ACTION COMICS 348 - "Clark Kent, Fighting Federal Agent!"

Action Comics 348

COVER: The cover is one of the a split scene. It features Superman
carrying a rocket into space on the left hand side--and on the right
side of the split is Clark Kent fighting spies. They are two thinking
balloons that are connected--so they are the same hero, Clark "Superman"
Kent. The thinking balloons said, "I can hardly wait to from Superman
into my new role as Secret Agent, Clark Kent, nemesis of spies and
saboteurs." The split ends with a white box that reads the following:
"See How Our 'Mild-Mannered', "Timid" Daily Planet reporter is trained

STORY ONE: SUPERMAN in "Clark Kent, Fighting Federal Agent!"

SLASPH PAGE: The splash page contains a rocket called Achilles Missile,
with two people, Acid Master. The Acid Master is playing on wrecking the
missile, while Clark Kent is changing into his familiar costume of
Superman. The box for this page reads: "Bringing a halt to the deadly
sabotage of the Acid Master is no easy task! The top U.S. counterspies
have tried...and failed. Is it a job for Superman? No! This time, the
government calls on the "least likely suspect"...the mild-mannered
reporter no one would dream was really Clark Kent, Fighting Federal

One night, a lone figure attempts to breach the defenses of the world's
most heavily-guarded missile based, Cape Kennedy. The intruder crosses
the base's outer defense perimeter and approaches the V.A.B., the
Vertical Assembly Building. He is confronted by the guards. The stranger
uses protein-organic to paralyze the solider. Then the stranger attacks
the huge crawler used to transports the missiles constructed here to
their launch pads. He justs sprays his stuff and let time to the rest.
Then the stranger leaves.

The next morning, the Achilles missing is being move to it's launching
pad by a crawler. The group watching is hopefully that put the USA
months ahead expect one, a man in brown coat, gray hat, and a something
around his mouth area--the Acid Master in a disguise. The right half of
the crawler gives away. In Metroplis, Superman spots the accident
here-and takes on of his fastest starts of his life. Superman thinks
that somebody give this missile a Achilles heel as he performs another
nick-in-time rescue. Acid Master is angry--but he's still happy that he
gets hold the moon-shot for a few weeks.

At the Daily, Clark Kent gives his scoop from Superman. Perry wonders
who did it--and in his mind, Clark wonders to--since the guards swore no
one came near the crawler. To answer Perry's question, we jump to a top
secret meeting of the F.B.I. HQ in Washington. The boss states: "Our
sources behind the iron curtain have given us information on the
saboteur, gentleman, we have a full report!" The file slide is shows
the dossier on the saboteur. His name is Philip Henry Master a.k.a Acid
Master. He was a U.S.A. analytical and researcher chemist specializing
in acids that defected to iron controls in 1965 after being convicted of
selling research secrets to the enemy. The crawler damage wasn't the
first sign of his sabotage--evidence links him to a one of the early
warning radar stations and the same M.O. (modus operandi or method of
operation) while the drestoryer "Scott' was deck in a harbor. The other
members of the meeting states that they should put their best spy on the
case. The boss remarks that Acid Master sneak into FBI HQ--which means
that Acid Master can recognize any of the FBI agent at a glance. They
decide to bring a outsider--Clark Kent.

Back in Metroplis, he is meet by a FBI agent who tells takes him to
Washington--and don't mind about the job as they arranged for a leave of
absence for him. The FBI boss tells Clark that they want him to be a
undercover agent for short time. Clark Kent states that he's just a
reporter--and FBI boss saids: "Precisely why we chose you! I'll brief
you on your mission."

Soon, Clark thinks, "So the Acid Master, eh? So he caused, the crawler
to collapse. There's a guy I want to meet."Clark said the following:
"I'll do anything in my power to help, sir." The FBI boss tells him to
start of week of intesiving training." He does it--as he thinks, "It's
tough to rack up good grades in these courses and still keep up my meek
timid masquerade but I must kept trying!""

