Action Comic #272
Jan. 1961
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisit: Jim Mooney
Note: Part 1 of 2

One day at Midvale Orphanage, the older girl orphans are helping out
in the kitchen, when the cook discover a problem with a roast beef.
It's not cook full--but heat of of cook's helper,
Linda "Kara 'Supergirl' Zor-El" Lee's x-ray vision roast the beef to
very well cooked. Even know, Linda is pleased--she hopes to do
stunts similar to Superman, her super-cousin.

The next day in general science class, Linda hears the teacher
speaks about doubles--this double-talk gives Linda a idea. Changing
into Kara, she sends
her robot to her place--and super-speeds herself to the Kal-El's
Fortess of Solitude. Though the first panel of page 3 has them mind-
reading each other--I belive that this a mistake--I belive they are
talking to get. Anyway to get the super-train back on the super-
track--pardon the mess-up of super-puns--Kara asks Kal-El if they is
a double of Earth. Kal-El tells Kara to use his super-computer. Kara
inputs the major facts about Earth--plus picture of Kara and Kal-El
into Superman's computer. Suprizing, the computer puts out the
following facts:

"The planet, Terra, around Star-Sun-X45-266, duplicates most earthly
phenoma, including two person with super-powers."

Now, we get Supergirl's plan, she is going to ahead to Terra, and if
she pefroms super-feats without mistakes, "it will be proof that
she's ready for my debut on Earth." Kal-El wishes Kara good luck!

In space above, Terra, Supergirl discovers that Terra is a twin of
Earth--but "Florida" is but bigger. Another oddity is that Statue of
Liberty holds a banner instead of a torch! Another difference is
that Eiffel Tower is in America instead of France. "Anyway, poeple,
their clothes, and their language are the same as on Earth. There
are slightly changes, litke this carbon copy of Metroplis city which
is called Macroplis." Changing into Linda Lee, she spots a lady
walking a tiny elephant and a kid ridding a four-wheel cycle. At the
Macroplis Zoo, Linda discover that tigers are tiny and timd as
rabbits here and a huge rabbit is like a feirce tiger. At that time,
the tigerrabbit breaks out. Linda is about to change until she spots-
-and assumes that double of Superman's double is the one that arrive-
-but it's turns out Linda's double--Marvel Maid! Marvel Maid is
dresse in a similar Supergirl outfit--with one expection double MM
on her costume instead of S on it. Marvel Maid using the broken
cages pieces like spears to fence in the tigerrabbit. Afterworlds,
the Terrains give her the sign as a trophy of one of M.M's super-
deed. Marvel Maid decides to bring to her Fortess of Marvels. As
Supergirl, Kara follows Marvel Maid into space. Kara discover the
Fortess is in Terra's orbit and Marvel Maid's key is hung on a
radioactive sattellite! As Marvel Maid is unlocking the door--
Supergirl slips in super-quicky.

Seeing Supergirl for the first time, Marvel Maid remarks, "Huh?
I..uh.don't remember putting a mirror there!" Supergirl
replaces: "I'm not your relection!" After explains are given, Kara
aks Marvel Maid if she come from's turns out Marvel Maid
is a come from a underground city that existed in a gaint cavern in
the center of this world--but like Krypton--it was doomed by a cave-
in. Marvel Maid's father, Jaal-Kor, send her to the surface in a
small rocket-borer. Just like Superman, the baby girl is found by a
passing company--and the girl startled her foster parents will her
super-powers. Surpizing M.M's powers were given by comsic rays, and
she grow up as the heroine of Terra. Kara ask if they is no double
of Superman here? But before M.M can answer, her space alarm rings!
She has to help save a prehistoric world from a very huge forest
fire. Kara decides to take her place to proof to her cousin that she
can handle any superjob without making a mistakes! M.M tells her to
study her sercet identity befire ny absence is noted. Superizing,
M.M's sercet identity is Lea Lindy, a cub reporter--and she works at
the Marcorolis version of the "Daily Planet". Kara is pleased--
because it fools Perry White since Lea Lindy and Linda Lee are
like "too peas in a pod."

After glue on MM symbol over her "S" symbol, Kara gets her mission
while patroling the harbor. A ship is about to ram into the ice burn-
-but when Kara heat-vision an iceburg which turns into flames before
here on--then Kara shoves the ship--makes a remark that "they is
nobody to help me with this double job." Meanwhile at a prsion
cell, "a man that looks like Clark Kent...and acts like Superman"
exist. The Superman double--aslo having the double MM that Marvel
Maid has goes a tunnel in the bottom of the cell. As Supergirl
returns, she sees the Superman double pushing the iceburg into the
ocean, then she remarks that his cousin is "slipping!" He aslo
reveal that the ice is a false iceburg made out of flammable salts
that crystallized out of sea water!"

