Secret Origins #41: "A Rogue By Any Other Name" (Chapter Two)

Secret Origins #41
 "A Rogue By Any Other Name" (Chapter 2)
 June, 1989

  Writers: Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn
 Artists: Grant Miehm & Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
 Letterer: Janice Chiang
 Colorist: Helen Vesik
 Boy Editor: Mark Waid

 Gambi shows the little bald-headed man in the polyester suit a costume he made for a customer who was a forty-two long! James Jesse is the Trickster, the youngest of the Flying Jesses -- and the worst thing about the various towns they've passed through -- is that his father was in every one of them! When he sees his son reading another one of those stooped outlaw books about Jesse James, he reminds him that his real name is Giovanni Giuseppe, and they are from Napoli!

 His father wanted him to work harder on their circus act and not worry about the heights! Unfortunately for Giovanni -- his father was easily distracted by the female circus performers below, and only regained his concentration when he heard his son scream! It wasn't the heights Giuseppe was afraid of -- it was his own father dropping him!

 In Giovanni's case, his father provided the necessity of invention. His added safety measure came in the form of his airwalker shoes! Giovanni Giuseppe was now able to soar above the crowd, to savor their reactions, and make his father proud of him. Now that he mastered this trick, the Amazing James Jesse wanted more thrills and challenges than his circus act could provide him! He became the Trickster!

 He flew through the air with the greatest unease till he thought it all over and came up with these... his airwalker shoes were undreamed by sages, and he sang in one song what took Gambi two pages! Booster Gold wants the Trickster to stop! As the Rogue asks how he can see through those ray-bans of his, the Justice Leaguer is determined to take him in! When the Trickster insists he has gone straight, Booster Gold asks him if the loot he's carrying has also gone straight! When the Rogue insists this was only to get his attention, the Justice Leaguer insists he hand it over!

 Since Booster Gold is so sure he wants it, the Trickster is going to make sure he gets it! The Justice Leaguer is the new owner of an Acme ten ton anvil and he finds it to be a real drag on gravity! The Rogue loves mixing it up with these super-heroes who are so predictable! Before he congratulates himself further, the Trickster has got the sudden urge to take care of some important business!

 Writers Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn featured the Trickster in the pages of Blue Devil.

 I've enjoyed the art of Grant Miehm in Legend of the Shield, Secret Origins, and Avengers.

 I've enjoyed the ink work of Ian Akin and Brian Garvey on Iron Man.

 I think this was the first time we learned the Trickster's real name was Giovanni Giuseppe and that he was from Napoli.

 The New 52 version of the Weather Wizard has been rechristened "Marcos Mardon" instead of Mark Mardon.

 Other circus aerialists in the DC Universe include Dick Grayson and Boston Brand.

 Writer Peter David had the Trickster refer to his invention as "Luke Skywalker" shoes.

 Mark Hamill portrayed James Jesse/The Trickster on the 1990 CBS Flash TV series and on an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

 Hamill will be reprising his role on the new Flash TV series.

 The Trickster had gone straight by the time he appeared in Blue Devil.

 It looks like James Jesse's airwalker shoes are more powerful than Booster Gold's Legion flight ring.

 Did the Legionnaires get their flying belts and flight rings from Acme?

 Steve Chung
 "A Review By Any Other Name" (Chapter 2)