All-Star Squadron #57: "Kaleidoscope" (Chapter Five)

All-Star Squadron #57
 "Kaleidoscope" (Chapter Five)
 May, 1986

 Roy Thomas: Writer
 Mike Clark & Vince Colletta: Artists (pp 1-3, 22)
 David Cody Weiss: Letterer
 Carl Gafford: Colorist

 Doctor Occult can no longer stand the strain --! He could not maintain his concentration for another moment... When Doctor Fate reminds him there are five more members of the Justice Society of America unaccounted for, Green Lantern reminds Fate that one cannot force magic beyond a certain point, or else there will be repercussions. As the Man of Tomorrow assures the others that they are all anxious, Liberty Belle apologizes to Hawkgirl and Sandy the Golden Boy that they have not learned more about the whereabouts of Hawkman and the Sandman. Shiera Sanders figures if the other three members are safe... perhaps...Sandy Hawkins wonders if any of them will find their way back to Earth -- and Hawkgirl tells him they have to have faith... to wait... and to pray. While they are doing that, they must remember that they have got a job to do on Earth -- whether it is against the Axis powers or gangs like Oom's. Sandy agrees that this is what the Sandman would want and apologizes for being such a crybaby. Shiera Sanders knows tears are a sign of both strength and of weakness. They show that we love... and in the end, tears are the greatest strength of all.

 Superman and Doctor Occult were both created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

 Kent Nelson discarded the helm of Nabu and used a half-mask in order to function as Doctor Fate, and resist the increasing hold the Egyptian wizard had on him.

 The Tarantula and Sandman had similar-looking costumes before Jonathan Law did a re-design of his own heroic attire.

 Tears were on the way for readers of All-Star Squadron with the effects of the Crisis Of Infinite Earths and the arrival of Mekanique on Earth-Two.

 Steve Chung
 "Kaleidoreview" (Chapter Five)