Adventure Comics #251: "The Case Of The Super-Arrows"

Adventure Comics #251
"The Case Of The Super-Arrows"
August, 1958

Story And Art: Jack Kirby

The time ray has made contact with the year 1958! They are ready to send their gift into the past! The gift is for Green Arrow and Speedy, the Ace Archers of the twentieth century! Those who send the gift from 3000 A.D. wonder how these two heroes will react to this small token from the future. Fans of Green Arrow and Speedy have seen the Ace Archers using their boomerang arrow and their grenade arrow! What happens when the gift intended for them from the future, falls into the wrong hands during "The Case Of The Super-Arrows!" Oliver Queen and Roy Harper answer the police commissioner's summons at headquarters. Today is the anniversary of the day Green Arrow and Speedy began their crime-fighting career in Star City. The world wishes to honor them with gifts! Later in the Arrow-Cave, Green Arrow and Speedy are checking out the gold plaque sent to them from the F.B.I.!

Scotland Yard sent them some Sherlock Holmes mementos for their trophy room! A strange hum signals the materialization of a cylinder in mid-air. Green Arrow and Speedy have just received their gift from the year 3000 A.D. The world of 3000 A.D. is currently celebrating "Justice Week," in honor of history's greatest crime-fighters, the cylinder contains a gift representing a token of their esteem for the two Ace Archers! As the light fades, Speedy wonders if this gift is really from the future. Green Arrow sees that each arrow has directions engraved on them! Seeing people suffering from the hot weather in Star City, Green Arrow fires off the super-arrow from the future! Once it reaches the clouds, a white spray is released from the fins of the shaft.

Thanks to the cloud-seeding arrow, the citizens of Star City enjoy a cool thunder storm! The next super-arrow is a super-sensitive sonar shaft with a mechanical ear for selecting the sounds of police sirens, car crashes, explosions, and other sounds at great distances. As the sonar shaft hovers above Star City, RINNNNNNG RINNNNNNG RINNNNNNG RINNNG it picks up the sound of a burglar alarm! Three long rings and one short, to be exact! Green Arrow knows this is the code for the State Savings Bank at Fifth and Grand! Now is their chance to try out the futuristic arrows! As the Arrow-Car arrives at the scene, they spot a fast-moving getaway car, and give chase! On a stretch of open highway, Green Arrow unleashes another super-arrow which strikes the getaway car, and freezes it in its tracks!

"Cougar" Cain and his gang emerge from the frozen getaway car! "Cougar" has got a surprise for the two Ace Archers! Removing a pellet from his specially-designed belt, "Cougar" creates a sudden smoke screen, but Green Arrow unleashes a vacuum arrow to overcome this problem! The super-arrow successfully sucks in the dark vapors within its vacuum tube! The next super-arrow is guaranteed to hold "Cougar" and his gang spellbound, but in his haste, Green Arrow drops it! The hypnotic arrow makes contact with the ground, releasing a ball of whirling light into the air! Both Ace Archers are unable to take their eyes off of this sight -- and "Cougar" Cain takes the super-arrows for his own personal use!

Once the hypnotic spell has worn off, Green Arrow and Speey realize they will be pitting their own obsolete weapons against "Cougar" Cain's futuristic super-arrows! The following days find "Cougar" Cain and his gang using an invisibility arrow to rob a bank vault, an anti-gravity arrow to make their getaway, and a vibration arrow to shatter a concrete wall! "Cougar's" criminal activities has city officials holding an emergency meeting with Green Arrow and Speedy present! "Cougar" has mentioned a paralysis arrow which can affect all living things within a one mile radius! In order to prevent the gold shipment theft tomorrow, Green Arrow will match an ancient arrow from the Battle of Hastings against the super-arrow from the future!

The following day finds "Cougar" and his gang committing their next job in broad daylight! As they warn the onlookers to stay back -- or else they will use the paralysis arrow, the doors of the armored car are opened... revealing Green Arrow and Speedy! As "Cougar" Cain trains the paralysis arrow upon Green Arrow, the Ace Archer unleashes his crude shaft to meet the super-arrow head-on, and to destroy its deadly mechanism! Speedy fires off the next shot, causing "Cougar" and his gang to be caught in the binding embrace of the mummy-arrow! Once the gang has been taken into custody, Green Arrow and Speedy return to the Arrow-Cave, where they store the super-arrows away for safe keeping! This is one present that is too risky to be used in the present!

This story was reprinted in The Green Arrow By Jack Kirby (2001).

The men of 3000 A.D. are either bald or have receding hairlines, and prefer to wear orange tunics when operating the time ray for delivery to 1958.

The police commissioner of Star City is unnamed in this story.

Steve Rogers once pursued Sharon Carter, who was carrying a mysterious cylinder, in Tales Of Suspense #75.

Reed Richards fired his signal flare in the first issue of the Fantastic Four.

Daredevil's super-senses enable him to pick up certain sounds at great distances.

Bobby Drake is the X-Man known as Iceman.

The Ringmaster used hypnosis on his unsuspecting audience and had his Circus of Crime rob them while they were in a trance.

Susan Storm possesses the power of invisibility.

Johnny Storm flames on into the Human Torch and becomes lighter than air.

Ben Grimm can shatter a concrete wall with his great strength as the Thing.

The Battle of Hastings was part of Batman's last will and testament in Detective Comics #366 - #367.

"Cougar" Cain and his gang got the shaft and closer together when struck by the mummy-arrow!

Steve Chung
"The Review Of The Super-Arrows!"