Strange Adventures #136: "Lost -- 100,000 Years!"

Strange Adventures #136
"Lost -- 100,000 Years!"
January, 1962

Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Sid Greene

100,000 years in the future, people are now able to travel through time.
The first date upon traveling to the past will be September 29, 1974 --
to prevent a great disaster.  Unfortunately for the Time Patrol, they
will soon learn that they will be causing a much greater catastrophe to
occur, and will be unable to prevent it.  On the splash page, the two
Time Patrol agents from the year 125,000 have arrived to stop Alan Parker
from causing a planetary disaster with his new solar engine -- only to
cause a much greater threat.  If he doesn't turn off the engine in one
minute -- all on Earth will perish.  (Holy Engine of Destruction,

Alan Parker is working in his upper New York State laboratory...  He is
ready to perform his experiment in the morning.  If it succeeds -- he
have created a solar engine which will transform the entire auto
industry.  The solargine has been fitted into an old car, where it was
absorb its energy from the sun.  Alan is about to turn on the motor when
he hears a voice calling from behind.  Two men begin to materialize
inside the nuclear laboratory.  They are here to make sure that Parker
will conduct his experiment on October 1st.  When he asks for their
identity, they identify themselves as agents of the Galactic Time Patrol
-- from the year 125,000.  Their mission is to prevent the Second Age of
Barbarism which started on October 1, 1974, and lasted for 100,000 years!
(Holy Shutt, Batman!)  The cause for this disaster was Alan Parker's
experiment.  In their time, people travel to the stars in spaceships that
can reach speeds of a thousand- light- years- a- day through the
dimension of space, and connecting to all the known planets in the
Galactic Empire.  Earth is the center.  From the planet, the inhabitants
go forth to settle on the outer planets, and maintain a rich, peaceful

Now at peace, the people are able to concentrate on other matters, and
have traveled to the year of One Million to make certain that there is a
lasting peace.  They have also aided an asteroid miner discover an
important element called Tlekinite.  (Holy Selegue, Batman!)  This
element will aid in curing disease and rejuvenating the cells of the
human body.  When war is unavoidable, the Time Patrol battle invading
aliens.  All of their accomplishments would be delayed by the coming of
the Second Barbaric Age.  They have arrived to make certain that Alan
Parker perform his test on October 1st.  The scientist remembers that
there's something else he has to do on that date, but understands their
intentions.  In their time, the Time Patrol have nucleocomputers housed
in skyscrapers.

It was through these computers that they learned that the Second Age of
Barbarism might be averted.  The matter was debated in the Galactic
Congress, with both pro and con being equally weighed.  Herm Dendarus,
the three-hundred year old tells his fellow congressmen that for things
to progress, there must be the element of risk.  After a vote was taken,
two Time Patrol agents were summoned to travel to the one time trip to
1974, the year which was the limit for time-travel.  They know of the
solar flares and the energies which will cause the solargine to overload.
The deadly rays will cause the scientist to change...

The radiation will cause all on Earth to de-evolve into savage creatures
for 200,000 years.  One of the Time Patrol agents raises his time-rod and
has them travel to October 1st.  Alan Parker is trying to remember what
else he was supposed to do on September 30th.  The time-rod completes its
work and they are now in October 1st, where no solar flares will threaten
his experiment.  They know that a new future will now occur, but will use
their portable calculators to double-check the possibilities.  (Holy
Rozakis, Batman!)  The Time Patrol agents only have a few minutes left,
and watch as the scientist activates the solargine.  The car is moving
smoothly, with the two agents monitoring his progress.

The jalopy begins to rise into the air, much to the surprise of the
scientist, and to the dismay of the agents.  Alan Parker has found a way
to defy gravity.  The Time Patrol agents consult their portable
calculators and discover that the scientist has found a way to release
gravity, causing it to leave the planet.  If the experiment continues,
the planet will lose its gravity, and everything on it will float
spaceward... and die.  With the death of mankind, their futuristic
civilization will never have existed.  The two Time Patrol agents are
being drawn back to their own era... if it is still there.

As they travel along the time stream, the Time Patrol Agents know that
Earth only have one minute left to live -- unless Alan Parker turns off
his solargine.  After one minute, the two agents are surprised to find
that they still exist.  Major Otten and Captain Brand are now in the
offices of the Galactic Time Patrol.  They learn that they have succeeded
in preventing the Second Barbaric Age, and narrowly avoided causing
another threat.  After telling their story, Otten and Brand are informed
that the scientist did turn off his invention -- and prevented 100,000
barbaric years.  The two Time Patrol agents are now in the year 25,000,
and since they were successful, there will be no further time-travel
visits to the past.

In 1974, Alan Parker is air-driving towards his home to see his wife when
he suddenly remembers.  He had meant to do something important on
September 30th, and lands his car before a police officer spots him.
After turning off the motor, the scientist decides to double-check the
engine for possible dangers.  Alan Parker was worried that he would be
pulled over by the police -- who would learn that he had been driving
without a license.  His driver's license expired on September 30th -- and
since the Time Patrol agents made him miss the day -- he was unable to
renew it.  (Holy License To Kill, Batman!)

This Strange Adventure was reprinted in Strange Adventures #242 (June -
July, 1973).

The Time Patrol agents from the year 125,000 have bald heads and wear
orange outfits.  There is a black hourglass emblem on each of their

The women do have their head of hair, unlike the males of their time

The Time Patrol agents battle would-be galactic dictators and imprison
them for psychiatric treatment. 

In 1974, many scientists have their own nuclear laboratories.

A Galactic Congressman wears a red robe and a matching red fez on his

Another owner of a flying car is Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In the year 25,000, giant orange computers with blue circular monitors
are in use at the offices of the Galactic Time Patrol. 

Steve Chung
"Lost -- 100,000 Years!"