Action Comics Weekly #602: "Another Fine War" Part 2

Action Comics Weekly #602
"Another Fine War" Part 2

Written By: Mike Grell
Art By: Rick Burchett & Pablo Marcos
Lettered By : Steve Haynie
Colored By: Tom Ziuko
Edited By: Mike Gold

In the Singapore of 1947, Blackhawk has just had his bath interrupted by Zalecki and his three hoods. Fortunately for Janos, Zalecki had brought a knife to a gunfight, and almost lost his little finger in the bargain. As Jan reminds Zalecki that he was about to take something off of him, a female visitor enters the room, and is startled by the size of Blackhawk's "piece". Zalecki takes this opportunity to shove her into the object of her search.

The gunfight has now become a fistfight. WHAM

Janos is seized from behind, but manages to SMASH his attacker into a wooden chair. Another of Zalecki's goons WHACKs Blackhawk with a left to the jaw. The goon's right is cleverly deflected and Janos delivers a solid right to the jaw with a sharp KRAK. The first attacker rises for another round and is BASHed with another wooden chair. Behind Blackhawk, the second attacker charges, and tackles Janos against a dresser with a KA-WHAM. The two men are lost in a flurry of fists and kicks.

Blackhawk draws his right fist back and its firm delivery sends the second attacker CREESHing through the blinds. Janos turns and sees the oncoming figure of Zalecki. Unfortunately for Zalecki, his foot has found the bar of soap. Although he misses Blackhawk's oncoming fist, Zalecki will be seeing stars for a while after his head hits the damp floor. The remaining thug goes for the fallen gun, but is no match for a BASH to his head from a stool wielded by Blackhawk's visitor.

Janos admits she knows how to swing a mean stool. He pauses only to pick up his clothes, Zalecki's spare change, and leaves the girls a nice tip. As Blackhawk and his newfound friend run through an alley, he tells her how Zalecki had wanted him to pay the ten thousand dollars he had lost in last week's poker game. It turns out Zaleck was cheating! Janos knows this because he was cheating and Zalecki still managed to beat him.

Blackhawk will buy the two of them drinks... on Zalecki. Janos Prohaska only drinks whenever he is between wars... which makes him a teetotaller. Cynthia Hastings wants him to fly a mission for her. Before she gives him the details, he tells her he is not flying anywhere until he finds a new magneto, a few thousand gallons of fuel, and a box of Cuban cigars. The cigars are what it's going to cost him to bribe a certain official to look the other way when he takes off. There is also the matter of hangar fees.

She would like to know what he say if she could get him all of those things. He would say she is either very rich.. or she has got something to do with Claire Chenault of Air America. A quick peek shows that she is not wearing any dogtags. This does not mean much when you are dealing with a cloak and dagger group. Now that she has his undivided attention, she has a proposition for him.

It isn't his drink that is going to Janos Prohaska's head but Cynthia Hastings' hard right which sends him to the floor with a FWACK. If he would only start to listen with his ears instead of his groin, he may find what she has to say rather interesting. Right now, he is only interested in looking up her dress. The mission has to do with several million dollars in gold... and it's finders keepers!

Thanks to the Comics Code and the clever placement of his holster, readers are spared the sight of Blackhawk's piece.

Fallen pieces of wood and a carpet keeps the Comic Book Code's peace.

Zalecki hit the skids and one of his men proved to be a "stool pigeon".

Janos tells Cynthia that he owed Zalecki ten thousand dollars, when in the previous installment, Zalecki threatened to do some plumbing for forty thousand.

The Post-Crisis Blackhawk is a man of wine, women, song, and dance.

In certain ways, Janos Prohaska is channeling Guy Gardner rather than his Pre-Crisis self.

Once in the Singapore Sling Bar, Blackhawk is wearing his hat at a rakish angle, and Rick Burchett is channeling Gil Kane and Sid Greene's mastery with expressive facial expressions (especially around the eyes.)

Cynthia Hastings lands the "one punch" approach later employed by Batman against Guy Gardner in Justice League International.

Steve Chung
"Another Fine Review Part 2"