Superman #120: "The Day Superman Got Married"

"The Day Superman Got Married"
One day, Perry White introduces his niece, Joyce White, to Lois and Clark.  Clark is quite taken with her.  Taken, to the point that he changes to Superman, and returns to the newsroom to be re-introduced to Joyce.  Meanwhile, Lois starts wondering whether Superman will ever propose.  While wondering, she almost falls into a crack in the sidewalk.  Superman tosses a lance to block her path and save her from a fall.  Thanking him for his thoughtfulness, she goes for broke and asks Superman to marry her.  Superman explains that he can never marry Lois. 
While Lois recovers from the rejection, Joyce starts getting gifts from a secret admirer.  One that can pick flowers that grow on a high peak in the Himalayas, or rainbow gems that come from 100 miles under the earth.  Yes, Superman is the secret admirer.
A whirlwind courtship ensues.  A sudden engagement, a private civil ceremony, and the couple are married.  A little super-pressurized coal, and Superman can afford to move a European castle to Metopolis for their love nest.  Super-married-man is happy at last.
Well, happy until Mrs. Superman is kidnapped by "Coup" Colby.  Colby lets Superman know that the Mrs. will suffer is Superman interferes with his gang's crime spree.  Superman realizes he can't let "Crime pay" so he stops the robbery of the Acme Jewel House.  And Lois is an eye-witness as the gang guns down Mrs. Superman in cold oil.
Yeah, oil.  Joyce was a robot Superman built to draw Colby out of hiding, and, oh yeah, get Lois off the marriage kick.  And of course, Lois learned her lesson, and never bothered Superman again.
Yeah, right.