Lois Lane # 38 Part 2: "Lois Lane's Signal Watch!"

"Lois Lane's Signal Watch!"
Script: ?, pencils & inks: Kurt Schaffenberger
"One day, at a criminal hideout in METROPOLIS…" a man who looks like a shady
barber is removing bandages from another man's face. "For Pete's sake,
Boss, that plastic surgery operation," says the subject patient as he eyes a
looking-glass mirror, "made me look like SUPERMAN! What's the big idea?"
"Relax, 'Muscles'! That's just who you're supposed to look like!" replies
the boss, the nattily-dressed, double-chinned Kimbo. Kimbo pays the
"doctor" the first installment of his fee, then begins tutoring Muscles:
"Right now I want you to study these pictures of SUPERMAN'S friends and
learn to recognize them on sight! I also want you to practice imitating his
voice from some records I have!" [Kimbo's collection includes all of
Superman's biggest hits.]

"Days later, in the office of the Daily Planet," Lois suddenly realizes that
it's been five years since racket king Bugs Gorcey vanished, which means it'
s time they opened the sealed letter he left for her. Perry, instantly
pulling out the letter, points out that the five years will actually be up
at 3 o'clock the day after tomorrow—apparently it's been on his mind. "I
once rushed Bugs to a hospital when a rival gang shot him! He said he'd
repay me some day! I wonder…" wonders Lois. Perry, who looks younger,
slimmer and more handsome when drawn by Schaffenberger than in the Swan
story, continues the exposition: "Rumors say that Gorcey had a
million-dollar smuggling deal cooking when he vanished! Maybe that letter
tells you where to locate the mysterious loot! Gorcey meant to repay you
with a scoop! But your life may be in danger if you learn the location of
that loot! Why not notify SUPERMAN?" Lois, as could be expected, replies
that Superman is on a mission in Kandor and that she wants to handle this
scoop of a lifetime on her own. They agree to open the envelope at 3PM on
the appointed day, right after Lois covers a ship arrival that morning.
However, a hidden microphone and radio inside a picture frame are
broadcasting this conversation to Kimbo, Muscles and the "Doctor," who is
enthusiastically twiddling knobs on a huge radio receiver. "I always
suspected Gorcey gave Lois Lane the location of his loot before he
disappeared! That's why I had the PLANET office wired!" explains Kimbo.
"All right, Muscles, try this costume on for size! In two days you're going
on your first mission—as SUPERMAN!"

"Two days later, on the METROPOLIS waterfront," Muscles-as-Superman
approaches Lois, explains that he just got back from Kandor, and presents
her with a signal watch like Jimmy's. "Ohhh, SUPERMAN! What a thrilling
gift!" gushes Lois, touched to finally be on a par with Jimmy in Superman's
heart. "Lois, my super-hearing detected your conversation with Perry about
Gorcey's hidden loot! Promise me you'll signal me if you get in a jam!"
explains Muscles. Lois agrees, thinking "CHOKE! I never realized how much
he worries about me!" Muscles dives off the pier into the water, saying
that he needs to help test the escape hatch on a new atomic submarine and
telling Lois not to mention the watch to anyone. "Goodbye, SUPERMAN, dear!"
Lois coos, thinking, "That watch shows how much he cares for me! Oh, joy!
Perhaps some day soon he'll be giving me a RING!" [Sorry, Lois, but it hasn'
t worked out that way for Jimmy—who, unlike you, doesn't have to keep his
watch a secret.] Under another pier, Kimbo helps Muscles into a rowboat
while the "Doctor," now wearing a suit and tie instead of his barber smock,
sits holding the oars. "It worked like a charm, Boss!" says Muscles. "The
Lane dame will be wearing that signal watch 24 hours a day!" "Good work,
'Muscles'!" replies Kimbo. "With that watch, which signals only US, Lois
Lane will lead us right to Gorcey's million-dollar loot!"

Back at the Planet, Lois runs into Jimmy, who has a bandaged head and his
right arm in a sling--an arm that appears to be missing its hand. "That's
right, Lois…I stopped a runaway horse in the park! I tried to signal
SUPERMAN, but I forgot he was in KANDOR!" says Jimmy, gesturing with the
hand he has left. "But, Jimmy, I spoke to him and he even gave…er…maybe you
're right! I was mistaken!"says Lois, thinking "I mustn't mention my watch!
SUPERMAN asked me NOT to…ULP…that is, if it WAS SUPERMAN!" Kimbo and the
boys, listening in, begin to worry that Lois is getting wise. Lois and
Perry open Gorcey's envelope. "Geronimo! You were right, Perry! This
letter tells exactly where to find the loot that Gorcey hid!" blurts Lois
with a greed-crazed look on her face. "Hmm! But that hiding place is a
dilly! You'll need special equipment to reach it! I'll order it for you at
once!" responds Perry, looking over her shoulder.

