The Flash #166: "Tempting Target For The Temperature Twins!"

The Flash #166
 "Tempting Target For The Temperature Twins!"
 December, 1966

 Story: Gardner Fox
 Art: Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella

 Captain Cold and Heat Wave have returned to Central City, finding their mutual foe the Flash suffering from an injury -- making the Scarlet Speedster a... "Tempting Target For The Temperature Twins!"

 As Barry Allen drives a police labmobile through traffic in Central City, he muses on the first month anniversary of his marriage to Iris! He has not yet decided to tell his spouse that he is the Flash! Seeing the Real Cool Refrigeration Company Factory on fire, the police scientist parks the labmobile, and activates his ring to release the compressed costume within! The Fastest Man on Earth speeds into the factor and hears cries for help! Seeing the man and the woman, he tells them they will all be out in no time!

 He must carry them out together! As he carries the woman, the man will wrap his arms around the Flash from behind -- and he will be flying out! Although now burderned by an additional three hundred pounds, the Monarch of Motion moves between the flames... The added weight proves to be no problem... until the factory floor, having been weakened by the flames, gives way... KRAAK The Flash drums his feet to reduce the impact of their fall -- but the Scarlet Speedster is thrown off-balance from carrying the man and the woman! One of his feet buckles beneath him! THUMMPP

 Since it hurts to put his left foot down -- the Flash hops faster than anyone else can run! The Scarlet Speedster and his burden make it outside, where the Central City Fire Department have just arrived! As newspaper reporters gather around the injured hero, an ambulance doctor takes a look at his ankle! There is swelling of the joint, discoloration, and the inability to use the joint without pain! The Flash will have to stay off that leg for a few days! After the Fastest Man alive refuses offers of a ride home, he is given a pair of crutches, and his photo is taken by a reporter! This will solve his secret identity problem with Iris! When she sees the newspapers -- and sees her husband with the same injury -- there will no keeping his secret from her -- or from anyone else for that matter...

 A few blocks away, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are standing outside of the House Of Gems... The two Rogues have just teamed up as the Temperature Twins and the cold gun bombards the House Of Gems wall with sub-zero cold... and the hot rod scorches it with heat -- causing it to contract and to expand! The brick wall is alternately frozen and seared... RRRUMBLE The building wall collapse, enabling the two Rogues to enter unopposed!

 A blast from the cold gun causes people to find themselves penned in by gigantic icicles... and the models remain frozen with fear as Heat Wave approaches them for the jewels they are wearing... As Captain Cold and Heat Wave approach the last model, they find it is none other than Miss Fashion Gem of Central City, and they are prepared to fight each other for the privilege of dating her! Remembering their partnership, they decide to settle this like gentlemen by holding a contest between them! Whomever wins the contest -- gets to date Miss Fashion Gem!

 As Captain Cold and Heat Wave walk out into the street, startled citizens notice them, and are about to call the police! They soon find themselves encircled by heat -- keeping the hapless pedestrians rooted to the spot! The Temperature Twins soon come across the answer to their problem -- the Flash! Whomever puts the Scarlet Speedster out of action wins the contest! The Flash is unaccustomed to moving at his usual super-speed on crutches and is caught by a barrage of iceballs! Heat Wave fires at the cold beam -- causing it to heat up!

 The steam causes the Fastest Man Alive to slam hard into a wall... WHOOOSHH! Only his aura protects him from a severe blistering! The alternate blasts of heat and cold -- are having an effect on his sprained ankle by easing the pain -- and a little more of this unusual treatment, and his ankle will be back in shape!

 As he pretends to be injured by walking on his hands, Heat Wave demands to know if it is from the heat or from the Captain's cold! The Scarlet Speedster is rotating his hands to create a breeze and forming a buffer between him and the temperature -- with the exception of his ankle, which needs the treatment! As the Temperature Twins fire off their final blasts, the Flash's ankle is now completely healed, and he speed off into action! He outraces the deadly beams -- bringing them along behind him by the sheer force of his super-speed... moving faster than the two Rogues can see him! Captain Cold is caught unprepared for the sudden heat-beam!