Kara reveals that she's isn't Marvel Maid, revela that she's only
subsstituting for her the ral one while she's away on a space job.
The Superman double is shock: "Great Scott! You're an exact double
of my cousin! Tell me all about yourself and why you come to Terra!"
After learns, we learn that Jaal-Kor's brother alos knew of the
coming disater and sent me away in rock penetrator--but the
Superman's double's rock penetrator was effect volcanic gases that
seeepd in and put me into suspended animation. "A big [Terra-]quake
tossed my rock rentrator to the sufrace, I burst freed as Marvel
Maid flew by on her regular patrol!" After getting a similar suit to
Marvel Maid's one--Marvel Man, as Marvel Maid, calls coun't fly.
Flying with Kara remarks that odd that this world super-cousins are
backward from Earth's supertwin! She's also suprized that Marvel
Maid is in jail--but the reason is that he had no identifications
papers--Marvel Maid gots her papers from her foster parents. She
aslo discovers by the use of X-ray vision that Marvel Man's
identity, Ken Clark--and discover a problem--that a sciencist has
come up with a muscle serum that he wants to test on the weakness
person. Kara helps Kent-in wich she use her super-breath to break a
rock to bits. Ken gives Kara a super-style wink. The next problem is
the Fortess of Marvel has is failing. Marvel Man is going to wait
for the Fortess--while Kara is going to check for humans. She founds
some human--and create a diamond--unware that she created Marvel
Maid and Marvel Man's weakness--but she learn it when she return to
check on Marvel Man! Terra has banned all diamonds jewerly become it
bring death to Marvel Maid!

Kara ends this will saying: "I didn't help you prove yourself to
marvel Maid..nor myself to Superman! Oh, what a mess I've made of
things here on Terra."

Otto tells to see the next Action Comic to see the outcome of
Supergirl's great dilemma including twists of fates.

Action Comic #273
Feb. 1961
Writer: Otto Binder
Artisit: Jim Mooney
Note: Part 2 of 2.

The story open with a summary of the difference of Terra from Earth--
such as Flordia is larger on Terra then it is on Earth, the Effiel
Tower is in America, and the Statue of Liberty holdes a banner
instead of a torch--but on Terra, the cities, languages and people
are exactly the same as on Earth--but with two super-powered
expections--is Lea "Marvel Maid" Lindy and Ken "Marvel Man" Clark--
thought Marvel Man is still in sercet until Marvel Maid decides that
he's finally trained. This oddity is the most amazing of all to Kara
Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl who come to Terra to proof to Superman that
she do super-speed without mistakes--doesn't need more training and
let her reveal herself. Kara reminds in her thought that she's is
replacing Marvel Maid, while the real Marvel Maid is she handle a
forrest fire on a prehistoric world. The Fortess of Marvel failed to
Terra, and pretendly Kara and Marvel Man are tending to it--by first
repairing the outside. After finishing the outside. Kara & Marvel
Maid recreate the following: a model of the the underground
civilization where Marvel Maid and Marvel Man were born; the Marvel
Maid's rock-boring rockets; a planetaium model of the their solar
system which shocks Supergirl become the Mars has rings like Saturn
and their Jutiper has more then one red spot; one of Lex Luthor's
old weapon--a disntergrating ray which was flung into space. 

When they interior is fixed, Kara and Marvel Maid flies into space
to place the Fortess of Marvels back in orbit--Kara will wait for
Marvel Maid's return--but Marvel Man has to reutrn to his jail cell
to save his sercet identity, Ken Clark. When the real Marvel Maid
show up, Kara tells what's being going on while she's gone.
Suprizing, Supergirl's next job is a saving a space rocket from
hitting Terra--and discovers that Terra citizens uss Astronatuess
as "their Space Columbus!" After that event, Marvel Maid praises
Supergirl for a "really good" job, but Supergirl rejects it--but
Marvel Maid remarks that Supergirl is "too modest", and she's going
to Earth to tell Superman that Supergirl doesn't need anymore
training. Kara wonders if Marvel Maid is going to make her dream
come true.

On Earth, M.M. checks out Kara's Linda Lee's robot with her x-ray
vision--and discover the robot motor is working fine! M.M sercetly
aheads for Superman's city of Metroplis, but when she get close she
has to use her invurable body and super-speed to save a cable car
pasting a moutain honoring Superman and Krypto. Superman arrives--
and confuses M.M. for Kara--and talking super-fast--that M.M can't
get a word in edgewise--as Kara remarks. But after
showing off Superman & Supergirl robots--and Supergirl films. He
the true about his alien female is Superman's super-double from
Terra, Marvel Maid. M.M tells about the events from Part 1--and try
to twist to so Supergirl can be revealed on Earth. Superman turnes
in Terra on his Space Monitor screen to watch Supergirl do a super-
stunt. Her next stunt is to lift up a bride--unware that it was one
of Terra's sinking briges allowing the ship to go over. Marvel Man
is able to reverse the ship's propeller--but
both Marvel Maid and Superman has different opinions on what happen.

M.M: The ship back up in time! My cousin [,] Marvel Man [,] save the
KAL-EL: But it looks like my cousin [,] Supergirl [,] pull a big boo-
M.M: No [,] Superman...Look! Naturally, traffic was stopped before
the sinking bridge went down, but one car was stalled! By rapidly
shoving the bridge up, Supergirl really save peopled from drowining!"

