Archie & Friends Monsterbash 2003

Archie & Friends Monsterbash 2003
Creators: Script and Pencils: Dan Parent.  Inking: Jim Amash.  Lettering:
Vickie Williams.  Coloring: Barry Grossman.  Editor: Victor Gorelick.
Editor-In-Chief: Richard Goldwater.

The big talk at Riverdale High is that Monsterbash 2003 is only two weeks
away.  The boy and girl with the best Halloween costumes will be crowned
"King and Queen of the Ghouls."

No sooner does Archie Andrews agree that this is a cool occasion do Betty
and Veronica race to be the one to ask him to the Monsterbash Dance.
Their voices reverberate through the teenager's ears in stereo
surroundsound.  Since the girls have asked him out at the same time,
Archie figures that they can all attend the dance together.  Veronica is
confident that she'll take first prize, while Betty tends to disagree.
Both girls see a shadowy figure peering around the corner and give chase,
while Archie just sighs at their suspicious natures.

At his home, the redheaded teenager shows his best friend the costume
he'll be wearing to the dance.  Jughead sees Archie in his Dracula
costume, but thinks that his own costume is much scarier.  Jug is going
as an empty food container and there's nothing scarier to him than that.
Veronica admires herself in the mirror as the Bride of Frankenstein, then
sees someone in the bushes outside.

While Ronnie tries to overcome her sense of paranoia, Betty has just
finished donning her alien costume, where the doorbell rings.  When she
opens the door, there's nobody there, save for the person hiding behind a
bush.  The night of the Monsterbash finds Archie, Betty, and Veronica
admiring the packed auditorium of costumed teens.

Ronnie and Betty go off to say hi to some friends, leaving Archie
alone...for about ten seconds when Veronica returns, and tells the
redheaded boy to meet her at the jukebox at 10:00.  The teenager is
complimenting himself on the allure of his costume when there's a tap on
his shoulder.

When Archie says hello to Betty in her alien costume, she asks him to
meet her by the jukebox at 10:00.  It is only after the shapely alien
walks away does he realize that there could be real trouble at 10:00.
The redheaded teen takes to the dance floor and has a fun time with a
girl in an ant costume.

At 10:00, Archie is at the jukebox, when he meets a fellow party goer
dressed up as a swampwitch.  When Betty and Veronica show up, they are
surprised to see their friend standing with another girl.  They are even
more surprised when Archie says that he's met them like they wanted him

The swampwitch confesses that it was she who got Archie to meet her at
the jukebox.  The girl had been spying on the girls to learn what their
costumes would be and made copies of them.  While Betty wonders who could
be so obsessed to do such a thing, Ronnie gives chase after Swampwitch.

The merry witch easily outraces both of her pursuers, just as Mr.
Weatherbee and Miss Grundy prepare to announce the King and Queen of the

The winners are Archie as Dracula and the swampwitch, with Veronica ready
to strangle her for the title.  When Mr. Weatherbee hands the trophy over
to the teenager, the swampwitch takes the opportunity to share a smooch
with the Count.  Betty and Veronica are both bewitched by the sight,
while Archie takes it in stride.

The King and Queen share a dance, when Archie realizes that there's
something familiar about the swampwitch.  She asks him if he likes the
blossom on her dress and Archie "Dracula" Andrews realizes that he's been
dancing with Cheryl "Swampwitch" Blossom.

EEEEEEEK!  SCREECH!  The red-haired girl smiles as she hears the twin
screams of terror coming from Betty and Veronica.  Their greatest rival
has returned to Riverdale for Archie's affections.

"Archie & Friends Monsterbash 2003" was a free mini-comic which was given
out at comic shops last October.

The term, Monsterbash, reminds me of those marathons which were run on

Betty Cooper is kindhearted, while Veronica Lodge is devious, and
together, they make Archie's red hair stand on end.

Jughead Jones is a loyal friend, whose heart is as big as his stomach.

It wasn't difficult for Cheryl Blossom to impersonate Betty and Veronica
since their facial features are identical, and only their hairdressers
know for sure.

When confronted with the swampwitch's scheme, Betty tries to make sense
of it, while Ronnie goes out for blood.

When it comes to Cheryl Blossom moving in on Archie Andrews, Betty and
Veronica see red.