 The Fastest Man On Earth leads the cold blast -- into the path of Heat Wave... In a way, the Flash is glad this happened, because it has prevented his dual identity from being revealed! Later, Barry Allen drops off the two unconscious Rogues at police headquarters, and his fellow officers compliment the Scarlet Speedster for capturing them -- by using only one leg! Back at home, Iris tells Barry how the Flash is now on crutches --and the police scientist wonders if that's how his wife greets her husband on their one month anniversary! His secret is safe for the moment, but for how long?

 On the cover of The Flash #166, the Scarlet Speedster has run afoul of Captain Cold and Heat Wave, the Coolest/Hottest Team Of Villains In Comics.

 This cover image of Captain Cold was re-used in Secret Origins Of Super-Villains when Leonard Snart's first meeting with the Flash was reprinted.

 Writer Gardner Fox used alliteration in his story titles.

 The Flash (John Wesley Shipp) saved two kids from a burning building in the episode, "Watching The Detectives".

 Captain Cold appeared on the 1990 CBS TV series and was portrayed by Michael Champion.

 Although his fellow Rogue did not make an appearance on the show, he was referenced in the finale of the Captain Cold episode when Lt. Garfield exclaimed, "Lousy heat wave!"

 Jack Angel voiced the Flash and Dick Ryal voiced Captain Cold on Challenge Of The Super Friends in 1978.

 Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will team up as Captain Cold and Heat Wave in the "Rogues Revenge" episode of the new Flash TV series on January 20th.

 Captain Cold and Heat Wave first teamed up in The Flash #140: "The Heat Is On For Captain Cold!"

 In the Flash-Grams letters page, Marvin Wolfman of Flushing, NY writes:

 Dear Editor,

 Flash #163 was simply beautiful, with only the cover from being a perfect issue. I'm not sure what was wrong with it, but it might have been the gigantic STOP!

 But the inside, now that was great. "The Flash Stakes His Life On - YOU!" was one of Flash's best, considering that the last few issue's stories have been above average, that's saying something!

 The style of writing was quite different than Broome usually does, and, in fact, if the Broome name hadn't been on the splash, I would have assumed it was Robert Kanigher's handiwork. Nevertheless, from beginning to end, it was excellent. However, there was one big error. All Flash had to do to become solid again was become Barry Allen, a person some people know. As Barry, he could have defeated Haddon, using vibrations to hide his face as he actually did in the second story. Of course, if he did that, the story would have been five pages shorter and many of the novel ideas would have been missing, though Flash might have tried it and failed for some reason, so as to get the idea out of the way.

 The second story, "The Day Magic Exposed Flash's Secret Identity," was better art-wise, but still as good story-wise. I've always liked Abra Kadabra and have been waiting for Flash to find out that AK is not endowed with magic but just super-science. AK's personality has remained the same; he is egocentrical and a ham at heart. But if you remember, the only reason he began robbing was to get attention, so perhaps he really isn't the vile cad he's made out to be. I enjoyed the Flash-Barry Allen scenes and the changing of costumes as it gave a novel twist to your stories. If I'm correct, this is the first time you had Flash dressed in something other than his costume to catch a crook since the years-ago reappearance of Winky, Blinky, and Nod.

 The only thing that really spoiled the issue for me was the Statement of Ownership. A magazine of Flash's quality deserves more than 298,151 readers.

 The editor replies:

 When we agree with a reader we unhesitatingly come out and say so! We agree - doubly so - with your last sentence!

 From Stephen Leialoha of Pacifica, California,

 Dear Editor,

 The new Flash (163) is one of the best comics I have read in a long time. The thing that drew me to this issue was the cover (naturally). I think it's great! The best Flash cover (or the most striking) in my opinion was the one for "Who Doomed The Flash?" and I feel that this new cover wins second place.

 "The Flash Stakes His Life -- On You!" reminded me of the Alley-winning "Doorway To The Unknown," also written by John Broome.

 Keep up the terrific job on succeeding issues and Flash will become one of America's fastest (pun) sellers.

 Steve Chung
 "Tempting Target For The Temperature Review!"