Journey Into Unknown Worlds #19: "The Man Who Went Too Far!"

Journey Into Unknown Worlds #19
"The Man Who Went Too Far!"
April, 1959

Story: Unknown
Art: Richard Doxsee

Martin's theory was correct, but the world would have been better off if
it had gone unproven.  With the ray in operation, York was worried that
they were taking science too far.  At this point, they couldn't stop now,
and in moments, he would know if he was either a scientific genius or an
utter fool.  What would happen if he were proven correct?  What if they
found a life form from outer space?  York continues to smoke his pipe and
tells his friend that some things should be left alone.  A life form from
outer space would be unsolid, and would not belong on Earth.

For an alien such as this, the Earth's atmosphere would be solid, and
potentially fatal.  If the cosmic magnet ray should work, it will draw an
alien life form to them.  As a scientist, Martin is aware of the
consequences, but there is no time to turn back now.  The scientist finds
that he cannot stop the ray, and York sees something beginning to form
within it.... A transparent man, a shadow without substance appears
within the confines of the ray.  He is an example of a life form able to
exist within the vacuum of outer space.  They see that the alien is
puzzled and confused.  York wants to turn off the ray and return him to
his own world.  Although he feel sorry for the alien, Martin has been
waiting too long for a chance like this.  He tells York that the ray
cannot harm the smoky alien, and his attempts to communicate will make
the scientist famous.

Five days are spent trying to analyze the alien's structure and
communicate with him.  It seems hopeless to York, who believes that if
more rays were built, more life forms would be taken from their own
worlds.  It took a while to make up his mind, but now, York was now ready
to demolish the ray.  Thinking that Martin was fast asleep, York made his
move towards the scientific device, but a hand grabbed onto his arm
before the wrench did its damage.  KRAACK!  When York recovered from the
punch, he found Martin with his head down, as if in prayer.

The ray worked too well, and now Martin wished that his friend had
succeeded in destroying it.  During their fight, both of them fell
against the ray.  It now pointed straight down, with the power coming on.
Martin had found the footprints after that.  York did not understand at
first, but his friend explained it to him.  If a life form existed in
outer space, as well as on Earth, what about within the planet itself?  A
life form which could pass through rock as humans pass through the air,
and as the alien passes through a vacuum... a life form with an
incredibly dense structure.  Such a creature would have unimaginable
strength, and would be virtually indestructible.  York begins to
understand, with the ray tilted at a downward angle, just such a creature
was now brought into their world from below...  The footprints were the
remaining evidence, footprints which were ten inches deep in solid rock,
and were heading now towards the city.

This story was reprinted in Amazing Adventures #22 (January, 1974).

The art by Richard Doxsee resembles the style of Al Williamson.

York is a pipe-smoker, who wears glasses, wears a brown hat with a blue
band, favors red shirts, and brown pants.

If Dennis the Menace's father hadn't married Alice, he'd look like York.

Martin has reddish-blonde hair, wears a white shirt, tan jacket, purple
pants, and blue boots.

If Bobby Darin had decided to become a pugilistic scientist instead of a
crooner, he'd look like Martin.

Steve Chung
"The Review That Went Too Far!"