During a karate training, Clark is thinking: "This karate trainning is
the the worst! It's isn't easy to look like I'm doing the real thing
when I'm barely tapping my opponent! A full-strength chop by me could
split a mountain." The karate teacher almost breaks his hands on
Clark--and thinks he has make Clark tough. Clark thinks, "Whew! I'd
better be more careful! If someone discovers I'm invulnerable bye-bye
secret identity!"

Next, during a gun training with light guns, Clark discover a real
gun--and caught a bullet in this mouth. The course teacher remarks,
"Kent! No chewing gum on the course." At the week ends, Clark meets
James McDonald in charge of weapons--and is give the following: a
pencil, a pad, a camera and jacket. The camera flash's is 100 times
brighter then normal and can for a short time blind anyone. The jacket
is acid proof. The pad is really a radio--with a spiral antenna. The
pencil contains knockout gas. Clark has figure out a plan. At a obscure
government lab, Clark is giving some a honest scientist--but he's just
hopes that Acid Master will take the bait. He wears a bullet booth vest
and set up a some movie cameras. The guard duty are bored that night as
they tried to kept Clark from writing--before the Acid Master shows--and
hits Clark on the short--and he goes down. Clark kept still--and remarks
if he followed Acid Master with telescoping vision, it would be recorded
on the TV. When he's not being watch, Clark uses his X-ray vision to
remove Acid Master's acid. Clark set up a press conference--in hopes of
getting Acid Master's attention--and it works as Acid Master in his
disguise. A.M. is still shock that that the items still work--and Clark
tails him--and he checks AM with the x-ray vision confirming it is A.M.
Clark hitches a ride on the helicopter to AM's secret hideout. He jumps
off and hides to report to FBI via the fake pad/radio, but Clark has
volume to loud--and he discovered--he decides to having one of the man
though widow--but Clark meets more of the Acid Master's men, but he uses
the flash camera to blind them--and contact the FBI via the fake
pad/radio. He usuals his alkali coat buttons to turn into harmless salt.
The Acid Master man are shock that that he still sees--and thinks that
Clark's glasses are acid-proof. He still play Clark Kent as he tries to
mop up the man--he gets hit on the head--and plays unconscious. One of
AM's man remarks that Clark has a skull of iron. Clark thinks that it's
figure for the Man of Steel. Acid Master plots reception committee.
Clark uses drops the pencil--and thinking it's a weapon, Igor picks it
up. One Igor is in dream line, Clark breaks out of his opens--and plans
a "monkey wrench". AM had a acid cannon in position to surprise the
FBI--and Clark uses a vat of acid--if he fails--he go into action as
Superman. Clark's plan works--as the acid weaken the floor--and ironical
remarks that Acid Master was defeated by his own weapon, acid. Later in
Washington, The FBI boss thanks Clark for captured Master and his
cohorts single-handed, -but kept his name secret because he might be
target for enemy assassins. Back at the "Daily Planet" in Metroplis,
Lois remarks, "Back from your leave of absence already, Clark? Looks
what's in the headlines....'Unknown civilian traps saboteur!' I wonder
who he was?" Clark thinks, "You can't win 'em all!". Lois said, "I know
one thing, though...whoever he was, you could take a few lesson in
courage from him." Clark thinks, "Of course, as Clark, I'd settle for
winning just once!"

STORY #2: SUPERGIRL IN "The Assistant Supergirl".

SLASPH PAGE: This is a half of slash with Linda Lee (Supergirl) Danvers
watching another blonde hair give flying in the air with two suitcases.
There is a orange box with black letters. "For Pete's sake! Will the
real Supergirl please stand up? Where did this second Girl of Steel come
from? What is she doing here on Earth? And how does she know Linda
(Supergirl) Danvers' identity? One thing we can tell you--there's
trouble in store for the world's greatest heroine when she gets a
helping hand from The Assistant Supergirl!"

