All -Star Squadron #57: "Kaleidoscope!"

All-Star Squadron #57
 "Kaleidoscope!" (Chapter One)
 May, 1986

 Story: Roy Thomas
 Artists: Mike Clark & Vince Colletta (PP. 1-3, 22)
 David Cody Weiss: Letterer
 Carl Gafford: Colorist

 The Crisis On Infinite Earths has ended in other time periods, following these events of mid-1985, the red skies have returned to blue or gray. Things are very different on April 1942, however. If the Crisis itself is not entirely over -- at least the return of its time-lost participants is no longer delayed... To the eyes of Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, Firebrand, Amazing Man, and Tarantula, it looks like World War II has come to Flushing Meadow -- with a vengeance! Standing alongside Doctors Fate, Occult, and Green Lantern, the Man of Tomorrow does not need telescopic-vision to see that the red skies continue to make everything look like a bloodbath -- but at least their five missing All-Stars have re-appeared out of nowhere! The Green Lantern considers the possibility that perhaps they were wrong in assuming there was a connection! Sandy the Golden Boy stands with Hawkgirl, Robotman, and Hourman and wonders about the whereabouts of his mentor and the other Justice Society members!?

 When asked by Superman about their past whereabouts, Amazing Man pleads ignorance, Firebrand remembers lighting a stove in Madison Square Garden, and Johnny Quick is glad that they are back where they belong! Robotman appreciates their timely return and hopes they will help clean up after the mess with Oom the Mighty and the Monster Society of Evil. The Tarantula and Amazing Man both recall the start of that particular battle, but neither one can explain the feeling that something very important happened in the middle of it!? Liberty Belle wastes little time in taking charge and asking the others about the missing Justice Society members. Doctor Occult explains that Doctor Fate has returned from being teleported to the dark side of the moon by Oom and the mystic detective has only just learned about the various locations of the others. His mystic talisman indicates the Justice Society of America are not on Earth -- but in between other planets. They are -- in Hyper-Space!

 There is little Occult can do, but Fate decides to lend a hand. Since he lost the helmet of Nabu, Doctor Fate possesses fewer magical powers -- but if he and Occult pool their powers of concentration together, they may be able to locate their missing friends. Doctor Occult concentrates on the Justice Society members as hard as he possibly can, then begins to receive images as soon as Doctor Fate comes in contact with him! Focusing upon these images, Occult sees them aboard rocket ships -- heading through alien skies -- towards other planets that resemble those found in our solar system -- but these are not the same! The tumbling images are like waves breaking against the shore... in Occult's mind...

 The year was 1942 and Earth-2 was a world at war against Axis forces. The mightiest heroes of this parallel world have banded together, under executive order of President Roosevelt, as the All-Star Squadron.

 The Crisis On Infinite Earths occurred in 1985.

 The red skies were a visual phenonmenon during the Crisis and for a time, Earth-Two and its heroes managed to survive its aftermath until only one Earth remained.

 Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, Firebrand, Amazing Man, and Tarantula were affected by the Crisis and found themselves in a time period different from their native 1942.

 The Man of Tomorrow and Doctor Occult were both created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

 The Justice Society of America were "Shanghaied Into Hyper-Space" in All-Star Squadron #50.

 Danette Reilly was lighting a stove when Harbinger summoned her in All-Star Squadron #50.

 Doctor Fate, Hourman, Hawkgirl, and Sandy the Golden Boy fought Oom the Mighty and Mr. Mind's Monster Society of Evil in All-Star Squadron #54.

 Kent Nelson lost the helmet of Nabu, but avoided being completely possessed by the Egyptian wizard, and lost much of his magical powers.

 The Justice Society of America were shanghaied into space by Gardner Fox, Jack Burnley, Sheldon Moldoff, Cliff Young, Stan Aschmeier, Joe Gallagher, Bernard Bailey, Harry G. Peter, and Howard Ferguson in All-Star Comics #13 (October-November, 1942.)

 Steve Chung
 "Kaleidoscopic Review!"