"What If!" #6

Since F4 is getting an origin change in the new movie from Sony.
Since we friendly with Russians, Dr. Doom's
space station is where the F4 gets hit by the familar cosmic rays--
instead of Reed's unshielded rocket ship.
Here's a review of a "What-If" #6. I hope you don't mind it at all. 
Of course, pardon by bad spelling,

"What If! #6"
COVER: The main timeline's F4 against their "What-If!" FF4 members.
The question for this issue is "What if the Fantastic
Four had different superpowers?" Their's a red banner reading "ALL
NEW!" As well as black explosion box reading: "Another
senses-shattering novel-length action epic demanded by your letters!
The fabulous new F.F.--Mandriod! Big Brain!
And the dynamic, deadly Ultra-Woman! Dragonfly!" Of course, they are
two Bens, What-if member, "Dragonfly", and
the maintime's "The Thing!".

Dragonfly: Right now, ugly! There's two Ben Grimms--but in a
mintune, there's going to one!
The Thing: Yeah! And it'll be me because you'll be dead!!

"What If The Fantastic Four had different superpowers!"
Written by: Roy Thomas
Penciled by: Jim Craig & Rick Hoberg
Inked by: Sam Grainger
Colored by: Phil Rache
Lettered by: Costanza
Editted by: A. Goodwin
Special Thanks: Kristy Marx, Rick Hobergs, & Don Glut

On the first page, Marvel's favorite timeline looker, the Watcher.
We see that he's watching the main version
of the Fantastic Four (Reed Richards a.k.a Mr. Fantastic; Sue Storm
a.k.a the Invisible
Women, Johnny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch, and Ben Grim a.k.a The
Thing.) dealing with some
bank robbers. At the bottom of the first page, the Watchers
states: "This is the fabled Fanstic Four as
you of your world know them:  A mallable super-scienist -- a flying,
flaming yotuh -- an invisible women
-- and powerful, rampaging man-monster! Let us witness them in
action  on this--like many other days!"

It's seem that FF members had gotten into fight with some common
bank robbers. Johnny steals
the crooks's weapons, while Susan sheilds Reed. It's seems that they
had been taking it's slower the usual--since
Ben has a remark "Nuts! Why are we wastin' a nice afternoon playin'
cops 'n robbers with these jokers--when we could be
stopping some real pro, like Doc Doom or the Mole Man, from takin'
over the whole blame world?! Besides,
right now, there's a old Bogey flick on the tube!" Susan uses power
to make other things invisible--in this
case--the crooks' legs. Ben spots a forget dude who is about to shot
Susan--but he's to late according
to the crook--but he gets the bullet with the hand. Reed gets the
crook--and Ben knocks him out--but
before he asks the crook--"What time is it?", but he decides not
waste his "It's clobbing time!" on him,
and states the follow: "Ya gotta to be satisited with it's punch-
pulling time!"

Ben makes sorry to Reed for losing his temper. Reed knows that
everyone gets carried
away know and forget how dangerous their powers be. Susan mention
how dangerous if
they didn't have their supers-powers while Johnny remarks that he
gotten used his
powers of flame. But he wonders what might happen if they got
different powers
altogether! The Watcher remarks that remarks the Johnny has valid
question, but
before answering that question--he decide to recheck origins as they
are now! Reed, want
his crew to beat the Soviets to the moons years before the offical
goverment landing. Not
totally suprizing, the comic rays effected them and they make a safe
landing--and discover
that they had super-powers! The Watcher tells that the powers come
from the unconius minds
of FF. Susan was in the background--totally invisible! Johnny who is
hot-temper and have
a nostalgic for an ealier hero called the Human Torch. [That's the 
man-made human robot -- Dr. T]
Reed would go almost any length to pursuit of scienific truth--"Even
to the stars!" as noted
by the Watcher himself. Ben Grim's rocky hide was thanks to the
hard, butish image he had always
presented. Of course, unlike DC's universe, they are others time
lines. It's still the usual get
hit by comic rays--but the Watcher states "there were a profound
difference!" with "other characters
traits and unconscious desires!"

