Strange Tales #168: "Exile!"

Strange Tales #168
May, 1968

STAN LEE: Editor
DENNY O'NEIL: Scripter
SAM ROSEN: Letterer

The sinister scientist known as Yandroth battles against the Master of
the Mystic Arts within the dimension of dreams.  The life of Victoria
Bentley hangs in the balance, and for the loser... death!  The alien
scientist tries to maintain his aim within the ever-shifting universe,
but now with his weapon at full power, he fires.  F-ZASP!  Doctor Strange
tries to head for cover, but is too late, and the force of the ray causes
him to fall.

Distance and directions do no apply within the dimension of dreams.  He
may tumble forever, while Yandroth makes his escape with the girl to
become his bride, and realize his dreams of conquest.  The mind of his
aged mentor reaches out to him once more.  The Ancient One uses the
trans-hypnotic jewel to link their minds and wills so that the fall may
be arrested.  Mental energies begin to flow from the matter world, with
Doctor Strange regaining control of his own body.  His teacher has been
drained by the attempt, and may fall unconscious at any moment.  The
Master of the Mystic Arts must act swiftly if he is to return from the
dimension of dreams.

Believing that his foe has been undone, Yandroth suddenly remembers the
nightmarish creatures coming for him from the mists.  He knows that
although they are the stuff of dreams, death at their hands is a deadly
reality.  R-RRRRAALL  The sinister scientist tells Victoria Bentley to
run for her life, while knowing that the beast is more likely to chase
after a moving target.  After adjusting his weapon from flame to the
disintegrator setting, Yandroth vows never to return to this dimension of

The cloak of levitation leads its master to where he had fallen from.
AWRRRR  The behemoth turns at the sound of Yandroth's voice, and succumbs
to the deadly ray.  With Victoria Bentley nowhere in sight, the Master of
the Mystic Arts knows that he must deal with the scientist first.

Yandroth holsters his weapon, just as he hears the voice of his foe, and
sees a quartet of Doctor Stranges before him.  His powers no longer
hampered by physical laws, the Master of the Mystic Arts causes the cloak
of levitation to entrap the evil scientist.

Soon, his blaster and belt are covered by the enchanted cloak.  Yandroth
continues to struggle, unwilling to surrender.  The voice of the Ancient
One reaches his disciple, who sees in the gem that the girl is being
followed by the vikings.  If he should go after them, Yandroth will break
free from the cloak, and make his escape.

The trio of vikings are illusions who believe themselves to be real, but
they hope to return to their own time with the death of Victoria Bentley.
Fearful for her own life, the girl cries out for help, and is heard by
Doctor Strange.

The scream provides a distraction, enabling the scientist to struggle for
his weapon.  Seeing this, the Master of the Mystic Arts concentrates, but
his thoughts are on Victoria.  One more inch and the weapon will be his
once more.  As the girl continues to scream, Yandroth has reached his
holster, and Doctor Strange must act now.

The cloak of levitation releases the sinister scientist from its grasp,
leaving Yandroth to fall through the dimension of dreams, and becoming
unreal in the process.  He cannot die now, for dreams cannot die.  Now in
such a state, the Master of the Mystic Arts hopes that his foe will find

The viking trio have closed in on Victoria Bentley, with one of them
about to spear her.  With his aged mentor weakening in the matter world,
Doctor Strange has his amulet's light guide him towards the girl.  The
spear lands near Victoria's feet, sending her stumbling onto the ground.
The Ancient One no longer holds onto the jewel, and struggles to fight
back sleep.

His mission has only moments left for completion, but Victoria Bentley
has been found, and the many moons of Munnopor banishes the vikings from
whence they came.  The girl begins to feel as if she were going to
pieces, but this is due to the venerable one drawing them back to Earth.
They depart the dimension of dreams, passing over into the known universe
once more.  Doctor Strange sees that Victoria's memory of what has
occurred are fading, and the Ancient One tells his disciple to take a

On the cover of Strange Tales #168, the Master of the Mystic Arts
conjures, while Yandroth and Victoria watch him from their floating

Doctor Strange is set up for a fall by Yandroth, but the scientist is a
bad shot.

The giant gila monster from last issue is about to be barbecued by
Yandroth's blaster.

While in the dimension of dreams, the Master of the Mystic Arts is able
to fragment himself, and have a quartet outnumber his scientific foe.

Yandroth is unable to escape from Doc's cape.

The scientist's reach exceeds his grasp, leaving Yandroth to take the
fall he had intended for Doctor Strange.

This was the last of the Master of the Mystic Arts in Strange Tales.

The next month would find him in his own mag at last.

Steve Chung