Action Comics #457: "Flight Of The Nutty Kid!"

Action Comics #457
"Flight Of The Nutty Kid!"
March, 1976

Story: Elliot S! Maggin
Art: Mike Grell
Editor: Julius Schwartz

He knows why Frankie's voice sounds funny! It's because... their pilot ain't Frankie -- it's the Black Canary! A group of kidnappers disguised as a clown act has infiltrated an on-the-air telethon and abducted its host, Danny Harris -- the famous Nutty Kid! When their getaway pilot is unmasked as the... Black Canary... and their helicopter plummets towards the streets below, the Green Arrow takes to the skies... He sees that Dinah's trapped in the whirlybird!

Now we know as much as Green Arrow -- but what he doesn't know... none of the kidnappers can pilot the helicopter! If they off her, they'll crash into a nearby building! If Green Arrow has figured it right, the copter is tumbling on a line he should intercept -- so he can climb aboard and play cavalry to the rescue! They wonder what the Green Cowboy is trying to do -- ?? Black Canary realizes that he's trying to grab the copter in midair! Her problem is to keep them off the ground till they get out of town -- then her job's... finished! The copter veers away! Green Arrow can't grab it! The crook made the Emerald Archer miss! He'll drop to his death! The crook is confident that he can break his fall -- he's seen him do it on TV!

It's utter bedlam in front of WSTR's west-side studio, where Danny Harris' annual telethon -- is still going on even after the famous comedian has been kidnapped and flown off... to who knows where? There are unconfirmed reports -- that Green Arrow is somewhere on the scene! They have learned that Black Canary's motorcycle has been spotted in a nearby garage! The Emerald Archer is sorry to drop in during the segment -- but this is where gravity brought him!

Green Arrow rushes past bystanders into the TV studio where... more pledges are being made for Danny's ransom! G.A. would like a look at the radio receiver the clowns left behind to give the crew instructions! Now he needs one of the phones! He calls Lieutenant Bolton to get every available radio car tuned into the following frequency... and fan them out west of the city line! He'll explain later...

As Green Arrow starts to trace the source of the kidnappers' radio communications... Black Canary cuts the engine fifty feet up! As she counted on, the clowns don't know much about helicopters! They wanted her to land it so they could dispose of her... but they never heard of autorotation -- the ability of a helicopter to ease down to the ground like a parachute... as the rotors slow to a stop! The crooks get strong and silent when their plans get messed up. The Black Canary prefers her kidnappers... simply silent!

As the last kidnapper voices the opinion that the others are bush league to be stopped by a "ULP!", Black Canary's kick puts an end to his commentary. With any luck, Green Arrow and the police will pick them up before it can walk away... She heads to free the Nutty Kid and hopes that he has something funny to say about all this! What the newly freed Danny Harris has to say isn't very funny -- Black Canary is in big trouble! What she's been through will seem like a picnic, as soon as she catches on... that the man she just "rescued" is Lex Luthor!

Everybody loves a clown, except when they are kidnappers in disguise.

Danny Harris is a take off of Jerry Lewis.

As the rotors come to a stop, Black Canary puts a stop to the kidnappers, and gives them the right to remain silent.

Lex Luthor?

What some super-villains won't do to meet a super-heroine!

Steve Chung
"Review Of The Nutty Kid!"