Action Comics #328: "Superman's Hands Of Doom!"

Action Comics #328
"Superman's Hands Of Doom!"
September, 1965

Story: Leo Dorfman
Art: Al Plastino
Lettering: Joe Letterese

It's the most evil scheme conceived by the underworld for the Man of Steel to wipe out the city of Metropolis! An entire city will fall victim to "Superman's Hands Of Doom!"

At the office of a gangland czar, two armed men have arrived for their fifty-thousand dollar contribution! After other gangland hideouts are visited, "Rocky" and "Spike" are ready to make their deal with Mr. Gimmick! At the remote hideout of the underworld genius whose clever criminal schemes have given him the name of Mr. Gimmick, one million dollars are placed inside a vault, and a fool-proof plan to ruin the Man of Steel's career begins! In an abandoned quarry, Mr. Gimmick uses a pair of mechanical hands to illustrate the method he will use to ruin Superman!

Mr. Gimmick dusts a few specks of super-explosive Megatron Omega on one hand, and specks of Megatron Omega on the other hand! From a protected hiding place, now they will watch what happens when those two mechanical hands clap together! The resulting impact will bring about an explosion equal to a super-atomic blast! As the countdown begins, they watch the monitor! The pair of mechanical hands make contact, and... BRRRAMM! A few tiny grains of Megatron has shattered half of a mountain! Mr. Gimmick timed the explosion to coincide with an underground nuclear test happening at the same time in Nevada! "Rocky" wonders how Megatron can possibly harm the invulnerable Man of Steel! Mr. Gimmick is aware Metropolis is celebrating Superman Day next week! His fans will parade past their super-foe with all sorts of floats and displays, causing the Man of Steel to clap his hands -- If they manage to get some Megatron Alpha and Omega on his hands prior to the applause -- POW!

The resulting explosion will wipe out the city of Metropolis! The Man of Steel will become the most hated man on Earth! He will have to leave the planet! "Rocky" and "Spike" will pretend to be fans at the parade. "Spike" will pretend to have a broken hand! The following week on Superman Day, "Spike" is digging his hand into his pocket,which is filled with Megatron Dust! As "Rocky" shakes hands with Superman, he knows the particles of Megatron Alpha will cling to his skin in an invisible coating! "Spike" shakes hands with the Man of Steel using his left hand, which is coated with Megatron Omega!

As the evil duo leave in a hurry, they meet up with Mr. Gimmick at a supersonic plane about to leave Metropolis. The criminal scientist has been experimenting with a device to enable them to watch the proceedings from a safe distance! As the ceremonies begin, the mayor of Metropolis presents Superman with the key to Metropolis! The Man of Steel presents the mayor with a replica of the key to his Fortress of Solitude! Only he knows the replica is not full size, so no one can use it to enter the Fortress, even if they did manage to find its location in the Arctic! On the other side of the continent, Mr. Gimmick and his clients watch the Man of Steel on a monitor screen! The criminal scientist is using an experimental spy-in-the-sky satellite, which is in orbit over Metropolis! An electronic beam triggered it to transmit pictures of the Superman Day Parade, taken with a super-telescopic lens, to them!

In Metropolis, records of all the super-deeds the Man of Steel has performed in 1965 are being placed inside a time capsule, which will be found by future generations! The underworld watches as Superman is about to drive the time capsule deep into the ground! The impact could set off the super-explosive! There is no explosion, but the ground trembles as the Man of Steel uses his super-strength to ram the time capsule down among the many other time capsules that mark his crime-fighting career. Mr. Gimmick informs his clients impact alone is not enough! The Megatron must strike one another in order for detonation! Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane gaze at the one-ton cake baked in Superman's honor!

Mr. Gimmick and his clients watch as the Man of Steel is about to applaud the super-cake! The next moment finds a fan stepping forward and asking Superman to autograph a program for him! The program prevents the Megatron Alpha and Omega from making contact! In Metropolis, paralysis victim Penny Dare was aided by the Man of Steel when his x-ray vision guided surgeons who performed a delicate operation on her! Thanks to Superman, Penny rises from her wheelchair, and plays a tune on her musical bottles as though they were a xylophone! The underworld watches as the Man of Steel is about to applaud!