Marvel Maid leaves--assumes that Supergirl will be reveal to the
Earth, and she returns to Terra to have Marvel Man to be reveal at a
charity show
at Macropolis--thought the Terrans are puzzled at first--Marvel Maid
that it's her cousin--who was her sercet super-weapon--but now he
becoms Marvel Maid's super-parter and shares in his super-duties.

Back on Earth, after getting rid of the fake MM symbol, Kara
discovers that Kal-El is putting back and tells her plan backfired
on Kara. It's turns out they was a book in the Macropolis that
revealed all the wonders of Terra.

Kara "gets it!" Her biggest boo-boo was not studying the difference
Terra annd Earth right away--"each of 'my mistakes' could've been
Kal-El remarks he always does the same when he visit a strange
civilization he make sure to visit one of their library, so NOTHING
takes him by suprize.

At the end, as Kara resumes her role of Linda Lee, she's is
thinking: "I goofed! But at least I know that my cousin [,] Superman
[,] is rooting for me! Someday, when I'm really ready! He'll be
happy to make me his super-power!"

BONUS STUFF: Between this story and the next, they is a small list
of hair styles that readers had to pick from--to Linda's replace the
pigtails. Their coices was the following:

1. Linda's regular twin-pigtails
2. "Pony Tail Sophisticate"
3. "Lori Lemaris Special"
4. "Kitten Cut"
5. "Campus Cuddle-Bun"
6. "Contempo Cut"

I think Uncle Morty was going for the Number 6 when he order Jim
Mooney to do this hair-voting thing--but I won't reveal the winner
until I do the the nine-part arc which will be covered in the next

Action Comic #274
March 1961
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artisit: Jim Mooney

At Midvale Orphanage on after noon, Kara in her Linda indentity is
the famous swimming champion, John Stark, who is getting acquainting
with Eddie Moran, a orphabn. When Mr. Stark gets a camp, Eddie save
him--with the sercet help of Kara. The result is that Mr. Stark
adopts Eddie.

The next morning, in Midvale High School, Linda's history teacher
them to write an essay on the most famous person of the past she
would love
to meet. Linda thinks it's going to fun. Using her telescope, Kara
looks into
the school library, super-reading their books--but she can't choice
three humans to write about--Betty Ross, Pocahontas, & Anne Oakley.
That night, Supergirl takes off for the past.

Kara's first stop is 1885, where she discovers Annie Oakly, who
looks like Supergirl, in western gears at Buffalo Bill's Wild West
Show, but her telescopic reveals that she's perspiring. Annie and a
workmate named Frank talk:

Frank: Annie, you're plumb loco* [,] if you perform at the show
today, with the fever you've got! Let me tell Buffalo Bill you're to
sick to go!
Annie: Don't you dare do that, Frank! Becky Daggart will be in the
audience today! When we were kids, she looked down her nose at me
like I was trash, just 'cause I was poor and never wore fancy dress.
This is my chance to prove I'm as good as she is! Help me to the
hotel so I can get some rest the before show...
Frank: Okay, if that's the way you want!

* - out-of-your mind crazy!

Unknown to Annie, her fever makes her unconscious. Kara gets the
idea to become the character herself--Annie Oakley--and "will she a
show Becky Daggart a show she'll never forget!"  She has have no
problems with tricking riding, and successfull shotting a dozen
silver dollars in the air. But Kara Oakly has some trouble when she
had to use a gun to shot off two candle off of the heads off two man-
-the green rock, Kryptonite! Kara is puzzled--since the planet,
Krypton, is still in one peice at this time--but out for the range
of deadly Kryptonite, she success pulls out a success trick. After
returning the suit to Annie's room Kara makes a swift act into the
time dream--to have to 1776. Back in 1985, just after Annie gets
call from Becky. Annie assumed that she performed and returned to
the room to get some rest--the fever erased the Annie's memory.

In 1997, from a roof day, she sees the famous General George
Washington and his sercet committe into seamstress Betsoy Ross's
upholstey shop. "Facinated, Supergiorl uses her super-vision to
observe what happens next. Gen. George  is given a sketch of the
famous "Old Gory" to Betty. Betty will send the completed flag to
you by messenger. On the the way, the wind below into
the fire. Taking a British flag from the camp of British redcoats
and blue jacket from the scarescrow on a farm. Kara even takes a bit
of time to change the look of the Scarescrow's face. Kara quicky
unravels both the flag and the jacket and creates the excat
duplicate of the flag destoryed in the fire--thtreen stars and
stripes representing the 13 colonies which had broken away from
England to form the United States of America. Kara remarks in her
thoughts that "little do the patriots know that American will
someday have 50 states!" Hidden from view--behind the fire, Kara
super-blows the flag back to the messager. Hidding herself in some
plants on George Washington's residence, eagar to witness the
presentation of the flag to Gen. Washington--she feel pain--and
discover the rock Gen. Washignton is sitting on--is Green Kryptonite-
-talking off. Using super-vision from Supergirk, Kara looks  as
George Washignotn look over the flag.

