All-Star Squadron #57: "Kaleidoscope" (Chapter Two)

All-Star Squadron #57
 "Kaleidoscope" (Chapter II)
 May, 1986

 Roy Thomas: Writer
 Artist: Rick Hoberg
 David Cody Weiss: Letterer
 Carl Gafford: Colorist

 Doctor Occult is mentally zeroing in on a rocket heading for a canal-streamed world that resembles Mars! Now he hears a voice from inside the rocket and relays the words and images to the other members of the All-Star Squadron -- as best he can... There is a young man aboard who can only be -- The Atom. Wherever he is, he is still in one piece. The JSAer will soon know if this is really the case when the rocket lands! Doctor Occult is unable to glean from the Atom's spoken words as to how he came to be inside a hyper-spatial missile -- yet he senses the rocket slow descent upon entering the atmosphere of "Mars" -- The missile's automatic system lands it beneath the twin moons! SHROOOMM Once the instruments register oxygen outside, the Atom exits, and discovers a landscape resembling a gardener's delight!

 Since "Mars" has only a fraction of Earth's gravity, the Atom is surprised to discover he can leap over the trees like the Man of Tomorrow! From his broad-jumping and the red sand below, Al Pratt would almost believe he were on Mars! ZZZK! FZZK! The Atom soon spots two humanoid factions, briefly considering remaining a neutral observer, and then leaping into the fray! His new leaping abilities enable him to make short work of the opposition. Al Pratt wishes he could do this back on Earth with real atomic power! With one of the factions in full retreat, the other remains, and attempts to communicate with the Earthling.

 Despite being unable to understand their words, the Atom understands enough that they want him to follow them. He soon sees a town beyond one of the canals! As he enters the "Martian" city, Al Pratt wishes he had a camera. After removing his mask, a metal cap is placed upon his head, and Al Pratt now understands their language. The educatograph was created years ago by one of their scientists. The device uses radio short waves and the electric emanations from the human brain. Al Pratt could certain use this at Calvin College!

 He soon learns that the polar cap of "Mars" melts every year and fills their canals with water. The water furnishes the "Martians" with fluid and atmosphere without which they would be unable to sustain themselves. Kagar Butor of the Southern Nation demands tribute for the "atmosphere plants" he currently controls -- or else he will contaminate all of their water! The Atom is welcomed by the Northern Kagar, who thanks the JSAer for saving one of their patrols. Since the best defense is a good offense, the Atom intends on meeting with Butor and getting him to change his mind. The Atom is soon riding across the "Martian" ground on the Kagar's fastest mount... He hopes that his fellow JSAers are okay somehow! On the outskirts of the city of Butor, the Atom and his Martian guide pause their steeds... Only the plants prevent death from claiming this world!

 When the Atom finishes with Butor, the guy will be lucky to be a waterboy! Two drowsy guards are lulled into deep slumber when the Mighty Mite lands upon them! As the JSAer fights his way through the city, he manages to extricate the location of Butor from one of his followers! THRAM! In this lighter gravity, the Atom is given greater chance to flex his muscles against the doors, and makes a dramatic entrance! He also unfortunately walks into an electrical field! SZZZZZZZZZ

 The obese figure before him can only be Butor, who does not care about the identity of the short one. As the voltage is raised to fatality level, BRAKOOM! The Mighty Mite manages to free himself a split second earlier! SPLAK! Butor's meek surrender echoes the Atom's hopes that Adolf will be singing the same tune when the Justice Society finally catches up with him! A new treaty is forged, along with hostages from Butor's family, ensuring a lasting peace. As his reward, the Atom is given an educatograph, and the secret for making air from water. Having worked out the coordinates with the "Martians," he hopes that the reverse course will return him to Earth, and the Atom can make certain his fellow JSAers are well. He is certainly going to miss not having any actual super-powers any more.

 This has been Interlude Four of Justice Society Of America: Shanghaied Into Hyperspace!

 This chapter adapted material by Gardner F. Fox and Joe Gallagher from All-Star Comics #13, 1942.

 In the original story, the Justice Society of America were shanghaied into space!

 J'onn J'onzz is from the Mars of Earth-One.

 The Man of Tomorrow came from a Krypton where the inhabitants were already at the peak of human perfection.

 The Man of Steel of Earth-One gets his super-powers from Earth's lighter gravity and its yellow sun.

 DC Comics adapted A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

 Editor Julius Schwartz created archeologist Adam Strange, who travelled to the planet Rann in stories written by Gardner Fox.

 Alanna and her father, Sardath, used a device on Adam to aid him in learning the Rannian language.

 A kagar is a prince.

 Jimmy Olsen was once turned into a Jovian.

 Al Pratt resembles the Daily Planet cub reporter.

 Thanks to inhaling some hard water overnight, Jay Garrick went from warming the bench to becoming a football star and winning the big game for Joan Williams.

 I've enjoyed the art of Rick Hoberg in What If, DC Comics Presents, and All-Star Squadron.

 Steve Chung
 "Kaleidoreview" (Chapter II)