Jimmy Olsen informs Lois Superman's super-clap might set up a vibration which would have shattered Penny's glass bottles! A group of Superman fans parade in Kryptonian outfits! Seeing a couple dressed as Jor-El and Lara, the Man of Steel is about to join in the applause! BZZZZZ The monitor is interrupted just as Superman was about to applaud! Mr. Gimmick is sure the Megatron must have exploded, but the city of Metropolis is still standing! The satellite must have acted up because of circuit trouble.

The marchers have unfurled the flag of Krypton, causing Superman to instantly salute it! Sooner or later, he will have to applaud, and when he does -- it's the end of Metropolis! The rubber industry has created a series of giant balloons in the shape of Superman's friends! Jimmy and Lois watch as the Man of Steel is about to applaud! The next moment, it happens just as Mr. Gimmick said it would! When the smoke clears, his scheme has worked! Superman has clapped his hands and exploded the Megatron dust! The city of Metropolis is wiped out!

The Man of Steel will be blamed for the disaster. He will be the most hated man on Earth. He will have to leave the planet! Thanks to Mr. Gimmick, the underworld will never be bothered by Superman again! The Man of Steel lands before the criminal scientist and his clients! How can he be here when they see him on their monitor screen? Metropolis still stands! As the criminals gaze at the monitor screen, they see Metropolis is alive and well! Superman never clapped the Megatron in Metropolis, but he will clap now -- unless they give him a signed confession of this mass murder plot! Once the conspirators are turned in to the authorities, the Man of Steel informs Mr. Gimmick he was always aware about the plot from the moment the Megatron dust was tested! How is this possible if the criminal scientist conducted the test at the exact same moment as the atomic explosion in Nevada?

Mr. Gimmick neglected to take the different time zone into account! Superman's seismic map detected the Megatron explosion, in the wrong place, and an hour ahead of schedule! Using his telescopic-vision, the Man of Steel traced the explosion and learned of the sinister scheme! Superman could have exposed the plot, but he wanted to nab all of the conspirators! He kept close tabs on developments! Superman watched as Mr. Gimmick used the spy-in-the-sky satellite so he and his clients could watch when Metropolis blew up! Fully aware when the Megatron dust was on his hands, the Man of Steel used every excuse to keep from clapping his hands! He didn't begin to clap until he saw a fan raising his program for an autograph, and inserting it between his hands! When Mr. Gimmick insists there was an explosion, Superman explains the simple trick, and counted on the fact of the criminal audience using the spy-in-the-sky satellite to watch the parade. The Man of Steel prepared a film of himself standing against a projected film of an atomic test made in a model city. When finished, the process shot would look like the real thing!

Aware that the criminal audience was watching him, the Man of Steel used his heat-vision to explode the inflammable gases in the giant balloons to conceal his movements! Soaring at super-speed, Superman connected a projector to the circuits transmitting the pictures to Mr. Gimmick's monitor. The next thing the criminal audience would see is the false film of Metropolis in flames! The criminal scientist has been outwitted and Mr. Gimmick's reputation is ruined! The gangsters were never in any danger because Superman had already removed the Megatron with his heat-vision! It took a super-brain and some super-gimmicks to outwit Mr. Gimmick!

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons.

Alpha Flight is a Canadian super-hero team.

Omega the Unknown drew power from the Earth's biosphere and was able to unleash destructive force through the palms of his hands.

Daniel Rand is able to utilize the power of Iron Fist.

The Human Bomb is able to unleash power blasts with his bare hands.

The Cyborg Superman caused the destruction of Coast City.

T.N.T. and Dan the Dynamite used their rings to gain explosive strength.

Thanks to reprints and back issues, Superman fans are able to dig the Man of Steel's adventures from 1965.

Before leaving Smallville for Metropolis, Superboy baked a super-cake for everyone in town.

When Clark Kent first met Lori Lemaris, she was in a wheelchair.

An amnesiac Clark Kent, robbed of his memory and super-powers by Red Kryptonite, found himself in a wheelchair when he met "The Sweetheart Superman Forgot!"

Brother Eye was a man-made satellite programmed to transform Buddy Blank into O.M.A.C.

Merry was the Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks.

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"Superman's Hands Of Review!"