The Flash #127: "The Reign Of The Super-Gorilla!"

The Flash #127
 "The Reign Of The Super-Gorilla!"
March, 1962

Story: John Broome
Art: Carmine Infantino
Inks: Joe Giella

 Grodd has discovered a radiation that makes him irresistible to everyone who looks at him -- humans and gorillas alike! In the end only the Scarlet Speedster stood in the way of... "The Reign Of The Super-Gorilla!"

 William Dawson has served his full prison term and has been supplied with a new suit. He declines the ten dollar bill and tells the warden he's got a far way to go! As Dawson leaves, the warden notices the former inmate has become much more hairy since his arrival! William Dawson knows the warden couldn't possibly suspect the real reason for his sudden hair growth! The former inmate is actually Gorilla Grodd -- temporarily in possession of William Dawson's body! He cannot afford to waste any more time and must leave the country as quickly as possible!

 Weeks later, the former inmate is standing before Gorilla City, the secret civilization visible only to gorillas, and to Dawson because the Super-Gorilla's mind is in control! With Solovar in charge, Dawson must sneak into Gorilla City... and return to his old lab... before challenging him! It is at that very moment that Grodd's gorilla mind bring about a physical transformation to Dawson's body, and he becomes a gorilla once more!

 After recovering from the sudden experience, Grodd is anxious to show Solovar and the others that he has returned! Since he looks like any other inhabitant of Gorilla City, Grodd is able to enter with ease! As he heads in the direction of his old laboratory, Grodd notices a female gorilla, and is struck by an emotional state older than humans and gorillas... Boka is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen! Grodd is able to telepathically eavesdrop on Boka's conversation with her mother about her upcoming wedding to Solovar! Grodd is now determined to reach his laboratory at once!

 Inside his lab, Grodd uses a special machine to give his body neo-magnetic radiation which will make others who look at him admire him -- instantly! There is no limit to what his super-brain can conceive -- and then putting his plans into effect! He can hardly wait to see what will happen when Boka sees him now! Now in the heart of Gorilla City, the wedding procession begins! Grodd wonders what will happen when Boka sees him and if his scheme will really work. She leaves the side of Solovar and comes towards him! His neo-magnetism has placed her completely under his control! If Solovar tries to fight for her, Grodd must be ready to defend himself! To the Super-Gorilla's astonishment, the others welcome him as if he were a long-lost friend and not an enemy!

 Thanks to the neo-magnetic radiation, Grodd is now king of Gorilla City, and Boka is his queen. He now has a better idea of trying out his super-scientific stunt on human beings! Compared to what he has just attained in Gorilla City, there are bigger bananas to fry in human civilization! After his faithful followers construct a personal jetplane for him, Grodd arrives at Central City Airport... Grodd soon draws an enthusiastic throng of admirers! He wonders where the Scarlet Speedster is and knows that the Flash will try to capture him sooner or later!

 In the scientific laboratory at Central City Police Headquarters, Barry Allen has been thinking about Gorilla Grodd and is aware that William Dawson was recently released from prison. Solovar had seen Grodd dead and notified him about it, but... A special news bulletin catches the police scientist's attention and he listens to the news of Gorilla Grodd's return to Central City! Thousands of people have gathered in the streets at his approach and all cry "HURRAH FOR GRODD!!" With folks cheering in praise of Grodd, it's time for the Flash to go into action, and stop him! Barry activates his ring's secret compartment, where a tiny red uniform shoots out, and expands upon contact with the air...

 If the Super-Gorilla has come back from the dead and has fooled the citizens of Central City, he will not fool the Fastest Man On Earth! The police have cordoned off the area surrounding Central Square in order to maintain order... The Sultan of Speed ducks under a rope and streaks towards his old foe... Grodd is finished and there's only one place for someone like him -- and that's in prison -- UHH... the Flash now finds the Super-Gorilla to be wonderful! With his mortal foe succumbing to the neo-magnetic radiation, Grodd retires to his hotel suite... The Fastest Man Alive heads away at super-speed in shock... he knows that Grodd is a villain, but just a moment ago, he regarded him as some kind of hero! The Flash must clear his head and think...