On board this Reed's ship, Reed is shouting that is "brain is trying
to break free". Ben remarks to Reed
that he should have got better shielding! Susan asks if Reed's all
right--but Reed isn't sure that he's
is! Susan discovers Johnny has a odd look-who's is feeling colder
then usual! Ben tells them to
take control because his back is hurting--like someone is cutting
into him.

The Watcher stated, "In both time, Reed had installed an automatic
pilot on this ship--Yet as this Earth's first
space-travelers return to their world--fate has ordained for them a
quite  different future!"

Susan is thankful that the ship bright then down alive--but Johnny
feels heavier the usual. She ask if Ben is
all right--but Ben's is ok! Then they remember a forgetten members:
Reed! Ben can't handle the pain--but then
the pain ends--and he remarks "If I didn't know better--I'd bet a
sawbuck that I'm growin' some kinda cockamamey
wings! He suprizes Johnny who remarks "we being dive power!" Ben
assumes it's the comic rays--and he starting
to like his new feature! Johnny become this universe's "Thing!", a
metal skin humaniod. And Susan gets maintime Reed's
effect--to really flex her measure like rubber. Johnny remarks that
they had forget about member number #4--Reed! Before
anyone can do anything--the ship is totally scrap metal! It's turns
out Reed is OK!--and uses metal mind powers
similar to the familar Marvel mutant leader of the X-Man, Prof.
Charles Xavier--since he's just a brain--a bodiless
brain! Ben doesn't like his mind control especially from refugee
from "Donovan's Brain". [Must one of Ben's
favorite horror movie.] Of course, as usual, Reed asks the other
three to allow him to guide the them-but Ben
is on the Big Brain who summarizes up the powers: "We gotta to use
these powers to help mankind, right!" Johnny
calls himself, "Mandriod!", Ben calls himself "Dragonfly!", and
Susan calls herself, "Ultra-Women!" The water
states that "Not suprizing, the group called them theself: The
Fanstic Four! It's simple sounds right--and they
all have they have all-too human weakness for alliteration." Then 
The Watchers ask if you can guess why these F4
members were effected the way they were in this universe. Then he
explains:  Reed is the most easy---"his intellect
having gain him fame as one of the world's greatest mind!"  Ben's
effect by his love of flying. Susan's adoptions will the
reason for getting strenching powers. Johnny's metal-like body is
because of love of machines. Guided by their mentor, the
Big Brain--Dragonfly, Ulta-Woman, and Mandriod battle a number of
new foes--a world now protected by the Fantastic Four!

Some time later, after closing in New York's Natural History, where
a demon and group of vile humans are up to stealing
Blackbeard's treasure! The necklaces is yanked from the demon's hand
by Dragonfly, and Ulta-Woman arounds up
the human crooks. Mandriod tries to tackle the Demon, but it's took
fast for him. Dragonfly attacks him, but gets
hit back-but Susan gets a lucky hit. Upset, the demon to the "old 
from whence he come bit!" Dragonfly is happy
that no got Blackbeard's trinket. But one person is mighty T.O.--a
green-hooded and caped man in with a black glove! The
Watchers stats "Alas, some elments of this Earth and your own seem
to have developed virtually identical lines! The Master
of the Demon can't wait for another year to get his hands on
Blackbeard's necklace. The Master turns out to a familar foe of
the regular FF, this universe's version of Victor Von Doom, a.k.a
Dr. Doom. He wants the three of them to travel back to
get the jewel himself! Roy makes a notice, "You guess it, belivers!
This is an alternate world version of the events
of Dr. Doom's first appearance in first appearance 'way back in F.F.
&4. Soon in his private chambers, he makes
illusions of the F.F., to learn more about them--and discover that
they is a four image--not of human--but a living
brain! "A Fanstic Four!" And their battle against eailer foes such
as the overrated Miracle Man [a powerful hyposits]
, The Skulls [the shaping shifter race that makes a lot of problems
for the Marvel's Earth], and the "pompous prince"
the Sub-Mariner! He still wonder who's the brain guiding them--and
he gets MADDER when he leasons the brain WAS Reed
Richards. Dr. Doom remarked that he should have guessed--and if Reed
had helped him with his plan to contract
the netherworld--the accident that would drestoryed his face and
force him to put on the metal mask won't have help--but he
got a demonic idea.

