Superman #138: "Superman's Black Magic!"

Superman #138
"Superman's Black Magic!"
July, 1960

Creators: Jerry Siegel (Script)  Al Plastino (Art).

Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent is attending the Daily Planet
masquerade party dressed as the Devil.  It isn't long before the man of
tomorrow pulls off a masquerade of his own in "Superman's Black Magic!"
At the party, Clark is able to figure out that the red-haired Superboy is
really Jimmy Olsen, while Perry White's big stomach reveals this
Superman's identity to Lois Lane.

The girl reporter turns and sees that millionaire Bruce Wayne has come as
the caped crusader.  Others in attendence are wearing the costumes of
Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow.  Clark's telescopic- vision spots
something he has to take care of.  "Duke" Haskell wants "Lefty" Montez to
keep his gang out of his area of Metropolis, with Montez agreeing that
there's plenty for all.  The mild-mannered reporter feigns a stomach ache
from too many refreshments and leaves the party.  Aware that Haskell and
Montez have managed to evade the law due to lack of evidence, the man of
steel gets an idea.  Using his super-strength, Superman extracts some
magnesium dust from some rocks.  He stashes the powder into his cape's

POUFF!  The two mob leaders react to the sudden flash of smoke, and see
the Devil standing before them.  Haskell and Montez are unaware that the
man of steel used his heat-vision to ignite the magnesium powder he has
thrown on the ground.  The two hoods cower, then learn that the fiend has
come with a bargain.  Both are interested in having their greedy visions
come true, and know that the Devil will want something in return.  The
price for the deal will be revealed in due time, but if they don't want
to deal, he will return to his "home."

Haskell and Montez want to hear about the deal, and learn that they will
receive three wishes.  After the two mob leaders converse with one
another, they make their demands.  The first wish is for a million
dollars.  The second wish is for a fortune in diamonds.  The third and
last wish is for the ideal hideout where they will be safe from the law.
Upon hearing their wishes, the Devil laughs, and both hoods wonder what
they've gotten themselves into.  Using his super-speed, the disguised man
of tomorrow takes them to a distant mountain peak.  He gestures for the
million dollars to appear.  The two crime chiefs are unaware that
Superman has used his telescopic-vision to spot two counterfeiters
operating in the woods.  Coker has just printed a million dollars in fake
money and wants his distributor to pay him off in real cash.  The "Devil"
uses his super-breath to cause the counterfeit money to fly away.

Haskell and Montez reach greedily at the falling money, while the "Devil"
sees about the rest of their deal.  POUFF!  While the two hoods play with
the cash, Superman soars to the hollowed redwood trunk hideout of the
counterfeiters.  Coker and his distributor are taken to a branch office
of the F.B.I.  The counterfeiting evidence has been left in Lakeville
Forest.  The "Devil" returns to the mountain peak, where Haskell asks for
the fortune in diamonds.  POUFF!  The two crime bosses are eager to get
rich quick, while Montez is glad to have the fiend do the hard work for

At super-speed, the man of steel finds some coal, and super-squeezes them
with his bare hands.  The carbon has now been changed to diamond, and
soon, the second wish is fulfilled.  As Haskell and Montez reach for the
diamonds, they remind the "Devil" that they have one more wish to go.
The ideal hideout where they can't be caught by the law.  The two hoods
are surprised to find themselves being taken down a bottomless pit.
Unbeknowst to either mob boss, the pit leads to the lower levels of a
inactive volcano.  For Haskell and Montez, they have arrived in the
"other place."

The cash and diamonds fall from the crooks' hands, as they realizes that
these things will do them no good in their new home.  When Haskell calls
him a double-crosser, the "Devil" reminds him that there was a price.  He
is willing to return to the upperworld if they write a confession for
every crime they have committed.  After the two hoods have fully
documented their evil deeds, Superman removes his devilish disguise.
Their confession will go to the records... the police department records.
Back in Metropolis, "Duke" Haskell and "Lefty" Montez find that they are
just in time for dinner in their prison cells.  The dessert will be
devil's food cake.  With the mob bosses in custody, Clark dons his
masquerade costume and returns to the Daily Planet.  When Lois asks if
he's feeling better, the mild-mannered reporter admits that he has been
having a devil of a time.

Thanks to the Daily Planet masquerade party, mild-mannered reporter Clark
Kent gets to wear a different costume.

Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen and editor Perry White are less than super in
their costumes.

Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Batman, and Aquaman are also at the party.  I
guess they have a weakness for free coffee and donuts.

Luckily for the disguised man of steel, criminals are a superstitious,
cowardly lot.

I've heard that money doesn't grow on trees, but this is ridiculous.

It's fitting that the tree-hugging counterfeiters wound up at a branch of
the F.B.I.

Superman is a regular records-player by getting Haskell and Montez to
write up a confession.

I guess the Devil made him do it.