Amazing Fantasy #9: "I Come From The Black Void!"

Amazing Fantasy #9
 "I Come From The Black Void!"
 February, 1962

 Story: Stan Lee
 Art: Steve Ditko
 Lettering: Terry Szenics

 He had been the first one to travel from outer space and yet, those who dwell on planet Earth did not care! Perhaps this is why...

 In the vast reaches of outer space, a rocket ship travels faster-than-light towards our solar system! The alien pilot will reach his goal within minutes!! With his goal now in sight, he would become the first Xeman to set foot upon the Earth! He landed the rocket ship in an isolated area, as to not frighten the native inhabitants! Since the air on Earth is breathable, the Xeman will not require his cumbersome space suit! he has studied the various languages of Earth from his home world! Now, he will use his knowledge as he prepares to join these two planets in a firm bond of friendship!

 The alien pilot finds it most fortunate that the Earthlings share the same appearance as the Xenians! The moment has come for the announcement of arrival... The ambassador from outer space greets the people from Earth and tells them he has come from the black void! The citizens do not know what to make of this new kinda nut in their midst and go on about their daily business! The Xemen is startled to see that he is being ignored during one of the greatest moments in history, and no one seems to care! Wherever the space traveler went, the Earthlings laughed at him, pushed him aside, and continued on their way! Of all the thousands of planets they have visited, bring the gift of knowledge and of friendship, only planet Earth has spurned them! Why?? It is a shame the ambassador from the black void will never know the irony of his arrival on April Fool's Day!

 This story was reprinted in Creatures On The Loose #27 (January, 1974.)

 I remember seeing the name of Terry Szenics in an early Doctor Strange story which was reprinted in a 1975 Marvel Treasury Edition.

 The Fantastic Four met the Skrulls, who could assume the appearance of anyone on Earth.

 Mar-Vell of the Kree came to Earth to learn more about the people and to determine if they were a threat to the empire.

 The X-Men were originally going to be called "The Mutants," and the X referred to their extra power.

 The ambassador from the black void resembles Peter Parker in appearance.

 Peter Parker gained the proportionate strength and power of a spider and learned that with great power, there must always be great responsibility in Amazing Fantasy #15.

 Steve Chung
 "I Review From The Black Void!"