After this, she flies to December of 1607 A.D. to a Indian villain
near to the Jamestown, Virgina. The Chickahominy Tribe execuitor is
about to kill Capt. John Smith, but like in the history books,
Pocahontas saves Capt. Smith's life. While following Pochantas
thought the woods,Kara witness Pochatas's kidnapping by warriors
another trouble. She sees that another cheif gives order to his
Native Americans. Going to Cheif Powhatan, Pocahontas's father,
Running Deer, the Cheif Crazy Antolope's message boy,
tells Cheif Powhatan, to give up his hunting grounds to our tribe
and depart or Pocahontas dies. Cheif Powhatan rejects. Kara
thinks "Cheif Powhatan loves his daughter, but it's against his
tribe's code to surrender without a fight." Meanwhile, Pochantas is
praying to the Indian god, Manitou, to be saved. Kara uses a Indian
pipe to put smoke to fill the wigwam up with smoke--so she can save
Pochantas. After dropping Pochantas off in forest, Kara borrows the
Indain maiden's headdress--and truns to that wigwam and teach
Pochantas's kidnappers a "badly needed lesson!" Kara is led out of
the wigwam to a suprize of the Native Americans. After allowing
herself to be tied to stake and the state is put on the fire, Kara
shocks the Native Ameican will breaking their rope and their
discover that fire can't hurt her. The Native American break-out
their arrows--but they just break against Kara's body. A shaman
vowed that he will "drestory her with her tomahawk"--but Kara
insults him--unware that it was made from Green Kryptonite!
Immedaitey, Kara crashes into the time barrier--to return to 1961.
Her first stop is Superman's Fortess of Solitude, where she
discovers Kal-El and relates her discover.

But Superman know what's up, and he had guess the answer! Superman
tossed a H-Bomb into out space to save some Army Man--and that H-Bomb
blasted a Kryptonite meteor--Superman thought it was the Kryptonite
was vaporized by H-Bomb--but the H-Bomb just send the pieces into
various era. Superman remarks "What a startling complication!"

The following day in Linda's classroom, Linda is "scooped" by her
classmate--but she uses her super-vision and super-speed to write
another essay. After giving to her history teacher a essay about
Joan of Arc, the teacher remarked
that Joan of Arc was "a short" Kara thinks that
this is
"an ironic ending to my most mysterious adventure!"

Action Comic #275
April 1961
Writer: Jerry Seigel
Artist: Jim Mooney

Wonding what happen if Jor-El and Laura Jor-El had a daughter
instead of a son? In thsi story, "amazing diifferent path fate could

This starts  on day while Kara is visting Kal-El at his Fortess.
Superman show off is tableau rrecerate a typical family scence from
Superman's days as Superboy--but something is bugging Kal-El. Kara
is crying!

Kal-El: Why, Supergirl! You're crying! What...?
Kara: I'm sorry! (sniff) -- When I see how you have loving foster-
parents and I...
Kal-El: ...Don't?!..Cheer up! Some dahy, when I feel you're ready,
you too may have foster parents!
Kara: (snob) "Some day" sounds very distant!

A sad Supergirl flies back to to Midval orphange, where she resumes
her sercet identity as Linda Lee, and that night as she goes to pad--
Kara wonders how her life I, instead of Superman, come to Earth as
an infant! Soon, an astounding dream's start point is
the famous planet Krypton, years ago!

Jor-El: Lara! Our planet Krypton is being shaken by landquakes! It's
about to explode!
Laura: But our baby daughter, Kara,  will survive in the
experimental rocket you're sending to Earth, Jor-El!

"In the dream, as Krypton explodes the rocket ship escape it's baby
girl passenger--in real life--it was been a baby boy who survived!"

The dream shifts to Smallville  and repeats the familar founding of
the baby Superman by the Kents--including the dump-off at the
Smallville Orphanage, and being adopted by the Kents, and give the
name of Linda Kent. This dream is weird--and it's going to get even
weirder by the time it's done!

Quicky, the Kents discovers Linda has super-powers--but a problem
arrives--Linda keeps burning her dresses. Lucky, the Kents had saved
the space blankets--like it in real life. As baby Linda obeys,
instead of using glasses--like Clark did in real life--in the dream,
the Kents give Linda a dark wig--and prentedd that her hair darened
as she grew older. One night, durning a fearful storm, the dream
Kara wrecks the house--so the Kents bought
a house next to the farm that Lex Luthor grew up--and acrosst he
street is Bob Benson.

The years go by and Linda grows inot a teen-agers, Lex offers to
carry her books--which she accepted--thought her mind she "rather
have Bob Benson do it! He's much handsomer then Lex, but Bob won't
even look at me!" Later in a soda shop, she moans in her
mind, "Lucky, Lana Lang! She's got Bob, and I'm stuck with Lex!"

Soon, Kara learned how to control  of her mighty powers and she is
give her Supergirl costume wove from the Kryptonian blankets.

Mrs. Kent: When in your Supergirl identity, you won't wear the
dark "Linda Kent" wig, of course!
Mr. Kent: You natural blonde hair will confuse any foes you may get!
If they can't learn Supergirl's other identity, they won't be able
to hinder you by threatening to hurt your parents!"

Smallville is astouded as the Girl of Steel publicily streaks along
on patrol for the first time! Her first Superjob is to rip a gondola
free from the dirigble before the flames can reach it. "The entire
world is amazed as new of her existence is broadcast
everywhere!" "Quicky," crooks learned to "regret her existence"

Crook: Oh-Oh! It's that crime-smashing SUPERGIRL! The bullets b-
bounce off her!"
Kara: So you want to get into that safe, eh? Be my guest! I disarmed
all and now I'm locking them in! You can free them when then police
Bank Owner: Thank you, Supergirl! What a benefit to you are to law
and order.

One day, Kara spots a Kryptonian rocket ship. For a moment, in real
life--the real Kara stirs in her sleeps.

The real Kara: I know this is just a dream! Hmmm..that must be a
experiment rocket Jor-El once shot into space and now it's drifting
with it's passsenger Krypto!

But as the dream resumes, instead of the super-dog, it's a super-
parrot. If I was writting this story--I would have used a orange
Kryptonian cat. She successfully trains the super-parrot which she
calls "Squawky" to control his power--and how to talk! No one
outside of the foster parents even expects Linda Kent is Supergirl.
In the dream world, she cleans up for Martha Kent, but migthy as she
is, Linda as private srrow--one afternoon at a school dance.

Lex:  Ask Linda for a dance, Bomb! She likes you!
Bob: Me dance with that wallflower? Not a change!
Lex: Shhh! She might hear you!
Bob: So what, Lex? Who cares.

Linda had heard overheard them with them with her super-hearing, and
that it was "kind of Lex to try to spare my feelings. Lex may be a
farm boy now, but he hopes to become a great scientist some day an
I'm sure he will!"

Jerry remarks "What irony! In real life, young Lex Luthor was
Superboy's foe, who grew up to become Superman's greatest enemy! But
in Supergirl's dream, Lex is a  clean-cut considerate youth!"

In Kara's dream world, on Valentine's Day, Martha discovers that
Linda is crying because Lana got laod of beatiful valentines, but
she only get one card! Martha takes at look at the Valentine Day's
card--Next to a very disguesting picture of a girl is the
words: "Wanna know why you don't make boys flip? It's manly beacause
you are a drip! Isn't it the truth? Ha, Ha!"--and the card is
anonymous--but I got a feeling that it was written by Bob Benson.

Mrs. Kent: Oh, how cruel!
Linda: (sob) My masquerade as a dull, uninteresting girl...
(sob) succeeding too well (sob) (sob) Will it always be like
this, mon? Will bob...I mean, boys...forerver treat me
Mrs. Kent: We all have our sercet sorrows, Linda! Even Supergirl!

Jerry remarks, "How ironic! In real life, the girl next door to
Clark Kent in Smallville,was Lana Lang, who continaully pestered him
much to Clark's annoyance! But in her  dream, Linda has a crush on
Bob Benson who ingores her..It's just the opposite!"

Thought Bob scorns Linda, he adores Supergirl, countinaully she
rescues him from danger. One morning in school,

Lex: Have you noticed the voice resemblace between Supergirl and
Linda Kent, Bob? Do you think?
Bob: ..That they could possibly be the same girl? Ha, Ha!
Ridiculous, Lex
Kara: (think) So Lex Luthor suspects.

The following day after this day, she sends Squawky to save a
falling pilot, since she's busy with keeping a eye on the class for
the teacher. After the rescuse, Squawky is spotted by a Lex Luthor
who is returing home because of a violent headache--and discovers
Squawky flying into Linda Kent's open window. Lex over hears Squakwy
unwittingly spelling the beans.

Lex: (thinking) All this time, Linda Kent has behaved like a drab
wallflower, she's been putting on act so that people won't susspect
her sercet identity! Clever!

Lex tells a Bob--who disbelives Luthor--and only goes follows Lex to
proof him a fool--but Bob turns out a fool for disbeliving Lex. Bob
but Linda rejects him after discovering the clicking Lex's lunch-box
geiger counter.

Kara: Marry you! Not if you were the last man on
conceited drip!!
Bob: Please marry me! Please! Please!

Now, Kara awakes, and thinks, "What a strange dream! Everything was
reversed. I was the the child of Jor-El and Lara instead of my real
parents...I, instead, of Superman, came to Earth as baby...Lex
Luthor was nice instead of villainous...I had a super-parrot for a
pet instead of Krypto! And in the place of suspicous Lana, there was
scornful Bob!...Goodness! Deams are certainly fantastic! I wonder
what other mixed up dreams I may have some day!"

Jerry tells us to "Watch future issues for more amaazing dreams of
the most astounding girl on Earth!"

Action Comic #276
May 1961
Cover Artisit: Curt Swan & Stan Kaye
Writer: Roberty Bernstien
Pencils: Wayne Boring
Inks: Stan Kaye

COVER: One of the only covers in this issue! As the a lot of little
Supermen trying to bash Supergirl and failing.


