We finally started on the finally stories in the first volume. Don't
worry, the Second Archives is will appear faster then a speeding
bullet after this one is posted--well, I might be overstanding my

13. "Supergirl's Greatest Victory!"
March 1960
Writer: Otto Binder
Artist: Jim Mooney

With Linda back in regular writting hands of Otto Binder, Linda Lee
start this story at Midville Orphange by using her super-breath so
some orphans can fly some kites and uses heat of her x-ray to fuse a
crack in the sidewalk so rolling skating girls don't get broken
bones. When headmaster and his aide comes out, the boss
remarked, "Everything always goes so smoothly for the children, Miss
Hart! No disappointment, no brusies, no troubles! You'd almost think fairy watches over our orphanage!" In this panel  on
page 2, it's seemed that Supergirl is having private laugh at Mr.
Dixon. A distant sound is heard by her--which turns out to a
Kryptonite meotor in the forces. Because of long fire patrol, the
forrest patrolers can't pick up the Kryptonite, but they do alert
Superman, who heads to the Fortess of Solitude to get away from the
Kryptonite. In her dairy, she flashes back to her origin--so late
coming to the Superman's "Action Comics" can get Supergirl's origin.
This is the first time that Kara's Kryptonian block she was born on
becomes Kara's Kryptonian town. It's turns out Supergirl was puzzled
about her super-powers, and Superman tells that Kryptonians need a
yellow sun and low gravity planet to beocme super. We also learn
that Green Kryptonite changes Kryptonian red blood cells into green
blood cells causing blood poising "inventiably causes a fatal
Kryptontie fever, but Red Kryptontie effects us differently but
that's another story!" Kara gets a Kryptonian brainstorm, and aheads
to Superman's Fortess. She's asks if immuuty to exposing Superman
and herself to Kryptonite radiatioons. It's turns Superman tried
that trick--but it didn't work. Kara still thinks it would work with
her--but Superamn tells her to forgett--and shows her new items that
Superman got in the Fortess. First up is one of Superman's newest
space thophies--a strange flower that a dark world--it's in a black
box because it must "protect from light or it withers!" He tells
Supergirl to use her X-ray on full power to see. It's turns out that
the flower makes "it's own light--in rainbow colors". Unknown to
Supergirl, her x-ray vision had make a crack in a glass cage. But
now, Supergirl is show species for Superman's interplanetary zoo.
The species are low-gravity solar system where huge insects and tiy
dinousars exists. Supergirl remarks, "Just the revenge of Earth in
prehistroic time." Superman tells Superman that "these Metal Earters
love iron nails for lunch"--but wonders why he only haves one. It's
turns out the power of Supergirl's x-ray vision beam make a cracked,
letting the other metal-eater. Superman uses Kryptonite to lure the
metal beast back because it's a delicay to them. Superman rivets a
metal pale over the hole int he floor, while Supergirl fuses the
hole in the glass back up. Feeling foolish, Supergirl decides to do
her idea, but she decide to wait until half-term recess week--
because her abscences durning class would be notices. Later, wehen
recess week starts, Linda uses discover that the Forest Rangers
did't return from tehir lore fire patrol--and she uses this
Kryptonite. She uses grass rod to roll the Kryptonite into the cave
where it ends on the far end of the cavern-where Superman takes her
first dose--and marks it with stalactite. The next day, she gets
closer--she's think it's working in spite of super-cousin's doubts.
Later, when Superman discovers and takes notes of Kara's experiment
and wonder if he wrong and she is gaining immunity.  Day and day,
Kara gets closer to her goal. Still puzzled, she keeps watching
Supergirl as she burns a big letter into solid rock. Meanwhile,
Superman is puzzled by Dora's feeling sad..and he's get another
problem when he discovered when he discover a long cross tunnel
while super-bores, Superman accidently meets another Kryptonite.
Meanwhile, Supergirl had reach her goal, and looks for Superman to
tell him the good news--and locate Superman in the ground near the
other Kryptonite--she digs and super-shots the good news--but she's
spoken too soon. Superman has puzzled out the truth--but they going
to die here together--but then Superman spots gold--which he tells
Supergirl to use her x-ray on the gold--which turns into lead
because they x-ray-vision become atomic ray transforming the gold
into lead. Now, Superman shows her the reason--a metal beast has
been gotten inside the Kryptonite meteor and started eating. Kara
asked where did this metal beast coming from--it's turns out this is
a baby metal beast because Doris had some time to laid a egg. Looks
like the yolk is on Supergirl--and she's knows it-because the last
panel on the last panel reads: Suprman was right! My attempt to gain
from Kryptonite only laid an egg." In Supergirl's real universe, she
mostly likely wrote in Kryptonese, instead of English as see in this

