Superman #118: "The Prehistoric Pet!"

Superman #118
"The Prehistoric Pet"
January, 1958

Story: Unknown
Art: Al Plastino

Impervious to bullets, faster than a jet plane, and able to leap over high mountains -- these are only a few of the Man of Steel's abilities! Yet, despite his various super-powers, Superman is temporarily unable to deal with the unexpected arrival of "The Prehistoric Pet!"

On the outskirts of Metropolis, the Man of Steel's super-hearing picks up the sound of a rumbling earthquake! He sees a crack opening beneath a farmhouse with a trapped family inside! As he flies the farmhouse to a safer location, Superman wonders why an earthquake would occur here. SNORT SNORT ROARR He soon sees a prehistoric creature emerging from the lower depths, and prepares to capture it! As he approaches, the vibrations of the creature's tail shakes the ground beneath it! THUMP THUMP RUMBLE! Superman hurls a meteor, intent on surprising the creature, and finding it to be surprisingly heavy! The prehistoric creature swallows the meteor in a single GULP! The Man of Steel must think of something else!

The earthquake has started a forest fire! As Superman heads towards it, the prehistoric creature follows him! A single puff of his super-breath puts out the forest fire! The prehistoric creature uses its flame-breath to rekindle the forest fire! Superman lets the forest rangers take over while he patrols the rest of the area! The creature continues to follow him as they arrive at a replica of a castle build by an eccentric millionaire! Seeing a turret tower toppling, disaster is averted when the Man of Steel shoves it straight, and braces it firmly! In response, the prehistoric creature pushes over a abandoned lighthouse! If he tries to capture the creature, it will thump its tail, and cause another earthquake!

It continues to follow him back to Metropolis. Superman decides to change back to Clark Kent, and decides to relax by having an iced lemonade! When Clark accidentally drops an ice cube from his drink, the creature catches his scent. The winged creature swiftly soars out to sea... and returns to Metropolis with a small iceberg to drop in Metropolis Stadium!

The mild-mannered reporter realizes when he put out a fire, the creature made a fire! When he repaired a tower, the creature wrecked a lighthouse! Clark threw away an ice-cube and the creature brought an iceberg! This prehistoric creature always does the exact opposite of whatever he does! Changing back to Superman, the Man of Steel realizes the iceberg will melt harmlessly in the empty stadium, and worries that the creature will imitate him while he is performing a super-task. At Metropolis Harbor, Superman is asked to dredge up a ship which sank with a cargo of gold. If he brings up the sunken ship, the creature will drag down another ship! He outwits it by sinking an old scow, and the creature raises the sunken ship with its gold cargo for him!

Later, a lightning flash strikes at a guide missile testing range! BUZZZZZ BUZZZZZ The lightning bolt sets off the time fuses in three experimental missiles, and the atomic warheads will go off! If the Man of Steel picks up the missiles and hurls them away, the creature will retrieve them! Seeing a cannon used for target practice, Superman asks the men to fire three shells in the air! As Superman catches the shells, the creature moves towards the guided missiles!

The creature duplicates the Man of Steel's stunt in reverse! As it throws the missiles, Superman uses his super-breath to blow them out to sea, where they explode harmlessly! His telescopic-vision spots a damaged railroad trestle! If he tries to push the front end of the express train to stop it, the creature will push at the rear! Half a second later, the Man of Steel finds what he needs at a toy store! He uses his super-speed to set up a toy train set! As he pushes the model toy train from the rear, the creature pushes the front of the express train, saving it! As Superman prepares to repair the trestle, which was damaged by falling rock, he sees the creature waiting with its mouth open as he tosses the rocks away! Now he knows why it has been following him!

Now he knows how to get rid of it! The Man of Steel heads into outer space and searches for a Kryptonite meteor! Superman uses an iron meteor as a cue to perform a billiard shot that knocks the Kryptonite meteor down to Earth! He manages to avoid the deadly rays! The prehistoric creature follows the Kryptonite, which is like candy to it! When the Man of Steel hurled the first boulder at it, he was weakened by the Kryptonite inside of it! After sampling the candy, the creature followed him for some more! The prehistoric creature has followed the meteor several miles down... and the hole is sealed with a few tons of rock! The strange creature with its opposite imitations gave Superman a tough time! Will it remain underground or return again someday?

The Man of Steel would later outwit a flame dragon from Krypton in Superman #142 (January, 1961.)

A man's home is his castle, but to an ecccentric millionaire, his home really is a castle!

Superman would have his battle with Bizarro in Action Comics #254 (July, 1959) by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

Bizarro is an imperfect duplicate of the Man of Steel who always does the opposite.

Superman played a shell game with the prehistoric creature in order to prevent the missiles from being misguided.

The Man of Steel put in some heavy training to express the opposite of his intentions to the creature, and to stay on track.

I've heard of "Minnesota Fats," but "Metropolis Supes"?

Steve Chung
"The Prehistoric Pet Review!"