The Flash #110: "Meet Kid Flash!"

The Flash #110
"Meet Kid Flash!"
December, 1959-January, 1960

 Story: John Broome
 Pencils: Carmine Infantino
 Inks: Joe Giella

 Barry Allen, the Flash, thought that he was the only one who possessed super-speed! The police scientist was correct -- until the day when a one-in-a-million accident results in the appearance of a new hero in the never-ending battle against crime and injustice! "Meet Kid Flash!"

 Noon time in Barry Allen's apartment finds him waiting for the arrival of Iris West and a new visitor... She arrives with her nephew Wally! He is the president of the Flash Fan Club in his hometown! Since Wally's wish is to meet the Flash, Iris thought that Barry might be able to arrange it... The Picture News reporter knows he is a friend of the Scarlet Speedster -- but she doesn't know they are one and the same! As he ponders how to introduce Wally to his hero without revealing his dual identity, he gets an idea... Barry suggests to Iris that she leave Wally with him for the afternoon and he might be able to arrange just such a meeting! She must get back to her Picture News desk and will see them later... Once his aunt has left... Wally is excited at the possibility of meeting the Flash!

 The police scientist mentions that the Scarlet Speedster occasionally visits him and stays in the next room -- using it as a sort of headquarters during his visits! Barry wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't there now -- If the Flash is there, Barry is certain he wouldn't mind Wally coming in to say hello! As Wally moves towards the door, Barry activates his ring, and gets into his crimson uniform... faster than the fastest quick-change artist! The next moment finds Wally almost at the door -- and the Flash has got about a split-second to make this work -- The Monarch of Motion becomes an invisible blur as he carries out his plan... He cannot disappoint Wally... when he enters the room... and the Flash must be there to meet him!

 As Wally enters the room, he does not notice that the door had opened and closed before he reached it! The Scarlet Speedster greets his fan and says he is glad Barry sent him in to meet him! It isn't often the Flash gets to meet the president of one of his fan clubs! Wally West tells Mr. Flash this is the coolest moment of his young life! When the cats hear he has just shaken hands with the Flash, the Scarlet Speedster wonders who "the cats" are, and Wally says this is the way the kids talk! Wally wants to know all about him so he can make his report when he gets back home! How did he gain his speed? How fast can he really run -- The Sultan of Speed will do better than answer the question and offers to show him how he actually got his speed!

 Now in Barry Allen's private laboratory in his apartment -- and after explaining that the police scientist had to leave for a bit, the Flash tells his story! He was in a laboratory where he was mixing some chemicals for an experiment on a day like today... when a lightning bolt suddenly -- Just as he was telling Wally about the lightning bolt -- one came through the window, striking the bottles, and splashing the chemicals over the young boy in the same manner it had over him... just two years ago... He wonders --?

 Since the accident was exactly the same, does this mean that Wally West now has super-speed? There's one way to find out and if he does have it, it will show immediately... He asks to see how fast Wally can run and asks him to race with him to the end of the apartment -- and back a few times. As Wally agrees, the two begin to move, and the Flash really starts to move -- at super-speed -- and the young boy is racing right alongside him!! Wally guesses that the Scarlet Speedster isn't really trying because... he's keeping up with him!

 As the Fastest Man on Earth reveals the truth... he proves it by throwing a ball across the apartment as hard as he can -- and having Wally go after it as soon as it leaves his hand! Wally catches the ball before it hits the wall! Wally's new speed is a gift that comes with responsibility! In order to be worthy, he must use it only to help those in need, to fight crime -- and to never use it for personal gain! The Scarlet Speedster makes a small ring for Wally to use and activates the hidden spring on it...

 Wally sees a uniform like the Flash's emerge and this is a spare costume -- cut down to fit him! It fits and now they must find a name for his costumed alter-ego... Since Wally mentioned the kids back home -- he will be called Kid Flash -- the Fastest Boy Alive! Since Barry Allen has to get back to work, the Flash asks Kid Flash to stay -- and to practice his super-speed until he masters it! When Wally is alone, he remembers what Mr. Flash said...

 He can't reveal his true identity and only Mr. Flash knows it! He then hears a radio report about several dangerous animals escaping from the zoo -- Since Mr. Flash told him to practice his super-speed -- and to help those in need, Kid Flash sees his chance to do both! He heads over to the zoo and hopes to prevent the dangerous animals from harming anyone! The Fastest Boy on Earth makes his way across Central City... passing a speeding sports car as if it were moving in reverse!

 Seeing an elderly man having trouble crossing the street, Kid Flash uses his super-speed to carry the man across the street! At the zoo, he learns that a disgruntled employee freed a lion and a bear out of their cages on purpose! The employee has already been arrested -- but there is the lion ahead! Instead of bringing the lion to the cage, Kid Flash uses his super-speed to push the heavy cage along the ground... and traps the lion inside before it realizes what has happened!

 RRRR Now facing the bear, Kid Flash whirls around the bruin at super-speed, and creates an air current to spin the bear like a top... The child speedster sends the dazed bruin into its cage with tornado-like force... Another Scarlet Speedster appears on the scene, having heard the radio report, and sees that someone has already beaten him to it! As he sees that Kid Flash has placed both zoo animals back in their cages, the Flash knows that he is no longer alone in his battle against crime and injustice! Kid Flash will be right at his side! Now, he changes ack to Barry Allen without Wally seeing him...

 Back at Barry Allen's apartment, Kid Flash has changed back to Wally West, and sees his aunt arriving -- When Iris has heard about what has happened... She knows her nephew must be happy because he has actually met the Flash, but wonders why he claims to know who Kid Flash is -- but cannot tell her -- or Barry. He can't tell his Aunt Iris... because this is something that has got to be a secret between him and his friend, Mr. Flash!!

 This story was reprinted in Flash Annual #1 (1963).

 The cats have got Wally's tongue when it comes to keeping Mr. Flash's secret from his Aunt Iris and Barry.

 Wally manages to give the Scarlet Speedster a run for his money and keeps pace with the Flash.

 The youth also know how to play ball when it comes to possessing a power with great responsibility.

 Matt Murdock once saved a blind pedestrian, only to be struck in the face by a radioactive container, and gaining the super-senses he would later use as Daredevil, the Man Without Fear.

 Kid Flash learned how to grin and to bear it when tangling with dangerous animals at the zoo.

 Steve Chung
 "Meet Kid Review!"