One night, outside of Metrioplis as "Daily Planet" reporters,
Clark "Superman" Kent and Lois Lane arrive at a big etate to cover a
story--the death watch of John Kiley, a rich guy that donated to
worthy causes. Kent discovers that John's hero is SUPERMAN--he
belives Clark Kent is Superman. Knowning that John is dying, Clark
reveals he is Superman to him. Pleased with himself, he summons the
doctor and nuse as Clark Kent. The doctor reveals that John "died
with peaceful smile."

Superman must  just had a weekful of crooks with Kryptonite, because
as he's leaving, he remember forgetting turning on an alarm that
registers the entrance of any alien invader or space ship into
Earth's atmosphereh at this Fortess of Solitude--he wants to fly to
his Fortess before returning to the "Daily Planet", Clark lies to
Lois to "hang around", as soon as Lois leaves--Clark changes into
Superman and flies to his Fortess of Solitude to turn on the
interplanetary alarm will only take a second--and decides to time to
say "hello" to my friends in Kandor.

Kal-El: Greetings, Kandorians! I know you can see and hear me on
your Earth Monitor Screen! How's everything in Kandor?
One Kandorian:  We're fine, Superman! We're constantly watching you
on our, Earth Monitor Screen, following your every movment in case
we can sometime be of help to you!
Kal-El: It's good to know that if I'm ever unavilable for some
crisis youc an order you Superman Emergency Squad to go into Action
Kandorians: Right! Since the world knows nothing about us, we'd
become a secret weapons of yours!

Superman is back at  "Daily Planet" at 9:10, to write up the death
note for John Kiley as Clark Kent--but at that same time, John Kily
awakes from a drug that made his heart slow down to nothing--but
only to have the effect wear off in 10 mintunes. It's turns of John
Kiley is the head of the Anti-Superman Gang--a group of Earth-bound
crooks that plots time to time to drestory Superman! The doctor
belives that could be the "halluicination" of the drug--but John is
belives Clark IS SUPERMAN!. Thought last panle on page 7 shows John
talking--he's got more like he's thinking: "What a hoax! Metroplis'
finest citizens have come to pay their respects to the dead! if they
only knew there's a dummy in that coffin! And that after he kills
Superman, Kiley will start a new life as a South American

Hidding the Kryptonite in a mine--and blast his own mine to make a
fake "cave-in" to lure reporters to it. One of the Anti-Superman
Gang ask about Superman's robot, but John Kiley has idea to parked a
electric machines parked by  Kent's house. The robot would be
stopped by electric static.

Later that day, the miners lures Clark into the Kryptonite trap--but
he discovers that John was his "arch-enemy". Lex Luthor mostly like
hadn't show his face for long time! Superman summons the the
Kandorian--and tell Kandorian to get Supergirl and tell her "green
paint". THe S.E.S. lift the bottled city in a rocket ship, get
sprayed by an enlarging gas, lift the giant cork, and one got--to
superpowers--so they can fly to Midvale Orphange and get Kara.
Suprizing, they find her talking her talking a walk. Using her own X-
ray vision, Kara gets the idea-and tells he a galloon of green paint
and a spayer in the basement. The S.E.S. get them, then they poor
the paint into the spray--then Kara adds lead ore into it. When they
arrive, Kara quicky sprays paint the Kryptonite--save Kal-El! They
hide themside outside to help Superman get out of the latest things.
When Clark heards one of John's man remarks that doctpr was right--
the fumes gives off the halluctions"! Clark uses his x-ray vision to
releasing the fumes! Clark gets orders to Kara to change into Linda
Lee allow the crooks to get her pick up
the flowers--then change into Supergirl to lift a tree. John's out--
but Clark wants to the S.E.S. on the act before John's men black out
as well. TheS.E.S is told to  flying their crooks' car around.
Clark's is ready to drive John's men up the wall! The S.E.S. then
attack with Supergirl with rocks and a telephone pole! The line,
Kara say is a gas: "You're wasting your time, Little Supermen! Don't
you know sticks and stones can't hurt a Supergirl?"

When two mobsters fainted, Clark tells them to clean up--and restore
the look of the place before the mobsters inhaled the fumes of that
drug. The next order is for Supergirl to change back into Linda Lee--
while the next order is S.E.S. to hide themselves--but they decide
to remove all the air out--so Kiley and his pal can't escape. 10
mintunes later,

John: The litte girl is here! The tree is in the ground! (gasp) I-I
must'be imagined everything!
Crook #2: Wait Kent's missing! Little girl, did you see a man with
Linda: Yes, he ran that way!
Crook #2: (groans) But looks who's coming this way!
Crook #1: It's Superman! We've done for We may as well be sitting
behind bars right now!
John: We we fooled by a drug, Superman. After we inhaled its fumes,
everybody started to see different things! Everybody looked like
you..even a little girl in pigtails and hundreds of little men
who "weren't there!"
Kal-El: Well I'm no hallucination, Kiley! Clark Kent contacted me
and told me everything! You'll do a nice stretch in prision for this

When it's safe for Superman's friends to come out of hiding.

Kara: Ha Ha! We played a good joke on the Anti-Superman Gang!
S.E.S. Member: Yes! But we can only help you a few more tiems before
we exhaust our supply of the rare gas!
Kal-El: Which is all the more reason I must rely more and more on
Supergirl as my secret weapon!

Action Comic #276
May 1961
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artisit: Jim Mooney

One late afteroon at Midvale Ophnange, Linda "Kara 'Supergirl Zor-
El" Lee is
watching television with some other oprhans. The show is the "Frank
Hudson Show". Aslo Frank Hudson is Janice's favorite TV star. Janice
just got a  person fan-letter from Frank Hudson, "today." Janice's
friend aslo has a boyfriend named Clarence who is a "creep". Kara is
bit sad that she has
no friends--because of her promise to Superman to keep her existance
a serct. But she gets a mind message. Changing into Supergirl, Kara
tells her robot to take her place at the Ophanage, while she meets
the mind messager at Cranston Creek.

At Cranston Creek, she get a three humans--one with the lead-mask,
one ghost-like girl, and one girl that slipt into three girls. Kara
guesses that the mind messager is Saturn Girl, a Legion members. The
ghost girl is Phantom Girl, and the the three-girls in one is
Triplicate Girl. It's turns out Saturn Girl is back to bring Kara
for another try at the Legion of Superheroes.

A flash back of Kara's failed tryout with the Legion--last year,
Kara travel
to the future to try to enter the Legion of Superhero put failed
when Red Kryptonite turned her into a Superwomen. This time instead
of traveling up her own powers, she joined the Legion in their Time
Machine. In the future Metroplis--er..Smallville, they discover the
two more familar faces, Comic Boy and Lighting Lad at L.O.S.'s
clubhouse. Comic Boy tells give Supergirl and us some new
information: "You'll be up against some mighty trough competition,
Supergirl! We've changed the rules so that one boy and one girl can
become new members each year! An, here comes an applicant who's sure
to suprise you!"

As a blonde hair green skin youth comes dressed in a purple uniform,
Superman tries to place his face that looks hunting familar--but
when the youth puts a card that reads "BRAINIC 5" on the table. He
reveals that he's the decent of Brainic, one of Superman's foul
foes. Brainic 5 tells how Brainic got his just desserts by being
shrinked by his own shrink ray when he attempted to shrink Earth!
Kara thinks Brainic 5 is lying for some reason--but Brainic 5 tells
that Koko's Brainic's pet accidently learned against the off-button
on Brainic's Ultra-Force-Shield. Kara get watch the others--
including Bouncing Boy and Sun Boy perform. Once again, Kara decides
to dig--but this time around she digged up the following treasures:

1. King Authur's sword, Excalibur
2. Archilles's helmet
3. King Richard the Lion-Hearted's Sheild.

After getting them to the three Legion, Brainic 5 tells Kara to put
a Brainic 5's belt. Kara is suprize when no ill effects happens when
Green Kryptonite meteor arrives--but she figures out that the belt
is a force-shield protecting her from the Kryptonite readiations

Kara: Brainic 5, you saved my life by loaning me your force-sheild
bet, but you could have lost your own life. Why did you do it?
B.5.: I'm no villain, althought my ancestor was! I'm glady sacrifice
my life to save yours, any time!
Kara: (thinking) He's sweet! (talking) I'll the force-sheidl to you
now that the meteor is gone!
B.5: No. Keep it, always I quicky adjusted the controls to your
vibrational rate, it'll only work for you!

It's turns out both Supergirl and Brainic 5 are added--Supergirl
become of the her one-of-a-kind treasure hunt & Brainic's loaning of
his force belt to Supergirl--"thought it would have might cost him
is life"

B.5: Please remian and be my girl!
Kara: I'm sorry, Brainic 5! I must return to my own-time era to be
Superman's emergency weapon! Someday we'll meet again!

It's turns since Kara travel via Time Machine, she gets to keep
B.5's  force-belt She gets Lori to hunt down a old Kryptonite that
hurled Superman put into the lead chest and throw to see. She takes
the piece of Kryptonite! While trying to get rid out it in space,
she meets up with Krypto--who for a moment--thinks Kara is carrying
fake Kryptonite--but he have a funny thought: "YEOWLP! I'm getting
outta here! That's real Kryponite! -- I don't understand why it
brothers me and not her! And I'm not hanging around to find out why,
either! -- Earth - here I come!" Kara heads a lead metoer in a
distant universe far from the "Milk Way"--to bury it so the
Kryptonite can't hurt Superman--but space mine blast ruins
Supergirl's belt-. "Discarding the now worhlewss force-sheild belt,
Supergirl resumes her identity of Linda Lee" at Midvale Ophanage.

Janice: Haven't you got a boy-friend, Linda?
Linda: I guess not
Janice's girlfriend: Too bad! Every girl should have one even if she
has to settle for a drip like--uh--Clarence.
Linda: (thinking) I couldn't tell them I have too boyfriend! One-- a
merman youth a the bottom of the ocean--the other, the great-great-
great-great grandson of the greatest space villain of all time!
They'd have thought I was either crazy, or lying!"