14. "Supergirl's Darkest Day"
April 1960
Writer: Otto Binder
Artist: Jim Mooney

His story begans off in Midvale Orhanage as the staff is surving
lunch to the orphans, one of the staff tells the chidren to finish
their sald--the chicken will will be done by the time they finished--
but Linda "Supergirl" Lee super-noses notices that the chicken will
be burn to chicken--and she rushes at super-speed at into the
kitchen to turn off the electric oven. Later as our disguses alien
is doing her homeroom , the radio blasts news about violent storm
and tells us that Superman is away on a scientific space mission.
Supergirl decides to check the trouble start out. Changing into her
action costume, Kara takes off for the sea. Otto reminds that unlike
her famous cousin, Superman, Kara must keep her existance a sercet--
so Kara uses a whale to take the boy to the nearly ship. The captian
finds out the boy can speak only in strange languges and has
mysterious medallon on the boy's neck. They decide to send him to
orphanage after they dock--and fates send him to the send orphanage
that Linda lives at: Midvale Orphanage. The boy is give the name of
Johnny Black. Johnny is assigent by room, the headmaster explains an
important safely rule, how to put out of fires. Suprizing, it's
Linda who gets to tutor the boy. He's a quick learner-and it won't
talk him long to speak in English. That night, Linda is reading in
bad when a tree is going to fall on the orphanage. Linda in her
regular clothing press the tree the other way. The next day on the
way to tutor Johnny, she discover that Vera room is on fire--she
smashes the door and uses her super-breath to put out a fire. She's
pleased that Vera didn't seem-but she's worried that some might
figure that a Supergirl exist--but Johnny shows up with fire tools.
Kara doesn't mind Johnny getting the credit--it's covers up how she
uses her super-powers. Linda wonders why she has did Johnny cover up
for her, but she can't answer until he learns more "good vareity of
words." Time pass and on vistor's day,
two couples show wanting to adopt Johnny. Kara hopes that Johnny
doesn't get adopted before she saves the mystery. She plans to
question when they are alone. Kara shows a dart bow game to Johnny,
but he makes a bad aim and knocks Kara's Linda's wig off. Johnny
uses his soda to blow up a light--so he can tell Linda to put on her
wig back on. Linda decides the strange medallion. She spots the
Trents and the Peabodies from adopting Johnny: Trent by holding
their car, and the Peabodies by stopping a dyamo at a power planet.
When he returns to the orphanage she discover that Johnny can see in
the dark--and he was reading book--she got a clue from the medallion-
-because it was made with non-Earth metals  Suprizing, we learn that
Johnny is Prince Valtzorr of the plant Korvia and he left his planet
becuase he was being framed by a unknown crook. Supergirl decides to
become his defense world. They meet Minister Zoxxo who tries to kill
Valzorr for the death of the King and Queen--but Supergirl remarks
with out a trail. As the trail began, Zoxxo
shows receiver cabinet and explains how the murder of the King and
Queen. Supergirl uses her super-speed to bring the King and Queen
back, who clears
Valtzoor and reveals Zoxxo is the gulity one. As he's talk away,
Valtzoor and Kara parts but with note. When the headmaster reads the
soon Johnny's amenisa  
ended and remember a relative with whom he want to live. As for
Linda's abscence, it's was Linda Lee robot that replace her at the

I wonder if that Linda Lee rebot was the Supergirl robot from
the "Great Supergirl Mirage"?

This was reprinted under the title that "The Boy That Can See In The

15. "Supergirl Gets Adopted"
May 1960
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Jim Mooney

Durning a foggy day, Supergirl saves airplane over the outskirts of
Midvale, back the orphanage as Linda Lee she discover that the
Wilkson are about to adopt a child. While other orphans are trying
to make a good impersion, Linda tries to make a bad imersion, but
despite is idea--she's adopted by them. Linda's discover that it's
because it's Linda sounds like the girl they last.

The next day at the Wilsons, she discover that her adopted-term
father is a
cop, and for the next few days she saves him trouble: a subway in
the a Superman disguses, lifting a elevator which had it cable cu,
using oil and her super-breath from stopping cars from running him
over, and using her x-ray to stop the fuse of a bomb. The night of
the bomb attack, the Wilsons decive to send Linda back to the
orphans--because they were worried about her gangster killed their

This was reprinted under the title "My Father, The Cop."

16. "The Day Supergirl Reveal Herself"
June 1960
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Jim Mooney

One of my favorite story in this Volume. I even like the Curt Swan
cover of Supergirl lifting Superboy's statue and a Smallville
citizen remarking: "Three cheers for is new Supergirl! She's
protecting us from dangerous the way Superboy did when he lived here
with a suprize Superman think that she "disobeyed my oreders to keep
her existence on Earth and she ccan no longer be my sercet ally."
This is second story that has Linda in the hands of Jerry Siegel--
but unlike the cat story is more focus on Supergirl and the city of
Superboy's stories--Smalville. In otherwords, it's seems that Jerry
is planning a belated joke on Superboy and Smallville.

This story begans off with Linda Lee spotting Mary Jane carrying
because of Tommy telling him that no fairy exists--but Linda uses
her super-powers to create on Mary Jane. Meanwhile Clark Kent is
trouble because he's been at the bank that's hold up by crooks and
force into the space and he's can't call on his robot because
landlady is painting his room--so he calls on Superboy to follow the
crooks. She follows them in the hair as Supergirl and on the road as
Linda Lee on a bike. After locating their hideout, she meets
Clark "Superman" Kent in alley, and they dig underground to the
crooks hideout where Superman catches the crooks and tooks them and
their loot to a police officer where the boss of them is confused
since of how did Superman found his hideout sicne it was lead-lined
to protect them from alien man's x-rays Superman tells give the boss
something to think while the crook is in prision. Afterword,
Supergirl promises that she won't reveal herself until she gets the
OK from Superman, but when she tries to save Prof. Ralph Evans and
his wife alien from a comet--but she's fails--and the Evans get
effect--turning make their eyes' blind. She's crashes into a
mountain below--and becomes insert.

Days later, the Kara wakes up with some of a memory--she's Supergirl-
-but she forget her indentity as Linda Lee and well as her promises
to keep herself a sercet--the reason is the comet had red Kryptonite
patricles in it. As she flie to refresh her memories--she comes
across the town of familar board with a picture of Superboy with the
words: "Welcome to Smallville! The Home of Superman when he was a
boy!" It's Smallville of course, and Supergirl thinks to
herself: "What was good enough for Superboy is good enough for me!"
Jerry tells: "Oh, Oh! This could lead to dire consequences!"

Not to surpizing, Supergirl spots the familar blinded, Prof. Evans--
and becomes Gloria Smith for the time being and takes of the Evans.
Glorida and the Evans become close--durning her time off Glorida
vists Superboy--since what Superman did as a Superboy--such as
carrying a statue of him out of a large diamond, accidently swing a
baseball bat with his super-force, or catching a avaitor who
parachute failed to open. Kara's tour of Smallville is
stopped a falling concrete cesspooll cover. Quick then the eye can
fold, Kara becomes Supergirl and stops th concrete cesspoll  cover
from hitting littering the roads with wreck auto--then return the
cover to it's correct spot. One of the citizen, a police officer
writing tells the crowd that it reminds her reminds him the good ol'
days when Superboy keep things busy--another one--a young boy
assumes that she's going to aptrol the Smalville just the way
Superboy use--and he even asks, "Who says this town is dead?"

Sleepy Smallville awakens to it's greatest sensations since Superboy
left years ago--Supergirl--but when she gets to the Evans home they
discover their nurse is Supergirl--and make plans to help--and set
some similar to the Kent did when Kal-El was Superboy. Supergirl has
to stop a reawaken space warrior robot that Superboy brought to
Earth. Kara melts the interworking of the space robot into molten
metal. Meanwhile, Kal-El, is has failed on another attempt to
restore Kandor from it's bottle state, decides to check out
Metroplis via his telescoping vision--and finds nothing that needs
requires is attention there--but when he looks at Smallville and
get's startled--when he sees Supergirl flying to the space robot
back to the Superboy museum. Superman's telescoping vision, X-ray
vision and super-hearing help him clue into a mystery of why she
can't recall "her former name or where she lived." Superman
discovers the comet had red kryptonite partices--and correct assumes
what Jerry told us early: the Red Kryptonite maked her forget her
Linda Lee identity and her prosime to Superman to keerp herself
existance a  sercet until Superman gives the OK! Superman gets the
Gas Z--the "Amnesia Gas"" who factored for the army to restore
Supergirl as Superman's sercet weapon. Superman adds tiny Green
Kryptonite particles to so the gas will work on Kara. Then he
recreates a week worth of Smallville's newspaper, "Smallville
Gazzette" voiding any mention of Supergirl's news. The effect Evans
are puzzled, and Kara can't remember anything--thought her Linda Lee
robot remarks that she's been her mistress has been gone for a long
time. Superman wonders what would happen next when Supergirl and him
get expose to Red Kryptonite-while Kara wonders what happen if she
was to be reveal-but Jerry and the read knows what might happen if
she's been reveal.

17. "The World's Mightest Cat!"
July 1960
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Jimy Mooney

This story begans off as Superman and Krypto puts on a show at
Midvale Orphanage. Two of the orphans watching is Linda "Supergirl"
Lee and Paul Dexter, an "imaginative youth".  Some of the super-
stunts show are the following is Krypto busing his nose to catch a
rock that Superman throw or being a living ball to go thought
Superman's living hoop. After the show, while passing out capes to
the younger kids--he's gets a wink to his sercet cousin, meanwhile
Paul puts one of the capes on Streaky, Linda's cat. After five
mintunes of vain coxing Paul takes off. Jerry gives us a Streaky's
orign--but get back to the present--where Streaky mess around with
twine of yawn--and twist fate the yawn ball picks up the X-
Kryptonite nugget in it. later, in the basement where Streaky took
the yawn ball, when pounces on it--he becomes suepr-again. He's
heads to Paul room where he flies around the room-but he was he room-
when lost this power before the other orphans.

Streaky returns to the yawn ball and gets a longer sniff--and tries
carry lamp across Paul's room--but accidnetly breakes it and reminds
unharmed. Linda decide to hide her pet's super-powers before Streaky
does anything
to reveal her sercet indentity as Supergirl. In a blink of a eye,
she's repairs the broken lamp. Paul claims that Streaky is making
him look like a lying fool. Streaky's left his tree for Paul.
Supergirl caughts tree that
Streaky throws--and replant the tree--and then takes off with
Streaky as
the orphans are very upset with Paul. Supergirl is placing on super-
breathing blowing a space cause--but before she can do--Streaky
smashes into the back. Supergirl scoldes the cat-and he's takes off
and lands super-hard on a seeward where Paul was planning on getting
proof of Streaky's super-powers. He calls them--as Supergirl arrives
and uses a toy mouse to lure Streaky away. Paul tells the other
orphans about Streaky's See Saw Indecent, one of them goes to tell
the Superintendent. Meanwhile, the Supergirl decents trouble in an
African jungle. Supergirl is going to take the elephant and gorilla
and the Streaky is going afteter the big cats--a jaguar and a
cheeath by my guesses. Supergirl makes a elphant pit--and Streaky
puts the cats on a Super-made island. She's pleased with Streaky--
but she forgot about the gorilla. So she super-toss him and creates
a vine straight jacket for the gorilla. They take off--while the
natives are bowing to them. Soon, the hunters arrived--one of them
tells that Native calims thaeir village was saved by a flying
goddesses and her cat. On the way back to the Midvale, Streaky loses
his super-powers. As Linda Lee, she discovers that Paul in trouble
with superintendent. Paul success cats Streaky's hair, much when he
gets scared by a cartoon dog--she calls on Krypto. The
superindterdent and the other orphans assumed that it was prank pull
by Krypto.

18. "The Three Super-Heroes!"
Aug. 1960
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Jim Mooney

This day begans as serveral buses of children from Midvale Orphange
are stopped by a down drawbridge and approaching pots. The bus
driver remark they are going to miss Superman opening the "Superman
Fair" in Metroplis celebrating "Superman Week", but the driver
doesn't one of orphan he's driving is Supergirl, who sercetly lows
the boats download and super-dress inot the otherside--and then
floats it back to the surface. The driver assumes it's "luck". At
the Superman fair, the orphans look foreward to learning every about
Superman--expect for "his sercet identity or his cousin" according
to Linda Lee. As Superman leaves after the concluison of the amazing
demonstration, he gives a sercet link to Linda. Linda discover an
problem with the cyclotron--but a yellow-hair boy dresses in white
shirt, and green jacket, and yellow bow tie. lauches lighting from
his hands. Lighting Lad tells Linda it was "necessary for you to
give sercet identity" and then tells Kara she find out at the proper
time. If you ask me, Lighting Lad looks a bit better then he was
shocked Superboy. 

After the finish of a lion-taming act, a lion about to rid Kara's
Linda clothing off, but another blonde-hair girl dress in a blue
shirt and yellow skirt, who calms down and force the lion to Earth
the girl. Saturn Girl gives  whisper that similar to Lighting Lad
and same promise--making Kara become a very puzzled Kryptonian. I
think Saturn Girl got the bottom end of the stick with this citizen

So where's the last foundering member, the super-magnetic Comic Boy?
Well, he saves her Kryptonian Rocket Ride from that broken from it's
rope. Comic Boy look the best of the bunch he is dresses in white
shirt polo with a pocket and blue jeans.

Later, Supergirl is puzzled--but she's has another problem. Her
hollow tree that contained her Linda Lee robot is about to bulldozer-
-but if she becomes
Supergirl kids playing baseball will see her. She's assumed she's
going to be discovered--but then the tree isn't hollow by the look
of things-I assumed that Superman put a battery charger for the
robot at the bottom of the hollow tree. It's turns out the Lidna Lee
robot comes out from another wood lot. After the explains of their
moving her Linda Lee robot. I wonder if Superman told the Legion of
Sueprheroes about the bull-dozer tree--and allow them to confuse his
cousin? Then she knows the three Legion members: Comic Boy, Lighting
Lad and Saturn. Thought Jerry says they are the kids of the original
version--that's just a big Super-boo-boo, these are the real deals.
She comes with them after ordering her Linda Lee robot to take her
place at the oprhanage. In the future, Legion gets Superboy-like
tour of the future--including a stop at a Ice Cream Palor--Supergirl
gets Superboy's line.

At the the Super-Hero Clubhouse, the Legion members, Colossal Kid,
Invisble Kid, and Chameleon Boy show off their powers are Super-
Growth, Super-Invisiblity and Super-Disguese. Afer learning about
present jet-craft, she's tells them "As you once told me, 'You'll
find out at the proper time!' See you soon!" She  digs a super-
tunnel from the from one of the Earth to the other--and ask if she
can join the Legion--but she's reject--because her something turned
Supergirl into a Superwoman! It's turns out Supergirl was effect by
Red Kryptonite! I her thoughts she's remarks that it's a good thing
that her costume can stretch to any size." A terribly upset
Superwoman flies back to 1960, and hides outs untill she decages
back to normal and goes back to the orphans--and wonder if she get
another chance at the Legion of Superheroes. Jerry tells "But that's
another story! Watch future issues for a
an astounding sequel!"

19. "The Mystery Supergirl"
Sept. 1960
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisit: Jim Mooney

Last story for Vol. #1, so one of my favorite, and the regular duo
of Otto and Jim had the control of Kara for this one. Like most
story this one starts off at Midvale Orphan durning a storm day that
reprevents the kids from playing outside. Kara feels sorry for them,
so in Linda's room she blows the gales to desserted area where
shipping can't be harmed. The headmistress is in shocked. Sometime
later on that same day, in the Orphanage's auditorm, the headmaster
annouces each summer that some of the older children to get
temporany jobs to enable them to learn a trade and earn money--the
she asked intersted children please raise your hands. One of them is
Linda "Supergirl" Lee. Billy Watkins become a door-to-door magazine
salesman, while Bob Cartner veocme mess boy at a lumber camp. So
what about our disgused female alien? She had took a temporary job
as junior reporter for her cousin's work place, the "Daily Planet",
One day while Clark, Lois and Jimmy are on vaction--Perry calls on
Linda, thought in Kara's mind she's notes that Clark isn't on
vaction, burt he's away on an outer-space mission as Superman, Perry
White gives Linda the job of figuring out what Superman's top five
feets are. Linda thinks she's in for easy time--but it's hard to
decide when Superman did a lot of super-terrific feats that Linda
thinks "no wonder they consider him the mightest hero of all time!"

In Metroplis bay, a red hair Supergirl say "hello" to some Coast
Gaurds. One of the Ghost Gaurd takes picture and rushes to reh Daily
Planet and show a picture to Perry White and Linda "Supergirl" Lee.
She tries to get Perry White to put on the caper-but fails. Like her
cousin did many time before, Kara uses the empty stock room and
switches into Supergirl. It's turns out that Kara keeps a spare
Supergirl cosutme together with her Lina Lee robot--and wonders if
the red-hair Supergirl is that robot--but when she to the "Daily
Planet", she gets news of the red-hair Supergirl knocking out a lion
and leopard at a cirus in London's Piccadilly section. Afterwards,
she checks and finds out that her robot is gone. Then she assumed
that Supergirl might be her--effect by Red Kryptonite--it's a good
excuse at any--so that night, Linda was locks herself in the "Daily
Planet" vault. She changes into hero costume and make herself
comfortable while thinking that she's glad that Superman is out in
space because if "he know of the whole world is aware of the
existence of a Spergirl on Earth, he'd be furious with me!" She see
the red-haired Supergirl saves a girl from the Eiffel Tower. Next,
she sees red-hair Supergirl saves a matador from a bull, then saving
a boat from a iceburg. At dawn, changing into Linda Lee, she's slips
out when the the time-lock mechanism permints. In the new rooms, as
Perry White answer a telephone call--which has come from our
Supergirl. Linda leaves--but soon the red-hair Supergirl shows up,
durning the interview Linda rolls in a Kryptonite--but it's hurts
the red Supergirl--but it doesn't harm Linda. Perry rejects a axe
give to him by Linda by saving "Kryptonite is solid element", but
Lidna tells he to try it--it's turns out it's was fake Kryptonite
created by Linda. She know it was wouldn't harm it but expose her if
she prenteded it hurt her.

Linda's speak balloon: You can drop the act now, you fake! You're no
more a Supergirl from Krypton than I am!
Linda's think balloon: Correction!  I really am!
The faker: I guess you got me!

Perry White is pleased and ask how did she know. Supergirl tells
it's intution. Yep, this is mystery that Kara's super-intution help
her out--as Kara's puts it: "I have one super-power doesn't! Since
I'm a girl, I have feminine intution, but to a super-degree!" (Holy
Super-Sister, Batman!) Now, Perry tells with the fake Supergirl and
wonders how they fake super-speed and why did they pull the hoax in
the first place. The fake Supergirl replied, "I had hope the hoax
could be prolonged for at least serveeral more horus, come with me,
and you'll learn all you want to know." It's turns out it was Ace
Studio is behind it for publicity stunt for a new movie. The stuido
publicity cheif conducts a tour of several bizzare--showing off a
model of Krypton, a backdrop of painting of a Toz, and fake rocket
ship. The pubicity cheif tells movie origin in the movie's
Supergirl. Perry asks how did they do the haox. It's turns out it
was 5 girls of similar wearning red wigs. They were station and told
when to do their stunts. A brown-haired girl reveal that the lions
were knock out by gas-knockout gas  from a hidden ring. A blonde-
haired girl tells Perry that the "body" she save from "Paris" was a
dummy tossed off by a confederate.  The black-haired girl reveal
that two effects--1) that her X-ray vision was faked by tiny
projector, but a bomb--and 2) it wasn't a real iceburg it was made
of glass floating on pontoons.  Even thought Ace Studio's hoax has
been founded out--but the publicity cheif is pleased with the stunt.
When Clark Kent comes back from his breif vaction, "I understand you
were in quite a tough spot while I was gone, Linda. I'm pround of
the way you exposed that fake Supergirl." Linda thinks to
herself, "Thank goodness that it's all ended with Superman being
pround of me, instead of being angry!" On Linda's last day, Perry is
pleased with Linda's Superman article because it was popular, and he
wonders if she will join the Planet staff when she grows up. Linda
replied "Oh, I'd adore that!"  Later, back at Midville Orphange, she
get to see Ace Studio's movie, "The Supergirl Form Kryptonite".
Linda gets shock--but for moment when two orphan chat.

Black-haired boy: Too bad a Supergirl doesn't really exist on our
Ernie: Boy, if only she were right here in this orphanage, sercetly
pretending to be one of us? But no such luck! Can you imagine a
Supergirl pretending to be an orbinary girl like..uh.Linda Lee?"
Black-hair boy: Linda Lee? HA HA! Ernie, you're a roit!

They don't know it--but Linda is giving the us the Clark-wink.

Flying off,
Dr. Thinker