Uncanny Tales #3: "Crazy"

Uncanny Tales #3
October, 1952

Story: Stan Lee
Art: Jerry Robinson

Driving at over forty miles an hour, he sees too late that the car will
hit a pedestrian. WHAM The driver doesn't stop. He's sure that the man
must be dead. Since no one saw him, he'll keep on driving.

Why should he stop and get mixed up with the authorities? It was just an
accident. But what if the man was still alive and needed help? It's
none of his concern. Someone else can take care of him. Why should he
care? He doesn't even know him. There's a town just ahead. He can use
a good night's sleep. Mountain Gap is a small town and he hopes that
there's a hotel. The folks are staring at him. They must not be used to
seeing strangers in their town.

The driver parks in front of the hotel. He sees a sort of welcoming
committee surrounding the car. The townsfolk are picking up sticks and
stones. They want him to step out of the car. They get some rope and
tie him up. He cries for them to stop. They can't do this. He's
innocent. He didn't do anything. He wonders if they're all crazy? No,
they assure the stranger. They're not crazy. The bound man in the green
suit notices for the first time what the others have seen. The crumpled
figure caught in the front bumper of his red automobile.

The driver in this story is wearing a yellow shirt, brown tie, purple hat
with brown hat band, and a green suit.

There are no gaps when it comes to judgement on the mountain.

This story (and "The Revolt Of Wilbur Bixby!") was reprinted in Where
Monsters Dwell #34 (March, 1975).

Steve Chung