At Stanhope College, Linda Lee Danver (a.k.a Supergirl) is waiting the
starts of a new term and she's on pins and needles wondering her new
room-mate will be. The new roommate enters and saids, "Hi! You must be
Linda Danvers. I'm Kara Strange, your new room-mate.": Linda thinks,
"Kara? That's my Kryptonain name. The one I had before I came to Earth!"
The puzzle depends as Kara Strange unpacks--and shows off, tools and
cans of lubricating oils. Kara Strange states, "Believe me, they'll come
in handy, Linda. Then even more amazing, Linda states, ":those heavy
suitcase you're flying with them. Then you must be super." Kara Strange
(K.S. from now on) said, "As super as you are in your Supergirl
identity, Linda. I'll clear it all up for you in a minute. I'm a robot
...a super-robot! This fake bracelet mask my controls." Linda asked
where he did some one from. The answer told out to be from the planet,
Denek which was ravaged by ghastly blight. Supergirl brought
disease-resistant planets from faraway worlds. In gratitude, the
Denkekians built a Mark VI with their advance series--after testing--her
circuit were covered with plastoid skin. They decide to called her
Kara--and sent with fake earth identity documents--and set her to
Stanhope College. Kara shows off the power to switch between a copy of
Linda Lee Danvers, Bizzaro Supergirl, or the real Supergirl." She will
wear a costume when KS doubles for Linda Lee/Supergirl. If KS fails to
do anything, he return back to Denerk. Linda thinks "A robot room-mate.
I need her like I need need a Kryptonite charm bracelet! But I can't
send her back without trying her out, or the Denerkians will be
insulted, but at least I won't have to worry about my room-mate
discovering my identity. She already knows it. That evening, Supergirl
attempts a evening patrol--but discover KS in her Supergirl form--and
decide to return to the room. Linda is angry at KS, and asked why she
didn't warned me. KS said that she was trying to help. Linda thinks "I
shouldn't be angry. She's trying so hard to please me. But I hope this
electronic eager [won't ruin] my super-career!"--but next morning, Linda
oversleeps--and decide to get dress in a super-hurry or she miss her
math class. Thought the window, she spots KS in her Linda form talking
math quiz in Linda's place. This one of the closets calls--if Linda's
math instructor had spotted two Lindas, the fat would be really be in
the fire. KS return to the room, and assumed her normal look and said,
"But, Linda, you were asleep, so I helped out by assuming you identity.
And look...I got 100% on your math quiz." Linda said,, "Kara, you're
impossible! You goofed! I'm careful to keep my grades average. High
marks might reveal my super-intelligence." KS states, "I'm sorry. We
robots are programmed to function at peak efficiency. So long I have to
attend my own class now." Linda comes up with a idea---and test for
Kara Strange-both Linda and KS changes into Supergirl.. She tries to
jolt KS's circuits out of being my every move. She decide to take a time
trip to the first h-bomb blast at Eniwetok, in the pacific. Supergirl
thinks, "This should rock that robot if anything can." He thinks she's
successful as Supergirl thinks that KS is "as confused as a chameleon on
a crazy quilt!" But Kara Strange appears back to normal. Linda come up
with an idea. The next day, Linda asks KS to take all do anything my
class does--but with int he hour, KS returns--and said, "I'm sorry, but
I've failed you! I must return to Denek immediately." In space, KS
thinks, "I'm a flop....a reject. I return to my creators for disposal."
The editor box asks a question: "Where did Kara [Strange] fail? What
task proved her downfall? Re-read the story carefully we've given you
the clues."

1. Accidentally used super-strength in gym class.
2. Fail in giving blood
3. Or changing into her Supergirl form in front of other students.

I give you a few lines before I reveal the answers.

2 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
3 =========================================
4 *****************************************************************
5 (I said I would give you a few lines--but I didn't say what kind of

Answer is 2: Later in the school hallways, Linda looks a post for a
"Blood Bank Collection", Linda thinks, "Kara [Strange]" didn't realize
there was a blood bank drive today. And giving blood is ONE thing a
robot can't do. But ironically, Kara [Strange] didn't really fail.
Because, with my invulnerable skin, I can't donate blood,
I'd better report in with a phony case of the sniffles as my alibi."
Wonder where the clue was on the clue is in the second panel of page 5
of the Supergirl story. It's mention the blood bank is tomorrow. The
clue pops up later as next to last panel on page 8.--as the one that
Linda looking at--with tomorrow cross out and today written below.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker