Linda that he knows she's Supergirl. He orders Linda to make "him
rich" and he and his wife willing to to the Kara's super-hypontic
suggestion to the Brents forget about Linda Lee being a Supergirl.
Supergirl enters the timeline and arrive in the ancient land of Gaz
and get a ancient golden god that stoood for tyranny and injustice--
and place in a desert spot Supergirl rams the god idol into the
Earth--and collects once she returns to the present. Then she hands
to 1223 China and take off with Gengahis Khan's loot. Returning to
the present, Supergirl shows emerald place that for them-soon inside
Kara ask if they are ready for the super-hypontic suggestion--but
Mr. Brant isn't. Help is coming in the from of a repowered Streaky
who accidently hears some noises--and accidently uses his X-ray
vision which makes the Brants get amneisa! Using clay from urn,
Supergirl cover herself
from urn, she flies off the emerald place--which arbain banits who
come to get the emerald place's treasures for them sleves--are
consider they saw a terrible god is stealing the palace. She takes
Streaky back to Midvale and the Brants back to their Metroplis home.
Brants get some of their memories back--but not the memory that deal
with Linda being Supergirl. A happy reunion between Mrs. Heart and
Linda has. When Superman returns, Supergirl tells him what happen--
and heads to the desser where she melts her Fortess into melted

Kal-El: <gasping> Why are you drestorying your with your x-ray
Kara: I can't risk someone esle finding it, as Prof. Brant did, and
endaging my sercet role as your weapon!
Kal-El: I appreciate your sacrifice, Supergirl! But some day, I'm
sure you won't be sorry!

Kara thinks out aloud that it was nice haviong a Fortess of Solitude
for all my own even for a little while, Streaky! I wonder if I will
ever have one again?

Jerry remarks: "Could be! See future issues, readers!"

Flying off,
Dr. Thinker