Kid Colt Outlaw #11: How Kid Colt Became an Outlaw

Kid Colt, Outlaw was one of Marvel's three main Silver Age cowboy
comics.  However, we must go back to the Golden Age for what I *think*
is the first telling of his "origin."   Though it is not a Silver Age
story, I figure its worth summarizing, because Kid Colt loomed so
large among Silver Age western comics. 

The story is: 7569 "How Kid Colt Became an Outlaw!" (10 pp.) in Kid
Colt Outlaw #11 (Oct 1950). I *think* the art is by Russ Heath.

Kid Colt is a young man in his early 20s from the looks of him.  He
wears the same red shirt and cowhide vest he wore throughout the
Silver Age.  His father (only identified as "Mr. Colt") owns the Box-C
Ranch near Purgatory.  The Kid's older brother Slim Colt, who was "the
best gunfighter in these parts," was shot in the back and killed when
the Kid was just 14.  As a result, the Kid refuses to carry guns,
though he's a natural talent like his brother. He's afraid that if he
gets a reputation like his brother's, he too will be the target of
every gunhawk looking to make a name for himself.  Unfortunately, he
dare not explain the reason he is a "No-Gun Kid" and everyone –
including his own father  -- thinks he's gun-shy, a milksop, a coward.
Ranch hand Gabby Barnes learns the truth, however, when the Kid's
quick shooting with Gabby's gun saves the older man from a puma.

Sheriff Yates and his bullwhip wielding deputy Lash Larribee are
crooked, extorting protection money from local ranchers.   When Gabby
refuses to pay, it leads to a fight involving Kid Colt.  Upon learning
of the altercation, his father angrily heads to town to have it out
with Larribee.  Next morning, the Kid is arrested for his father's
murder!   It is clear he is being framed when the sheriff mentions
that the elder Colt lost the deed to the Box-C Ranch to Yates playing
poker, as the kid knows his father never gambled.  

The Kid overpowers Larribee and breaks jail, taking Yates hostage. 
Yates tells the Kid that Larribee killed his father, just as Larribee
arrives.  He admits the murder, but says it was Yates' idea.  Gabby
arrives but  is gunned down by Yates, who also kills Larribee, to shut
him up.   Yates and the Kid fight , and a good right uppercut sends
the crooked sheriff tumbling off a cliff to his death.

With no one left alive who knows the true story, it looks as though
the Kid killed his father and his ranch hand, then broke jail and
killed two lawmen.  He has no choice but to ride the owlhoot trail alone.

Tom Lammers