Secret Origins #41: "A Rogue By Any Other Name!" (Chapter One)

Secret Origins #41
 "A Rogue By Any Other Name!" (Chapter One)
 June, 1989

 Writers: Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn
 Artists: Paris Cullins & Tim Dzon (Chapter One)
 Letterer: Janice Chiang
 Colorist: Helen Vesik
 Boy Editor: Mark Waid

 Every city has their back streets and alleyways where strange things occur. Today in Central City, a bolt from the blue, and a little bald man clad in polyester appears...

 He was now free to have his vengeance and to make the world tremble with fear! Never again would his power be restrained! Everyone would tremble! They would quake at the very mention of his name! All would bow before... before... He could not remember his own name... When the beat cop spots him, the uniformed minion of the law is unprepared for the little man's sudden assault!

  The little bald-headed man in the polyester suit is not able to punch his way out of a wet box of Kleenex and is surprised when the beat cop is following him! Only a truly super being could withstand his crushing blows and only a real beat cop could complain inwardly about his own bunions during a chase! He must make his escape... regain his senses before facing this uniformed minion once more! Thanks to a fire escape, the little bald-headed man in the polyester suit is able to elude his pursuer, and praises his own cunning for the sudden save.

 He must remember his own identity and realize his own destiny! If only he could remember what it is! Peering into P. Gambi's tailor shop display, he realizes he recognizes these colorful costumes! Fate has driven him down these streets -- and brought him before these mannequins so that he might regain his memory!

 The tailor doesn't know what to make of this latest nut attracted to his display! At second glance, the little bald-headed man in the polyester suit has that look about him! With his wild eyes and flair for melodramatic gestures, Gambi could probably make him a dandy costume. This wild-eyed nut continues to beat on the glass -- until it shatters! The tailor points out his shop is open for business and welcomes all customers.

 The little bald-headed man in the polyester suit wants to know who the costumes belong to. With his memory gone, he feels quite the fool and is determined to make those responsible rue the day they dared to mess with... him. Gambi doesn't recognize him -- but then his own clientele has a way of returning as completely different people. When his paying clients wear one of his costumes, there's no mistaking them! Why would the little bald-headed man in the polyester suit wear such gaudy attire? The tailor reminds him that such is the calling card of many a super-villain!

 He must be a super-villain who lost his memory and not just any super-villain... but one of the Rogues because the costumes look familiar to him! Why else would he come here? He has found the one person in Central City who could help him... and Gambi knows just how to do it! He is going to tell him their origins! If he is one of the Rogues, he will recognize the story as his own!

 Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn created Blue Devil.

 I loved Paris Cullins' art on the Blue Beetle and What If.

 There is obviously more to a little bald-headed man in a polyester suit suddenly appearing out of nowhere in Central City than meets the eye.

 The mystery man's stance and insistent chest-thumping are subtle clues to his true identity.

 The costumes in Gambi's window display include: Pied Piper, Heatwave, Trickster, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, and Weather Wizard.

 The amnesiac's insistence that he would never wear such outlandish attire is another clue to his true identity.

 Steve Chung
 "A Review By Any Other Name!" (Chapter One)