 The Scarlet Speedster covers hundreds of miles in mere moments! His hatred of Gorilla Grodd has returned! As the Fastest Man On Earth turns around, he is relieved that his sanity has returned! He will capture that big ape and won't be stopped by any... by any... now he feels that Grodd is someone to be admired -- The Flash whirls around again... and realizes that his foe must be giving off some sort of radiation that affects anyone who sees him... and remains in effect in the surrounding area! Fortunately the area is limited and the Scarlet Speedster has already covered one hundred miles... This strange force only works in a hundred-mile radius and it won't take him long with his super-speed to find out if he's right!

 The Crimson Comet circles Central City and confirms whenever he tries to enter the forbidden area, he can feel the change coming over him! How can he defeat Grodd if he can't come within one-hundred feet from him? The most he can manage is halfway before the strange spell overcomes him! When he vibrates his body's molecules and travels underground -- he finds that the mysterious radiation is present, too! He tries phoning friends in Central City -- to tell them the truth about Grodd, but no one believes him, and they are all under the Super-Gorilla's power!

 Inside Central City, there are talks of running a gorilla for governor! Grodd is making a televised appearance and apparently the neo-magnetic radiation works on television viewers, as well! After his television broadcast, Grodd finds himself endorsed by the statewide party to run for governor! First the governor's chair -- and then onto the presidency -- he will be the boss with his neo-magnetic radiation! At this moment, the Flash has been sitting in a hunting lodge for days, trying to figure out a way to defeat the Super-Gorilla and he's finally gotten an idea!

 He has noticed that the special radiation was weaker on one particular day due to solar flares! The radiation given off by these solar flares acted against Grodd's radiation and weakened it! If that's the case, the Scarlet Speedster now has a way of getting at the Super-Gorilla! As he leaves the hunting lodge at super-speed, the Monarch of Motion vibrates the atoms of his body to the proper frequency to give off radiation similar to those caused on Earth by the solar flares! Will it work? On the way to Central City, the Sultan of Speed finds himself fully protected against Grodd's radiation! Meanwhile in Central City... Grodd is allowing himself to be seen by as many voters as possible! The result should prove to be a landslide in his favor --

 At that moment, the Super-Gorilla sees the Flash coming right at him--! The solar flare radiation has made him immune to the radiation given off by Grodd,and the Super-Gorilla is about to find himself not in the governor's chair... but in a prison cell! When the Scarlet Speedster lays his hands on his anthropod foe... he finds that Grodd has prepared an electrical shock for him! By increasing the voltage of his neo-magnetic radiation, the Super-Gorilla can give off a powerful electrical current! This means the Flash must capture Grodd without actually touching him! The Fastest Man On Earth circles his anthropod foe and sets up a small circle of whirling wind...taking Grodd for a spin!

 The Super-Gorilla is spun so hard, his outstretched arms are propelling him through the air! All that comes up must come down... and Grodd comes down faster than he went up! The Super-Gorilla's crash causes all of the neo-magnetic radiation to be knocked out of him! As the people of Central City see the Super-Gorilla for what he really is, the Flash uses his super-speed to get him behind bars before he comes to!

 That night, the Scarlet Speedster appears on television in Central City... He points out that we must be on guard against villainy whenever it masquerades as good, and expose it! The Grodd For Governor campaign is now a thing of the past and a father comforts his son by telling him as long as their hometown hero continues his protection of Central City, the Super-Gorilla will remain helpless! How long can a Gorilla City prison hold Grodd? That's what a certain Super-Gorilla would like to know.

 This story was reprinted in DC Special #16: "Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas!" (Spring, 1975).

 Grodd was voiced by Stanley Ralph Ross on "Challenge Of The Super Friends" (1978) and Powers Boothe on Justice League Unlimited.

 Grodd apparently died in a Gorilla City prison, but actually transferred his mind into William Dawson's body in Flash #115 (September, 1960).

 All gorillas communicate telepathically in Gorilla City.

 It makes sense that the Super-Gorilla wanted to become "top banana" of human civilization.

 The Forbidden Zone was shielded by illusions cast by mutants in "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes".

 Cosmic Ray radiation gave the Fantastic Four their powers and Gamma Radiation transformed Doctor Robert Bruce Banner into The Incredible Hulk.

 Steve Chung
 "The Review Of The Super-Gorilla!"