Perry makes the arrangements and gives Lois the address where she can pick
up the equipment. Listening in, Kimbo hears Lois say that she'll take a
taxi and gets an idea: "So she's going to take a TAXI, eh? Boys, I think I
know how to prove to Lois Lane that she really saw SUPERMAN today! Doc—put
on these dark glasses—you're about to become a taxi driver!" An hour later,
Lois steps out of the Planet building and Doc, in cab driver disguise with
dark glasses and a cap with his suit and tie, immediately pulls up. "Soon,
as the taxi races down a steep incline," Doc cries out: "EEEYOW! My brakes
just failed! The taxi's out of control!" "ULP! What a spot! I'd better
call SUPERMAN! GULP! That is, if this signal-watch works!" thinks Lois.
As soon as the "ZEEE! ZEEE!" comes out of the watch, Doc starts using the
brakes and the cab slows. "Hey, Miss, look! It was SUPERMAN who stopped
us!" yells Doc, thinking, "CHUCKLE! It's really 'Muscles' in disguise! He
was waiting here at this pre-arranged spot!" As a relieved Lois relaxes in
the back seat, Doc thinks, "Now it's up to 'Muscles' to fake SUPERMAN's
'flight' away from this phoney rescue!" Muscles is behind a tree, thinking
"Ha! Ha! As soon as this compressed helium inflates this rubber balloon of
SUPERMAN, it'll rise in the air, and that Lane dame will think it's her
dream boy flying away!" Unlikely as this sounds, it works, with Lois
saying, "He didn't even wait for our thanks! Isn't he just wonderful?"

Lois prudently has the cab drop her off blocks from her destination, the
Acme Industrial & Safety Equipment Co. at the edge of Metropolis, where a
long green Daily Planet station wagon is parked, loaded with the things
Perry had obtained for her. She drives to "Old Bat Grotto," where she
changes into a miner's outfit—apparently the "special equipment" consists of
coveralls, a helmet, and a rope. Once inside the cave, she tilts a
stalagmite as instructed by Gorcey's letter. This opens a hidden door in
the rock formation, revealing a hidden chest. "Good grief! It's loaded
with diamonds!" thinks Lois. "Now I remember! There was a big robbery of
industrial diamonds in Europe about six years ago! Gorcey must have
smuggled the stolen goods into this country! I'll have to call SUPERMAN to
help me with that chest!" "ZEEE-ZEEE," goes the signal watch, and the
signal is received by a helicopter hovering nearby. "There's your
supersonic signal, Kimbo! It seems to be coming from that cave!" "HA!
Lois thinks she's signaling SUPERMAN! Is she due for a surprise when she
learns her watch is so fixed that its signal reaches only OUR SPECIAL

The three crooks enter Old Bat Grotto and Kimbo starts shooting. "Stand
where you are, Miss Lane, " he orders, "or my next bullets will be aimed
right at you!" Lois ducks for cover, but Kimbo's shots cause several
stalactites to land on her. She is trapped, though "miraculously
uninjured," thinking, "I'm pinned down here! But why doesn't Superman
answer my signal? Hmm…the watch was damaged by the falling stalactites, but
I'll try it again!" Muscles appears in his Superman costume and sneers,
"Forget the watch, girlie! It's a PHONEY! I gave it to you myself while
pretending to be SUPERMAN!" "Oh, no!" gasps Lois. Suddenly, into Old Bat
Grotto flies Supergirl, whose "amazing heat vision melts the stalactites and
stalagmites into a barrier," which the crooks run smack into. "OUCH…my
nose!" yells Muscles. Supergirl seals them in a cage made of more
stalactites and stalagmites, as Muscles pouts, "CHEE! You broke my nose,
SUPERGIRL!" "Gosh, I'm sorry, 'Superman'! -CHUCKLE!- But I thought you were
as invulnerable as I am!" laughs Supergirl.

Back in Perry's office, Lois asks, "But if the signal watch was a phoney,
how did you manage to find me, SUPERGIRL?" As Jimmy, still bandaged, eyes
her warily, Supergirl explains, "When the falling stalactites struck the
watch, they CHANGED the frequency of the signal! By a freak twist, the NEW
frequency was tuned to MY super-hearing, just as the frequency of Jimmy's
watch is tuned only to SUPERMAN's hearing! Then, with my telescopic vision,
I traced the course of the supersonic alarm, and…" In a flashback panel,
Supergirl thinks, "It's Lois Lane! Those crooks have her trapped in Old Bat
Grotto! I'd better hurry!" Later, when they're alone, Supergirl says to
Lois, "I'm sorry that signal-watch was a fake! But between us girls,
perhaps some day soon you may get a GENUINE signal-watch!" Lois, nearly
overcome with emotion, replies, "Oh, SUPERGIRL, do you think it will really
happen some day?" A final caption asks, "How about it, readers? Do you
think Lois ought to have her own signal-watch? Write and tell us your

The story is followed by the letters page, Letters to Lois, which contains
eight letters, including this one from Joe Pedecino of Marietta, Georgia:

Dear Editor: I think Lana Lang would make a much better wife for SUPERMAN
than Lois Lane for the following reasons: She is prettier than Lois…She is
not as inquisitive as Lois…She is not as jealous as Lois…She does not get
into as much trouble as Lois…She knows SUPERMAN longer than Lois, ever since
he was SUPERBOY back in Smallville.
(We think you are overlooking several of Lois' qualifications. She is a
better reporter than Lana…she has offered to sacrifice her life to save
SUPERMAN on many occasions…she has proved to be more generous than Lana, and
often does good deeds anonymously, without wanting credit. However, to sum
it up, both girls have virtues which far outweigh their faults—so, let the
best girl win!—Ed.)