All-Star Squadron #57: "Kaleidoscope" (Chapter Three)

All-Star Squadron #57
 "Kaleidoscope" (Chapter Three)
 May, 1986

 Roy Thomas: Writer
 Arvell Jones & Alfredo Alcala: Artists
 David Cody Weiss: Letterer
 Carl Gafford: Colorist

 The image of "Mars" fades and "Jupiter" comes into view, complete with its mysterious red spot. Doctor Occult concentrates and sees that it is the JSAer known as Starman who is gazing upon this other dimensional version of Jupiter. The last thing he remembers is listening to Hawkman at the JSA meeting -- then keeling over. Ted Knight bets that he is ill and in a delirious state at a hospital! Since his mystic talisman has made contact with the JSAers' minds, Doctor Occult is able to glean some of their surface thoughts. As the compass widens -- the Doctor sees there is a civilization on "Jupiter"...

 The mystic detective can only wonder how these robotic creatures know of Starman and of Earth itself. These denizens of "Jupiter" adjust the dials on their waists, and soar upwards towards the rocket... They catch the ship and bring it to the forum! As the rocket's airlock door swing open -- the instruments read an oxygen atmosphere -- and Starman feels the cold. His fingers are numb and he can barely hold onto his gravity rod! Reaching the rod's stellar control pin, the JSAer is provided with heat and sufficient strength to resist "Jupiter's" harsh gravity! Starman is greeted by the metallic men and is lead to their subterranean city... In many ways, they are as human as Ted Knight, but due to their planet's gravity and harsh cold, they wear rustless metal clothing. Their internal organs are encased within.

 As he stands before the robot tribunal, Starman learns their mechanical devices translate his language and they know much about him. They are able to see and hear everything on Earth by using light, cosmic rays, and radio waves -- even across the dimensions. The JSAer recognizes the Justice Society of America meeting room on a viewscreen and learns it was Herr Gootsden who was responsible for shooting them into hyperspace! The Nazi scientist had intended for the Justice Society to be sent into outer space, but there were other factors. Although they possess a brilliant technology, these metallic inhabitants of "Jupiter" are in danger from the "great red spot" of their world -- consisting of an absorbing microbism -- a malevolent lifeform which is slowly but surely feeding upon their entire world! When they learned of his coming -- Starman became their only hope.

 Ted Knight doesn't know what he can do, if their science has failed -- but he's going to try. His gravity rod taps into the power of the stars of his cosmos. One of the metal men turns on the aero-dynamic force of his own power belt, and soars alongside the JSAer. The red spot is just beyond the dark mountains -- and now just below them! Starman increases the gravitational constant on his gravity rod -- and watches what happens! It leaps straight up at them and will engulf them both in a moment! The Metal man can feel it feeding on him and Starman feels the living quicksand -- pulling them down towards the main mass!

 The Astral Avenger manages to rotate the fungoid matter -- just like a cowboy does with his lasso -- and the circling motion serves as a delaying tactic. Using his gravity rod, Starman is able to perform a crack-the-whip motion, and -- the small portion of the red spot is now on its way into outer space. The JSAer has an idea of how to deal with the main threat and has the metal men construct a gigantic version of his gravity rod... It is now aimed at the dead center of the red spot.

 The giant rod rotates -- faster, and faster -- until the planet of "Jupiter" shudders as the alien matter is torn free from the world's heavy gravity. It will be swallowed by the immense other-dimensional universe. The red spot is now gone -- forever and the metal men can continue with their study of the cosmos. It also looks like Ted Knight will have to join them because there was only enough rocket fuel to bring him to "Jupiter," and not for a return trip. Since the giant gravity rod was able to drive off the red matter, it will also serve to drive the rocket, and the metal men will increase its power until Starman reaches his own corner of existence. They give him some books on his to treat any metal so that it may become transparent -- even invisible. Ted Knight imagines what an entire fleet of invisible bombers could do to Hitler and Tojo! The astral rod powers the rocket off into the void of hyperspace... and Starman vows to get the ones responsible for his unexpected one-way trip! Both he and Starman now know the identity of those who caused the Justice Society of America's disappearance...

 This chapter adapted All-Star Comics #13 (October-November, 1942): "Shanghaied Into Outer Space!" by Gardner Fox and Jack Burnley.

 I've enjoyed the art of Arvell Jones on Iron Man, Marvel Spotlight, Captain America, and All-Star Squadron.

 I've also enjoyed the art of Alfredo Alcala on Captain Mar-Vell and Detective Comics.

 Charlie-27 is from Jupiter.

 The inhabitants of Mondas had an advanced civilization and used their technology to evolve into the Cybermen.

 Robby Reed dials H for Hero!

 Krypton had a red sun and a heavier gravity than Earth's.

 The Justice Society of America were shanghaied into hyperspace in All-Star Squadron #50.

 Jimmy Olsen was once transformed into a Jovian.

 Steve Chung
 "Kaleidoreview" (Chapter Three)