Adventures of Bob Hope 77

Adventures of Bob Hope 77
October - November, 1962

Writer:  ??
Artist: Looks like Bob Oksner to me

Bob, apparently broke and hungry, is in the library trying to suppress his appetite by looking at books with pictures of food. He meets a gorgeous young blonde girl who is there looking for a book about ESP. Sensing an opportunity to get in good with this glamorous chick, Bob manages to convince her he is an expert on mind reading by telling her he can read his landlady's mind, wondering when Bob will pay his rent.

This is just great, because now Bob can fill in for Svengolly, the master mind reader, who was going to perform at her mother's party, but he backed out. Bob isn't sure, until she mentions that her mother is rich, and that makes up his mind for him.

Off they go to her home, which is a castle. They are so rich the gardener lives in a mansion!  Inside Bob meets Mother, who is very happy that Bob has agreed to substitute for Svengolly with a few mind-reading stunts.

Bob is shown to his room by the girl, whose name we learn is Peggy Richstuff, and Bob, ever the romantic, tries to put the moves on her. Left alone, Bob decides he'd better get away before the party before "somebody reads my mind and finds out I'm a fake!" He starts to climb out the window but falls to the ground, where Peggy finds him in a daze, but he convinces her he's just preparing for his mind-reading act by trying to put himself into a trance. Relieved he is all right, Peggy is eager to introduce Bob to her fiance! "I must admit that's one little detail I overlooked in reading your mind!"

Inside they meet up with Russell, who express doubt that Bob is really a mind-reader. Bob offers up a demonstration, stating that Russell is thinking Bob is a phoney who's out for the mother's fortune and using this stunt to steal Peggy away from him. Russell admits that's right, but...

In pops the French maid who interrupts the proceedings by announcing that tea is served. As Bob and Peggy leave the room, Russell and the maid conspire, and she is to call Svengolly to come to the party after all so their plan can be put into effect while Bob is there to distract the guests.

On the patio Bob is entertaining Peggy by reading tea leaves, but declines to read Russell's because he appears to be the coffee type. The maid announces to Peggy that Svengolly can appear tonight after all, and Peggy is excited that there will be two mind-readers at the party! Bob tries to beg off again, but agrees to stay when reminded he'll be paid to perform.

Svengolly appears, and is offended by the amateur, whom he demands leave at once! Bob tries to beg off and just leave, but his blathering is interpreted as a challenge by Svengolly, and a delighted Peggy runs off to tell her mother about the impending mind-reading duel! Bob offers to read the bumps on Svengolly's head if he'll just bend down a bit and let Bob give them to him.

Mother Richstuff arrives and is thrilled by the coming duel. Mother pulls Svengolly into another room to discuss the evening, while Bob tries to take Peggy into the garden to show her a few tricks he has up his sleeve, but when the maid intercedes to try to distract Bob, he decides to pretend he's tired so he can go back to his room and before the party starts. Bob sneaks out to eavesdrop on Svengolly, hoping to pick up some tricks that will help him later, but instead he finds Sven hypnotizing Mother and stealing her jewels, ordering her to forget afterwards. "Cute trick!" Bob thinks, spying through the window.

Later, at the party, Bob appears carrying a round fish bowl, complete with fish, and proceeds to use it as a crystal bowl to read Svengolly's mind. He sees Sven hypnotizing Mother and stealing her jewels, and Peggy notices that they are, indeed, gone from her mothers' neck and wrists!  Russell and the maid yell at Svengolly for getting greedy and taking the jewels when he was just supposed to get the wall safe combination from her!

Svengolly runs away. "I've got von vord -- SCRAM!" Russell and the maid apparently run, too. Peggy tearfully notes that "Sniff. To thint that Russell was one of them..."

Mother is thankful to Bob, but nothing is said of a reward, or even a payment for his mind-reading performance, as we're on the last page and Bob leaves Peggy and the castle. He returns to his apartment where he finds his landlady waiting for his back rent. Bob finds his door blocked by a growling dog, and he knows what's on its mind!

This is the first issue of The Adventures of Bob Hope I've ever read. I'll have to admit it was pretty enjoyable, although there weren't any laugh-out-loud jokes. The art is perfect for this type of humor comic, and the artist, who I think is Bob Oksner, really knew how to draw a pretty, sexy without being sleazy, girl. Bob's characterization was in line with the roles he played in his movies. I wonder if he ever read any of these stories?

-- your pal, Hoy