Silly ending was it?

Action Comic #277
June 1961
Cover Artist: Curt Swan & Stan Kaye.
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artisit: Jim Mooney

COVER: Krypto & Streaky are playing tug-of-war with Superman
cheering for Krypto and Supergirl is cheering on Streaky.


One afteroon at Midvalle Oprhanage, Linda "Supergirl" Lee is getting
some bad news--that the Morgans had just signed adoption papers.
Supergirl feels upset and if the burst wasn't between Mr. Galloway
her and the bus--she could use her super-power--but she notes they
look very "angry"--Linda discovers the answer when Mr. Galloway
turns toward Linda.

Mr. Galloway: You MEAN thing! You deliberately gave the bust ugly,
sneering features!
Mr. Morgans: We don't want to adopt a BRAT! The adoption's off!
Linda: (thinking) B-But I gave the bust handosme features! What in
the world?

The answer comes when she looks out a window, Linda discover Krypto
was flying on patrol! He saw Linda's trouble and used his heat
vision so turn the smiling features into a terrible score. Quicky
changing into her Supergirl costume, and talking a dress--she flies
to Krypto aned pets him while saying: "Krypto! You're so sweet to
help me out of that tight spot! How smart you are! No wonder
Superman adores you!" Unware that a unware that "unsuper" Streaky is
very angry at Krypto and the cat assumed that Krypto is stealing
Supergirl's love from him. Silly cat! Thought, she attempts to call
him back, it fails--anyway, she gives the dress into her Linda Lee
robot--and she was going to romp with Krypto. Meanwhile, Streaky
gets another sniff-full of X-Kryptonite. After short summary of
Streaky's origin, we see Streaky angry attacking Krypto!

"Hearing a ear-spittling yowling" brings Superman in. Superman
decides to split up the two-Superman bet. Supergirl reveals that
Streaky is "jealous because he saw me petting Krypto!  I only did so
because he had done a good deed fore me!" Superman decides to a "tug-
of-war"--but before Streaky and Krypto got at it--Supergirl gives
Streaky a super-cape--and Krypto is cheered up by Superman.

As the cat and dog play tug-of-war is happening, in Metroplis, the
mayor is about to dig hole for a new subway--back at the tug-war
between--it's turns out neither won--and the force of the break of
the chain forces Krypto all way to Metroplis and down fall though
the ground right next to the Metroplis's mayor's feet--and get
thanks from the mayor--uping Streaky's annoyance.

Superman tells Supergirl to take them the "two hotheads" to "another
planet to continue their battl;e of skills on another word where
they can't cause accidental damagae" while he resume his patrol.
Kara obeys--and discovers
a planet. They discover a cute boucing animal that looks a living
rubber ball!

The first contest on the planet is a drive on the lake. Streaky is
up first--and he flies around the planet and then pounces non-
chalantly downard. Streaky hopes "that Krypto doesn't drop dead with
envy!"  Krypto plans before he hits the water I'll dance the cha-cha-
cha--wave my cape like a flag, then fisnish the dive while saluting--
but Streaky drains the water--thought win--not because the trick--
but because his drive was fancy. Next up is a foot-race--but Streaky
tries to get to Supergirl--but he's stuck in one stop--but Krypto
has reserve the planet with his super-paws!  Turning around--and
speeding quicky Krypto wins the foot race. The next contest is a
pain-the-tail-on-the-monster with a skeleton---with Krypto and
Streaky wearning lead-maskes. Streaky wins this one--but after Kara
removes the lead-mask--they discover the skeleton has become a
living bird-monster--but abruply Streaky become giant--sending the
bird-monster flying into outer space. After Streaky returns to
normal, Kara ask if they want to stay--to wag their tails--both do.
The final event is a flying contest to a large bone. The largebone
becomes a funny bone--Kara planes on listing--but they accidently
fall into a hole with Green Kryptonite--Streaky tries to rescuses
them--but loses his powers. Kara wishes the Kryptonite didn't harm--
and Krypto heards noises--which leads them to the "Headquaters of
the Interplantery Multi-Dimensonal Practical Joker's Club" which is
his laughter, is the imp foe of Superman, Mr. Mxyzpltk! It's turns
out that bouncing ball animal was messing around with one of Myx's
machines. On the planet's surface, Krypto and Streaky are happy--but
a new arrival--the adult Super-Monkey makes appear! Kara calls
him "cute", Krypto remarks "he is not", and Streaky remarks "Another
rival". After creating a space globe to carry Streaky, she returns
to Earth to recome the Midvale Orphanage weirdness girl, Linda Lee.

Kara: (thinking) Imagine! A practical joke planetiod! I wonder if
we'll ever meet that darling super-monkey agains, Streaky...
Streaky: (thinking) If I'm super when I meet him--Pow!!

Jerry remarks "Coming soon! The amazing sequel to this new feud." I
belive this never happen--but Streaky, Comet, Beppo, and Krypto
become the Legion of Super-Pets.


I'm saving the last nine for the final part of the review--since
it's off course the famous nine-part arc that leads Supergirl to her
dream come true!

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker