Fantastic Four #150: "Ultron-7: He'll Rule The World!"

Fantastic Four #150
 "Ultron-7: He'll Rule The World!"
 September, 1974

 Gerry Conway: Writer
 Rich Buckler: Artist
 Joe Sinnott: Inker
 John Costanza: Letterer
 Linda Lessmann: Colorist
 Roy Thomas: Editor

 The Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and the Inhumans have all fallen under the control of Ultron-7, who is quite satisfied with these developments... frozen solid by its computerized will! Only Ultron-7 could have accomplished such a feat -- the most powerful Ultron of all! Both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers came to the Great Refuge for the wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver... but instead have found themselves defeated... and Ultron-7 the victor! Ultron-7 wants more than the awareness of their destruction... it wants to experience it firsthand and grants the gathered heroes their mobility once more. They must use this opportunity well -- for there shall be no second chance! That's all Benjamin J. Grimm wants to know! RRIPPP! Reed Richards seeks to restrain the actions of his gregarious friend and teammate!

 He realizes that Ultron-7 is merely toying with them all -- wanting them to attack! Mr. Fantastic must act swiftly, for already the Thing has begun his charge -- and not even the Mighty Thor can reach him now! Ben has had enough of Ultron-7's ranting and is not to be content to have been pushed around! No one-- "UNNNNNHHHH!" SPACHOOM! Ultron-7 reminds the Thing that it is in possession of the body of Omega -- and its powers are Ultron-7's -- and those powers are awesome, indeed! Benjamin Grimm has seen better days and just needs to catch a breath before resuming his attack!

 Triton urges the Thing not to renew his attack! It is Black Bolt's wish that they wait and consider their actions. Ultron-7 has taken Crystal prisoner... and they cannot act until she has been freed. As the leader of the Inhumans is lost in thought, Agatha Harkness watches over the comatose Franklin Richards. Reed Richards addresses Ultron-7 and demands to know how it came to be in the Great Refuge -- and how it took over the body of Omega?

 Impressed by Richards' arrogance, Ultron-7 reveals how it was Maximus who saved it. The mad brother of Black Bolt, and would-be rule of the Inhumans had been studying the outside world... and during the course of these studies, came across Ultron-6's decapitated brain-box -- which Earth's Mightiest Heroes thought destroyed during their previous battle. Maximus used a long-range tractor beam to bring Ultron-6 to the Great Refuge... Because Black Bolt felt responsible for his brother's mental condition, he saw to it that Maximus had the necessary equipment to amuse himself with his seemingly useless experiments. It was with this equipment that Maximus revived Ultron-6's dormant computer-mind -- and attached it to Omega's mindless body.

 Maximus intended Ultron-7 to be an ally in his plan to conquer the Inhumans. Ultron-7 disposed of the would-be ruler upon his re-activation -- for Ultron is no human's or Inhuman's pawn. For a moment, Reed Richards thought that this wasn't the real Ultron -- but another trick of Maximus'. When the Son of Odin asks what they should do next, it is Benjamin J. Grimm who suggests that it's "Clobberin' Time!" STRAK! Unfortunately for the gathered heroes, it is Ultron-7 who is ready to punish them for what they have done to it in the past--

 -- by dissolving their human brains from within! Earth's Mightiest Heroes have gathered together for a joyous occasion -- only for that joy to become horror -- and that horror -- becoming madness -- and eventual defeat! Ultron-7 urges them to run! As the synthezoid Vision can tell them -- there is no protection from its computerized will! Ultron-7 will strike them to the depths of their souls -- and drain the remainder of their human mentalities!

 Their human skulls will be filled with psychic debris... their bodies will be governed by mental vegetables... and there is nothing they can do to prevent this from happening! The comatose body of Franklin Richards moves in Agatha Harkness' arms. Franklin Richards has lain in a coma for several months. Franklin is a child whose mind contains enough power to shatter a world! Franklin's mind has been awakened by the psychic assault of Ultron-7...

 And as any child whose sleep has been disturbed, Franklin lashes out... and unwittingly destroys Ultron-7 with far too much power for the robot to control. KAWHUMP! Ultron-7 and the body of Omega fall and silence reigns in the Great Refuge.

 The gathered heroes recover and turn as one towards Agatha Harkness. Reed and Sue Richards see that their son has awakened once more, and his powers are completely gone! The Swordsman has a feeling that today is a very good day and these sentiments are shared by Franklin's Uncle Johnny.

 The heralds of the Great Refuge soar across the afternoon sky. Their joyous message and invitation to the ceremony are trumpeted. This is the hour of happiness... to enter the place of ritual for the wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver.

 As Benjamin J. Grimm attempts to describe the proceedings to Alica Masters, the blind sculptoress expresses her joy at sharing this moment with her man! As she is dressed for her role as bridesmaid, she wonders why Ben is fighting his emotions -- and denies the love he feels for her. When the Inhumans attempt to dress him in a cloak, the Thing reminds them he is not one for fancy duds, and will cream them if they attempt to do so against his wishes!

 Reed and Sue Richards remember their wedding day and the trouble they had with Doctor Doom. Mr. Fantastic uses his powers to reach across the way for a suitable bouquet to give his spouse. The Mighty Thor and the Invincible Iron Man are aware that the hour is fast approaching. The world is moving on, yet the two of them have been held fast.

 The Son of Odin recalls Jane Foster, whose love fate decreed a hopeless one. The goddess Sif holds his heart -- and yet -- something is keeping them ever apart! Clad in his armor, Tony Stark remembers Pepper Potts, who married his best friend...and he has been searching for someone to take her place ever since. The millionaire industrialist and armored hero guesses they both can't be as lucky as Crystal and Quicksilver. The heralds make their final circuit and a last swoop over the towers of the Great Refuge. All present have heard the summons...

 The various groups arrive, including Iron Man, Thor, Mantis, Gorgon, the Swordsman, the Scarlet Witch, Triton, the Thing, Mr. Fantastic... and more... Medusa asks for Johnny Storm to wait for her. She reminds the Torch that Crystal loved him once... and he must remember that people change. Johnny had thought he had adjusted to the thought of Crystal marrying Quicksilver -- but today it feels like his world is breaking up inside of him. Medusa offers to stay with him and he wants nothing more than that.

 The moment has come for Crystal and Pietro to exchange their vows.

 The moment has passed and Black Bolt has given his silent blessing to the happy couple... one which is shared by the Whizzer, who is watching the event on a monitor screen in Avengers Mansion... and by those present at the ceremony. Johnny Storm wishes Crystal all the best and knows that no one deserves it more than her. There is time for smiles and a final wave from the couple as Lockjaw carries them away to parts unknown, for their own honeymoon. Johnny admits to Medusa that the moment has gotten to him and he is smiling like all the others!

 On the cover of Fantastic Four #150 by Gil Kane, Ultron-7 has grabbed the bridal bouquet and the bride. Quicksilver must have heard the one about something old something new, something borrowed, and something blue because he is wearing his green Brotherhood of Evil Mutants costume instead of his blue one.

 I've enjoyed Gerry Conway's run on The Amazing Spider-Man.

 Artist Rich Buckler presented the perfect synthesis of man and machine with the character of Deathlok the Demolisher.

 Colorist Linda Lessmann has worked on Luke Cage, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man, and other titles for Marvel.

 Joe Sinnott is THE inker of the Fantastic Four.

 Part one of this story took place in Avengers #127.

 The Fantastic Four fought Omega once before in Fantastic Four #132.

 Omega the Unknown was created by Steve Gerber and Mary Skrenes.

 Earth's Mightiest Heroes fought Ultron-6 in Avengers #66.

 Black Bolt was responsible for Maximus' madness, as revealed in Avengers #95.

 Reed Richards and Sue Storm were married in Fantastic Four Annual #3.

 Odin rejected his son's request for Jane Foster to become an immortal in Thor #136 and set him up with the goddess Sif in Thor #137.

 Pepper Potts was Tony Stark's secretary and Harold "Happy" Hogan was his chauffeur.

 Mantis did not realize she loved the Swordsman until he died during the battle between Kang the Conqueror and Rama-Tut.

 The Whizzer met Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Giant-Size Avengers #1 and mistakenly believed himself to be the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

 Lockjaw was once believed to be an Inhuman transformed by the Terrigen Mist and not an actual dog.

 Steve Chung
 "Ultron-7: He'll Review The World!"