At the Baxter Building, the Brain Brain is relaxing in some
pneumatic tubes--but he envys Ben, Johnny and Sue
since they still look human. It's turns out Dragonfly is a idol--but
something to be scare of--like "The Thing"--
which Ben wanted. According to the Brain Brain, "In a weird way, Ben
got his wish." It's turns handle Skulls,
Molemans, and Sub-Mariners!"--but he can't stand fans! Next, B.B.
checks on Mandriod. He's being joke about
by some teenagers--the female thinking that he's "Tin Woodman" from
the Wizard of Oz, while the male thinks
he's trying to see Star Wars's "C3PO", another teenage male remarks
that his head isn't big as "Robby
the Robot", but Mandriods decides to use one of lesser know powers
to effect mechines--and with stereos
turn them up full blast! He makes a joke that they got something
against "Grand Punk Railroad!" Next, is
Ulta-Women turns--and she's thinking of the future.  Meanwhile, B.B.
gets alert that an intruder on
the premises. Dr. Doom turns on the charm on Reed. The crowd is
getting annoying, and Johnny decides
to oil his joints. Reed is conned by Dr. Doom--but before he can
leave--he's attacked by Mandriod--but
Dr. Doom is on his guard. Dr. Doom defeats Mandriod easier--while
Reed discovers that he's been tricked--and
then he learns that the Dr. Doom is Victor Von Doom. But before he
can fly off with Big Brain, Mandriod is
able to put a tracker on Dr. Doom's jet. Then he goes to stand-by
mood until Ultra-Woman and Dragonfly return!
It's turns out Ben's knows about that creep! Dragonfly explains
about Dr. Doom's lost his face and his sanity
durning a fateful experiment! Confusion is on Dragonfly's mind as
the Pogo Planet heads of Latveria! Meanwhile,
Dr. Doom tells that Reed is going to become a thinking computer
under the service of Dr. Doom! The guns
stop--and allow them entrance. Dragonfly wonders if they's trap--and
they decide to slip up--but Dragonfly
states that their not going to get drop on Dr. Doom. Susan gets trap
in a room of slide doors and concrete,
but she is able to become super-thin to find a crack in one of the
doors. Dragonfly quicky fly threw
a room of sharp bars, while Mandriod deals with classic rolling
spike and magnetic floor trap. While
the others look for Big Brain, Reed and Victor go mind-to-mind.
Before Dr. Doom can hit the master switch,
Ben, Johnny and Susan show up-to battle Dr. Doom--but Dr. Doom get
the uphand on all of them! Then it's
back to B.B. and D.D.'s mind battle. It's turns out Dr. Doom hits
the switch! When the smoke is done with it's job, 
Dragonfly begins hunting for either B.B. or finds D.D. body--with a
suprizing twist--the brain of Reed Richards
is inside--it takes them a while for them to belive--but when they
do--Susan states that this is "Fanstic."
and that becomes Reed's new name.

After this: the Watcher wonders if the reader is wondering if Reed
and Sue fate to fall in love--even
know he's in body of Victor Von Doom?  The Watcher answers by using
the words of Thomas Lynch--who
wrote the following: "A strong and beatiful soul will show itself
such though its body be feeble, sick
or ungraceful!" What ever the fate is, it's Reed and Sue's choice--
according to the Watcher-and he remarks that
his fate is to obverse not influence! And he ends, with "I am, and
ever shall been the Watcher!"